Are Breast Cancer Lumps Painful 2023 Updated

Are Breast Cancer Lumps PainfulAre Breast Cancer Lumps Painful

Are Breast Cancer Lumps Painful

Finding a cancerous lump or bump on the body can be discomforting. A lump is a compact mass of tissue/substance that has an indefinite shape. Besides, if you discover a lump, it can be an indication of cancer. However, not every bump or lump can cause cancer. For clarity, lumps are harmless and do not cause any pain. If the lump causes a bump and swelling beneath the skin, then it is a warning sign. The cancerous lumps can appear on your body, including your breast, testicle, and neck.

You may need to perform a diagnostic test for the condition. Hiranandani Hospital Doctors List offers complete diagnostic tests and treatments for such conditions.

Are cancerous breast lump painful?

The cancerous breast lump show symptoms such as nipple discharge. Nipple discharge is part of the breast that delivers milk while breastfeeding. It is associated with menstrual hormonal changes. In addition to this, you may encounter fibrocystic changes. However, the lump is usually hard in physical appearance. Thus, they are complex and painless. Yet, a few lumps may cause pain to the patients. 

Besides, the doctor will examine the condition, and medication will help control the lump’s growth. In addition, the medication also helps to control the nipple discharge that is one of the warning signs of the cancerous lump.

What to do when you discover a lump on your breast?

  • Diagnosed with lumps on your skin can be challenging. It is natural to get anxious if you witness a lump on your skin. As we know, cancerous lumps can be life-threatening. However, if you take immediate treatment for the condition, then you have fewer risk factors.
  • Breast lumps are very common, and most of them are noncancerous. It is essential to consult a doctor before it gets too severe. The doctor will run a physical examination on your breasts.
  • Besides, the doctor may ask for the signs and symptoms. In addition, they will examine your breast and lymph nodes in the armpit. The health expert will also check for any abnormalities in your condition.
  • The gynecologist may also check the nipple problems, including inversion and discharge. The patient may have to go through a series of therapy sessions. Furthermore, the doctors at Hiranandani Hospital provide a complete treatment plan for the same.

What are the diagnostic tests?

The doctor might recommend the following tests to diagnose the lump condition:

  • Diagnostic mammogram: It is a specialized X-ray machine that helps the doctor detect any suspicious lump on your breast. The X-ray will show the structure of the breast or neck. A mammogram takes computed images from various angles.
  • MRI: MRI is a medical machine that uses a magnet and radio waves to create pictures of the breast’s internal structure. In addition, it shows the exact result of the lump and shows the entire structural profile. Besides, the doctor will use a dye that shall be injected into the arms. It enhances the appearance of tissues and blood vessels on the MRI pictures.
  • Ultrasound: The ultrasound uses sound waves that create images of the internal organs. Thus, you can expect that ultrasound will take images of the lump. In addition, it will help to determine whether a breast lump is solid or filled with fluid.
  • Biopsy: The doctor will use a thin needle to take a sample of the tissue. The tissues will be sent to a laboratory to examine the cancerous tissue and cells. Besides, there are various types of biopsy, including a core needle biopsy, stereotactic biopsy, and surgical biopsy.

What can you expect during the physical examination?

A cancerous lump may or may not cause triggering pain. However, it is dangerous to live with an untreated cancerous lump. The cancerous lump may need immediate treatment. Thus, book an appointment with the doctors at Hiranandani Hospital. During the physical examination, the doctor will likely:

  • Question regarding signs and symptoms of the existing lump. The examination will help to detect the lump at the neck area or breast area.
  • Examine the breasts and other organs to confirm the lymph nodes in your armpit.
  • Examine and check the skin on your breast.
  • Check the nipple discharge or inversion. In addition, check for the risk factors for breast cancer.

Treatment for Cancerous Lump

Once the doctor examines the condition, you can expect the following treatment options:

  • Lumpectomy to remove the lump
  • Mastectomy to remove the breast tissues
  • Chemotherapy uses the drug to kill cancerous cells.
  • Radiation therapy uses radio waves to stop the growth of the cancerous cells in the lump.
  • Surgery treatment to remove the breast lump.
  • External beam therapy
  • Brachytherapy to remove the breast tissues
  • Intensity-modulated radiation therapy

It is essential to know that most of the lumps are noncancerous. Remember to make an appointment with the doctor. Once you discover a cancerous lump, you may encounter redness, crusting, and wrinkling. The nipple will discharge blood and may discharge pas. It also happens that the nipple is turned inward. Hence, the lump in your armpit gets bigger. 

Such symptoms do not cause any pain. However, the cancerous lump may increase the risk of damaging other organs. The large size of a cancerous lump may cause pain, but there are very few chances. Usually, a lump will go away after four to six weeks. If the lump does not go away after the period, you will need immediate treatment. 

Besides, Hiranandani Hospital has a provision of the latest technology that contributes to treating cancerous lumps. Credihealth allows you to get complete treatment guidance for your condition. It is essential to take quick medical advice for the cancerous lump. The doctors will provide complete treatment options and therapies to treat lumps. You can also get a second opinion on your condition. Thus, call on +91 8010-994-994 and book your appointment. 

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