How Long Does a Spinal Fusion Surgery Take 2023 Updated

How Long Does a Spinal Fusion Surgery TakeHow Long Does a Spinal Fusion Surgery Take

How Long Does a Spinal Fusion Surgery Take

Spinal fusion surgery is performed to improve stability and correct the deformity. In addition, it helps to reduce the pain. It also happens that spinal weakness between two vertebrae causes problems. Deformations in the spine cause instability and may affect arthritis in the spine. If you are diagnosed with a hernia, you may need spinal stability in such cases. According to the orthopedic surgeon at Columbia Asia Hospital Whitefield, spinal fusion surgery can reduce complications.

What is Spinal Fusion Surgery?

It is the fusion of two or more unstable vertebrae that are combined through the surgery. Besides, it helps to relieve pain and improve the condition. An Orthopedic Surgeon or neurosurgeon performs the surgery. Similarly, it is an invasive procedure. Therefore, it amplifies the pain in the spinal area. The surgery usually takes 3 to 4 hours to process, and the patient is given general anesthesia. 

Furthermore, the surgery contributes to treating hernia disc and scoliosis. Besides, the procedure is also known as vertebral fusion surgery and spondylodesis. 

What happens in Spinal Fusion Surgery?

  • The surgeon will perform the spinal fusion when the patient is under anesthesia. It reduces the pain. The patient will experience very little discomfort during the surgery. In addition, the surgeon will process the physical examination.
  • The examination will help to determine the location of the vertebrae. Furthermore, the doctor will make an incision in one or more areas. Once an incision is made, the expert will proceed with bone graft preparation.
  • Bone graft preparation is a fusion of two vertebrae that comes in a bone bank. In addition, the surgeon may make an incision above the pelvic bone.
  • Fusion of the two vertebrae is the last procedure in the surgery. The surgeon will use metal plates, screws, or rods to attach the two bones. Apart from this, the expert may use the synthetic substance to glue the bone grafts.

How long does a spinal fusion surgery take?

  • The spinal fusion surgery usually takes 4 to 5 hours to process. However, there are multiple factors. The surgery contributes to treating the deformity in the spinal area. Besides, before the surgery, there is a lot of preparation. Details operation and X-rays from a physical examination. General anesthesia to the patient. An epidural catheter insertion into the spinal area.
  • Thus, the surgery generally takes four hours. Yet, it goes beyond six hours if there is an internal injury in the spinal area. Besides, a blood sample helps to analyze and examine the blood count.
  • Furthermore, the time involved in the surgery depends upon the injury and complications. It also happens that nerve injury causes bleeding and internal swelling. If the patient discovers severe bleeding, then the recovery time may extend. Thus, sometimes side effects occur, and they increase the recovery timeline.

What is the recovery time?

Every patient wonders how much does it take to recover from the surgery? Besides, it does depend upon the process of healing. Few patients recover within one to two months. Yet, few patients take more than three months to recover. 

Multiple factors decide the recovery time, it includes:

  1. Health condition
    : The health condition is an important element. Before, the surgery the surgeon will process a thorough examination for the same. However, if the health is weak, then the patient may take a long time to recover.
  2. Immune system: It also happens that the patient has poor immunity. Thus, it elongates the process of recovery. In such situations, the doctor will provide immunotherapy.
  3. Medications: medicine plays an important role in the recovery speed. Usually, you can expect a medium dose during the surgery.
  4. After the surgery, it may take one month so that the patient can start moving around.
  5. At least one month to walk and sit properly. Yet, the patient may not be able to perform the exercise.
  6. Two to three months to walk and drive. Besides, you may need more than three months to come back to normal activity.

Many times back pain, and long-lasting pain in the spinal area can cause complications. The doctor will attach two vertebrae. Usually, the surgeon offers general anesthesia. It helps to reduce the pain. Spinal fusion surgery may take up to 4 to 5 hours to process. Besides, the recovery time may be long, up to three months. 

Final Thoughts-

The surgery procedure and recovery period depend on multiple factors. Therefore, consult a doctor for a spinal condition. The doctors at

Columbia Asia Hospital Whitefield are available to provide complete treatment. The time of the recovery depends upon the health condition, immunity, and medications. It may take more than five months to recover. 

How to book an appointment with the doctor?

You can call on +91 8010-994-994 and book an appointment with a Neurosurgeon/orthopedic surgeon. The experts at Columbia Asia Hospital Whitefield are highly skilled in performing spinal fusion surgery. Credihealth helps you to get the best medical benefits; make sure not to miss one. 

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