What are the Symptoms of Brain Tumor 2023 Updated?

What are the Symptoms of Brain TumorWhat are the Symptoms of Brain Tumor

What are the Symptoms of Brain Tumor

What are the Symptoms of Brain Tumor. A brain tumor is a mass of cancerous cells that occurs in the brain. If you discover brain tumor symptoms, you will observe many changes in the body. It might be a single problem that needs immediate medical care. However, it happens that patients cannot predict which are the actual symptoms of brain tumors. Even with a minor headache, people assume that they have brain cancer. 

Besides, a complete diagnostic test will help to find if someone has a brain tumor or not. Fortis La-Femme Hospital offers a complete check-up option for brain conditions.

Common Symptoms of Brain Tumor

  • A symptom is nothing but an experience of the condition. Besides, a patient with a brain tumor may experience fatigue, nausea, and pain. The pulses are elevated in the patient.
  • Headaches are the prime symptoms of the condition. However, it causes triggering pain and worsens the activity in the brain.
  • You may experience seizures due to the condition. Besides, there are various types of seizures that include myoclonic, sensory, and complex partial.
  • Personality changes are also observed due to the brain tumor.
  • Sleep problems cause the patient insomnia and not being able to sleep properly.
  • Change in vision, smell, losing consciousness are some of the symptoms.
  • A patient may witness headaches, confusion, weakness, and numbness.
  • Loss of consciousness and loss of bladder control are some of the warning signs.

Other Signs and Symptoms

  • Severe headache near the location of the tumor.
  • The patient witnessed the loss of balance and difficulty with fine motor skills.
  • Symptoms related to cerebral palsy.
  • Loss of vision due to occipital lobe or temporal lobe of the cerebrum.
  • Partial loss of consciousness.
  • Changes in hearing, memory, emotional state, and speech. The patient also witnesses aggressiveness and problems understanding.
  • Lack of touch or pressure, arm or leg weakness on one side of the body.
  • The patient also experiences confusion on the left or right side of the body.
  • Not able to look upward due to pineal gland tumor.
  • The problem in swallowing, facial weakness, and numbness.
  • Vision problems.

Grades of Brain Cancer

Patients with brain cancer/ tumor are given treatment based on their grades. The grade gives clarity about the rate of growth and spread. Therefore, the grades of brain cancer are as follows:

  • Grade 1 is the stage where the cells are growing slowly. It has a higher survival rate.
  • Grade 2 means the tumor cells are slow and small. The tumor may spread in the tissues and regenerate the cancerous cells.
  • Grade 3 is a stage where tumor cells are multiplying. The cancerous cells are already spreading to the nearby tissues.
  • Grade 4 means the cells are spreading rapidly, and it starts to create complications to other organs.

What are the causes?

Even if you know the symptoms, you may wonder what can cause the brain tumor. Therefore, the brain tumor causes includes:

  1. Age factors include the patient who is above 60 years of age. The patient 60+ years of age may encounter cancer.
  2. Gender wise men have a higher risk of brain cancer than women.
  3. Environmental exposure such as chemicals, allergens, viruses, and infections. Chemicals include solvents and pesticides.
  4. Family history can also invite unwanted brain cancer. The patient has a linkage to genetic inheritance.
  5. The low immune system suffers from many chronic conditions. It naturally invites severe brain cancer.
  6. Exposure to electromagnetic radiation can increase the risk of brain tumors.
  7. Radiation therapy
    also increases the risk of cancerous cells in the brain. However, it is a rare occurrence as radiation therapy is used to treat cancer. Yet, it uses radio waves which can create problems for the brain.

Treatment Options

There are various types of surgery options for a brain tumor which includes:

  • Debulking
  • Complete Removal
  • Skull Base Surgery
  • Laser Interstitial Thermal Therapy
  • Transsphenoidal Surgery
  • Biopsy
  • Craniotomy
  • Craniectomy

Medications also help to treat a brain tumor. Steroids are used to decrease the buildup of fluids around edema. It helps to relieve the signs and enhance neurological function. In addition, it also increases appetite and boosts the immune system. Besides, the medical oncologists at Fortis La-Femme Hospital provide complete medicinal therapy for the condition.

A neurosurgeon usually performs surgery. It is one of the efficient ways to treat brain cancer conditions. It reduces the unnecessary risk of internal damage. Team of professional doctors includes neurosurgeon, anesthesiologist, superior nurse, and nutritionist. Brain tumor removal surgery delivers more success rate.

Therapies are used to treat high-level brain tumor conditions. The therapies include radiotherapy, which uses radio waves to kill cancerous cells. Chemotherapy uses a particular drug to stop the growth of cancer cells. Targeted therapy uses a drug that only targets the cancerous cells. The primary purpose of drug therapy is to kill the DNA of cells so that they don’t regenerate.

Headache is one of the most common symptoms of brain tumors. Besides, the survival rate of a brain tumor depends upon its type, location, and size of the tumor. Even if you witness a triggering pain in the head, still it is essential to do a diagnostic test. Fortis La-Femme Hospital offers complete diagnostic treatment all under one roof.  In case if you notice the symptoms, then seek emergency medical help. Credihealth allows you to book an online consultation with a Neurosurgeon at Fortis La-Femme Hospital. You can call on +91 8010-994-994 and get in touch with our medical experts for complete treatment guidance. Besides, you can also discover the list of neurosurgeons on Credihealth.

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