What Causes Constipation 2023 Updated

What Causes ConstipationWhat Causes Constipation

What Causes Constipation

Have you ever faced difficulty in excreting the waste from your body? Yes, many times people undergo this situation. Actually, in this 21st century, the craze to try out authentic cuisines has been a trend for all people, despite their age. People just without carrying nutritional requirements keep on overloading themselves with a bunch of delicious stuff. However, slowly and gradually they become the victim of constipation and suffer a lot. So, this article will make you constipated and its treatments that would perfectly help you out. 

What is Constipation?

Whenever a person faces a problem in releasing out the bowel then this disease is called constipation. Most of the time, people go for homemade medicines to treat this but as usual, medication should also be taken whenever constipation turns serious. 

There can be many reasons for a person to catch up with constipation. These reasons must be identified properly and after treatment can cure the person. Also, the Gastroenterologist in Patna recommends the best tips that common masses can apply without any difficulty.  

What are the Symptoms of Constipation?

In India, there are multi-specialty hospitals that can cure the ailment within a short period. Despite that, noticing the proper symptom of constipation in time and treating the same effectively becomes the main concern. Doctors all around the country have enlisted certain important symptoms that can make you aware of constipation.

These symptoms may include the following:

  • A major problem in discharging stool can be one of the top symptoms of constipation.
  • Unusual less releasing of stool would reflect that the victim can suffer from this disease.
  • Added to this, hard and dry stool can be considered as the major symptom of constipation.
  • A cramp followed by pain in the stomach is another contributor to constipation.
  • Not feeling hungry often can mean that the person is having constipation too.

Therefore, constipation can lead to unusual mood swings and pain. The person remains depressed and only proper medications can help them out. 

Important causes of Constipation

Doctors state that constipation can be treated well only if the exact cause is known. They have put forward four main causes that are responsible for constipation. They are:

  • Certain foods that are low in fiber content cause constipation. Therefore foods such as vegetables, fruits, and nuts should be included in the diet always to avoid unusual bowel movements. Even lentils and whole grains can serve the purpose.
  • Many times, constipation occurs due to the lack of proper physical activity. Further, this also leads to obesity and added tension to the victim. Just sitting and sleeping, the targeted person catches up with irregular bowel movements and gradually develops constipation.
  • A rare visit to the bathroom due to laziness is one of the most common problems for all people. Later on, this problem takes the form of constipation.
  • Drifting routines due to travel plans or important schedules can be harmful. On shifting the time of bowel movements, people might have an increase in the probability of constipation.
  • Even some medicines make the stool stiff and get this disease.
  • Lastly, older people have a greater risk of having constipation. It is 40 to 60 percent assurance that aged people will get this disease.

Sometimes, people having severe medical conditions such as Parkinson’s disease as well as diabetes catch up with constipation. So, necessary exercises and good treatment can help the patient to recover fast from this condition.

Can drinking an ample amount of water help?

Well, when we are discussing constipation, the thought of hard bowel movement approaches us. That is the reason why the Gastroenterologist in Patna has devised a simple way for their patients that includes, “drinking 3 liters of water daily”. As this is the simplest form of self care that one can do, the specialists have suggested it mostly.

Following that, having loads of water can lead to smooth digestion of foods and therefore the issue of hard stool gets resolved itself.

Best Treatments for Constipation

Firstly, constipation is not a serious disease that can’t be treated. It is something that can be sorted out through homemade ways itself but demands proper medications only at times of its seriousness. Medical experts have been concerned about its medications and therefore have come out with some.

So, the treatment that suits best for constipation includes:

  • Doctors recommend laxatives for people who are suffering from constipation. But, this should be handled carefully.
  • Many times, stool softeners are prescribed by the medical expert to help the victim escape the situation.
  • Even Lubricants work perfectly for the patient as stool moves out well by using this.
  • If the situation worsens, the doctor may treat the patient by doing a CT Scan as well as X-ray options. This can help them to find the problem of blockage irritating the gut.

Following these treatments, surgery is also suggested by the doctor if needed. However, the patient should not ignore if there is blood in the stool accompanied by fever.  Also, pain in releasing gas properly marks the possibility of something serious. Little discomfort during bowel movements should also be taken into concern. This should be taken notice of very seriously and the victims should seek a doctor fast.

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