How Much urine can a bladder hold 2023 Updated

How Much urine can a bladder holdHow Much urine can a bladder hold

How Much urine can a bladder hold

It is natural for people to resist the urge to urinate from time to time, whether due to a hectic workday or they don’t feel comfortable using public toilets. However, it is not recommended to retain urine daily because it might lead to complications. Trying to hold in pee all the time is not only unpleasant, but it may also damage the bladder and other areas of the body. Anyone worried about their urinary health should consult a urologist.

But how long can we hold the pee in? This blog will help you to understand how much urine the bladder can store, how frequently you should empty it, and which health concerns may affect you if you resist peeing for a longer time.

How does urination occur?

Our brain sends a signal to our sphincters to relax and urinate. Then it signals the muscular bladder wall to stretch, pushing urine down the urethra and out of your bladder.

The frequency at which you must pee is determined by how rapidly your kidneys generate the urine that fills your bladder and how much urine your bladder can comfortably store. While the bladder fills with pee, the bladder wall muscles relax, while the sphincter muscles tighten to retain the urine in the bladder. As your bladder fills up, signals to your brain warn you to find a bathroom as quickly as possible to urinate.

How much urine can a bladder hold?

A healthy human bladder’s storage capacity is 400 to 500 milliliters, or roughly 2 cups before it reaches full capacity. Even though a healthy bladder is expandable and can store the bigger pee quantity, it is essential to urinate regularly. Generally, health professionals advise that you empty your bladder every three hours, whether you experience the desire to go or not. It’s important to do so that you don’t hold too much pee in your bladder.

Will the bladder burst?

Many people believe that if they keep their pee in for too long, their bladder may burst. While a sudden urinary bladder burst is possible, there is generally an underlying cause, such as a blockage that prevents the bladder from voiding. In most cases, the bladder will simply overpressure or destroy the muscles keeping the pee in, resulting in an accident. However, bladder damage is more likely to arise due to blows or cutting objects. It is crucial to highlight that a spontaneous urinary bladder rupture might result in serious problems if not treated.

What are the common side effects of holding pee in?

A bladder is a unit of the urinary system. It’s linked to your kidneys via the ureters. In rare situations, urine can back up into the kidneys, causing an infection or various renal problems. various other medical conditions may strike if you have a habit of holding pee in for a longer time, that includes-

  • Urinary infections – When you hold in your pee for a longer duration, you increase your chances of getting a urinary tract infection. Bacteria are normally present in the urinary system and are discharged with the urine. Bacteria can develop in the bladder when urine is stored there, causing illness in any portion of the urinary system. UTIs are painful, and once triggered, they can return endlessly.
  • Pain & discomfort – People who ignore the desire to pee regularly may have pain or discomfort in the bladder or kidneys. Urinating may also be painful when a person eventually makes it to the washroom.
  • After the discharge of urine, the muscles may remain partially tightened, which can cause pelvic cramps.
  • Kidney Stones – Kidney stones occur when waste items in our bodies calcify and crystallize. This may be an extremely painful illness, and if the stones get too large, you may require surgery to remove them. It has the potential to cause infection as well as blood in the urine. The most common reasons for this condition include drinking too little water and holding pee in.
  • Bladder enlargement – Holding urine over a long time can cause the bladder to extend and weaken. When pee fills the bladder, it stretches it, and when you empty it, it returns to its original shape. Constantly stretching the bladder by holding in pee may eventually cause the bladder to stop recovering. In severe cases, a catheter may be required to pass urine.

Sometimes, Peeing can be unpleasant, uncomfortable, or even impossible for certain people due to medical issues. If you’re experiencing trouble peeing, you should visit a urology specialist as soon as the symptoms appear.

What Tips can be Following for Holding Pee in an Emergency?

It is not always convenient to be close to a bathroom, and in instances where there is a large queue, holding your pee is your only option. In such cases, you should be aware of the techniques for keeping your bladder empty for an extended period while also avoiding UTI. A few of them are:

  • Avoid making any unexpected movements.
  • Stay warm since being cold increases your desire to pee.
  • Consider a distraction, such as listening to music or reading.
  • Avoid laughing since it puts strain on your bladder.
  • Drink as little as possible while holding your urine.

Overall, holding your urine once or twice or in an emergency situation is not harmful but making it a habit has certain disadvantages. Anyone who feels they are urinating excessively or too often must visit a urologist immediately. You can directly book an appointment with  a urologist in Pune on credihealth and consult about your urinary-related issues. Credihealth can quickly and effectively connect you to the top urologist in your city or area. 

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