How to get rid of puffy eyes 2023 Updated

How to get rid of puffy eyes?How to get rid of puffy eyes?

How to get rid of puffy eyes?

Well, an individual can carry bags under their eyes as they grow older. Their dark circles can get prominent with their age. Usually, the person can have puffy eyes due to their weak tissues. Even, the accumulation of fats in the eyelids can trigger dark circles.  However, this article is concerned about the facts related to puffy eyes. Moreover, an individual can also find the means of removing them. Furthermore, the reader can also focus on its elimination by reading it deeply. 

Main Causes of Puffy Eyes

Most importantly, an individual can relate puffy eyes to stress. Likewise, several crucial causes are contributing to it. Further, one may also talk to a healthcare professional about this issue. Although, it degrades one’s looks but also indicates several other seriousnesss.

Still, an individual can summarize its crucial causes. So, the causes include the following:


Some individuals develop puffed eyes as they grow older. A person’s eye muscles get weak with age. Further, one’s eyes can also turn swollen at that time. Eventually, a person’s fluid accumulation can also boost the swelling process. So, an individual must seek the options to get rid of puffy eyes as soon as possible. 

  • The rise in Fluid retention

Mainly, an individual’s fluid retention process can speed up with aging. So, this sort of fluid retention is known as edema. Furthermore, the person’s soft skin can address fluid retention prominently. Even, one’s eyes can seem puffy in the early morning. So, one’s condition normalizes after a certain period.

  • Allergies

One of the most common causes of puffed eyes can be allergies. Generally, an individual’s proteins concerning the eyelids fail to connect with the immune proteins. Following that, one’s immune proteins called histamine tends to defeat the allergens. Thus, an individual’s eyes can become watery gradually. 

  • Unhealthy diet

An individual’s high salt intake may result in puffy eyes. The person’s water retention can become prominent resulting in the eyes’ puffy nature. 

  • Crying

The person can make their eye puffy by crying for a long period. Ultimately, one’s eyes shred lots of water at that time. So, the body’s working in the water re-absorption can result in puffiness.

  • Lack of Sleeping

Some individuals’ sleeping patterns can irritate the blood vessels prominently. Following that, one can face certain black tints under the eyes. However, a tired individual can also have puffed eyes. So, you can get rid of puffy eyes by ensuring adequate sleeping. 

  • Excess sunlight

Most importantly, the person’s skin tissues can get irritated due to the sun’s exposure. An individual’s tissues protecting the eyes are thin. Therefore, the person’s eyes can be harmed with minor damage itself. Even, an individual’s eyes can also get puffed with the sunlight.

However, the person’s eyes can seem puffy with several health conditions too. So, one must make sure of escaping the cause as much as one can. In doing so, one’s beautiful looks won’t get degraded anymore. 

Best Ways to get rid of puffy eyes

Truly, one can get rid of puffy eyes in simple ways. Likewise, an individual can make a habit of drinking more to ignore the cause. Eventually, the person can stick to other crucial treatment options as well. The doctors can also be consulted to cure the condition. 

So, the best ways of getting rid of puffy eyes include the following:

  • Ignoring Alcohol

Individuals can get rid of puffy eyes by ignoring alcohol. A person can turn dehydrated by consuming such drinks. Therefore, one’s condition of puffy eyes can get degraded. So, an individual can have fruit juice instead of this.

  • Have enough Sleep

A person must carry out enough sleep to avoid puffy eyes. One should sleep for about 8 to 9 hours on an average basis. Furthermore, ignoring the intake of caffeine at night can boost the sleep cycle prominently. Moreover, an individual can also make a routine for ensuring sound sleep.

  • Having Enough water

An individual’s dehydration can cause puffed eyes. So, one can ensure good skin by drinking an ample amount of water. Following that, a person must make sure of having 8 ounces of water daily. 

  • Avoid Salt Intake

A person with puffed eyes should avoid his salt intake. One’s salt consumption can initiate salt retention in the body. Following that, an individual can also increase the risk of stroke in this way. So, one should avoid total salt consumption. 

  • Apply an eye ointment

One may get various eye ointments in the market. Eventually, those can become effective in relieving puffed eyes. However, an individual should look for the inclusion of cucumber and arnica in that cream. Therefore, one can tighten their skin with its usage. 

  • Applying a cool compress

An individual can get calmness from the application of a cool washcloth. One can rest the same in the puffed eyes for about 10 minutes. Furthermore, the person’s excess fluid can be attained this way. Even, the application of green tea bags can be much more effective.

  • Treating the allergies

The person suffering from allergies should treat the same to avoid puffiness. One’s seasonal allergies can also become dominant in causing puffed eyes. An individual’s allergies can result in eyes reddening. Thus, a doctor’s help can be taken to get rid of puffed eyes in this situation.

  • Cosmetic Surgery

Your doctor may recommend you to go for Cosmetic Surgery. Chemical peels and laser treatments can also treat the cause. Even, certain medications can resolve the seriousness of puffed eyes. However, one can also rely on the doctors of Jaslok Hospital Mumbai. Moreover, an individual’s self-care means can help the puffed eyes. 


Mainly, one must know that puffed eyes aren’t a disease. It is just a condition that can be easily treated. So, an individual must dedicate himself for removing dark spots.

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