Can Back Pain Indicate Kidney Stone 2023 Updated

Can Back Pain Indicate Kidney StoneCan Back Pain Indicate Kidney Stone

Can Back Pain Indicate Kidney Stone

Kidney stones are hard & solid deposits or clumps created by the buildup of dissolved minerals in the kidneys’ inner lining, such as calcium oxalate and struvite. These stones vary in size and can be as huge as a golf ball. Smaller stones normally go undetected and travel out of the body with the urine. However, bigger stones can become lodged in the urinary tract and require surgical removal. Kidney stone treatment is offered at MIOT hospital with different advanced techniques.

Kidney stones can cause various symptoms in a patient. Have you ever experienced excruciating pain in your back? Do you believe a kidney stone is causing you back pain? But does all back pain indicate kidney stone? The answer is not necessarily yes!

It is essential to understand what is a kidney stone and what causes its appearance?

 A kidney stone is a rigid,pebble-like piece of structure that may form in any one or both of your kidneys due to large concentrations of specific minerals in your urine. No specific or singular cause can determine a kidney stone occurrence. Different diets, excess body weight, categorial supplements, or medical conditions could be the root cause of any kidney stone. In a study, kidney stones were found more commonly in men than women. However, they can happen to anyone. Patients with kidney stones must not ignore its symptoms as it may cause life-hazard complications. You can consult a Nephrologist at MIOT hospital Chennai in order to know about the best less invasive kidney stone treatment. 

What do kidney stones do to our bodies? 

 As we know, kidneys help regulate our urinary tract and dispose of urine and necessary minerals from the body. Though often, a kidney stone does not cause permanent damage. It may affect any part of our urinal system and can cause serious discomfort as well as compromise the functioning of the organs. 

What are treatment options for such kidney stones?

The specific treatment for a kidney stone may vary depending on the nature and size of the kidney stone or the patient’s overall health. When small and feeble, a doctor recommends plenty of water along with a strong painkiller. However, additional operative treatments for big kidney stones are suggested, such as shock wave lithotripsy that breaks stones into smaller parts. Ureteroscopy under general anesthesia for stone removal from tubes. In rare cases, however, a surgery called percutaneous nephrolithotomy is done to remove a kidney stone where the tube is inserted directly into the kidney to remove the stone. 

What are symptoms associated with kidney stones, and how are they different from normal back pain?

Since kidneys are located at the back and underneath the ribcage, back pain is believed to be the most common symptom of a kidney stone. However, the story is not so simple. Various other symptoms are taken into account to identify a kidney stone. Kidney pain is often felt in the flank, an area that resides on either side of your spine between the bottom of your ribcage and your hips. Most of the time, the pain is felt on only one side of the body. However, it can also occur on both sides. Unlike any normal back pain, kidney stones cause a sharp, excruciating, continuous body pain that can be dull if accounted for with infection. 

So how is kidney stone different from back pain? Unlike back pain or any pain in your body that is bound to go away after some time, kidney stone pain does not leave on its own. It requires special and specific treatment and lasts long if left untreated.

Kidney stone pain is also not rigid since the stone may travel in different parts of your urinary tract; the pain is felt continuously and fluctuates at the different parts as the stone moves to that specific location. The back pain is often accompanied by radiating pain in the lower abdomen region of the body, and it swiftly spreads further to the thighs.

Is back pain a clear indicator of kidney stones? No, often not!

A kidney stone often associates itself with varieties of bodily functions. Such symptoms are

  1. High fever and body chills; Due to infection caused by a kidney stone, the body becomes inflamed and breaks out with a high fever and bodily chills.
  2. The continuous body ache and presence of a foreign object make one nauseous and feel an urge to vomit.

The other symptoms include

  1. Presence of dark or cloudy urine is unusual.
  2. A continuous and almost constant need to urinate all the time.
  3. A painful passing of urine accompanied by an infection in your bladder.

In some cases, there may be some blood in your urine due to high infection. Back pains are often not a clear indicator of a kidney stone due to the body’s conflicting nature. They may occur due to muscular discomfort or nerves discomfort that is likely to stay in the body for a short or specific period. 

So can back pain indicate a kidney stone?

The answer is maybe, if one faces a continuous, monotonous, acute, or mild pain in the back, along with pain in the urinary bladder or tubes that sustain for a longer time along with a pressing need to pee, it indicates a kidney stone. But all on its own a back pain may not be a clear indicator of kidney stone.

On the other hand, back pain is caused by a musculoskeletal problem or illness and can affect any back area. Muscle pain is generally isolated, although nerve pain can extend to the lower limbs. Back pain can be acute or persistent, and it might worsen with activity.

A patient who is diagnosed with large kidney stones requires an appropriate treatment option. credihealth, an online healthcare portal that helps you find the best Nephrology hospital near you. You can also book an appointment with kidney doctors at MIOT hospital Chennai on credihealth.  After reviewing the hospital’s or doctor’s profile, you make an appointment online based on parameters such as total cost, OPD time, doctor experience, qualification, available care alternatives, etc. A patient may also receive a second opinion on any medical help by phoning our in-house health professional at 8010-994-994 or emailing

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