What is the average life expectancy after a Kidney Transplant

What is the average life expectancy after a Kidney TransplantWhat is the average life expectancy after a Kidney Transplant

What is the average life expectancy after a Kidney Transplant

At times, our kidneys slow down their functioning or don’t function at all. It is exactly that time when an operation is performed to alter the kidneys using specialized techniques. So, the surgery is performed immediately as the kidney transplant cost in Mumbai is quite reasonable in comparison to other places. These small bean-shaped organs are very crucial for waste filtration and any minimal defect in it can hit hard on humans. 

Therefore, this article is initiated towards the impact on life expectancy rate after going through the surgical procedure of altering kidneys. Also, many treatment options, as well as screening methods, are highlighted here for the reader’s awareness. 

What is Kidney Transplant?

You might be quite familiar with the term ‘kidney transplant’, aren’t’ you? Yes, this is just another surgical procedure of removing the useless kidney and placing the fresh one in its place. Both kidneys are important for the body as this is the only organ that is responsible for eradicating the harmful components of our body through filtration. On the disruption of this process, excessive wastes accumulate in the bladder and cause unnecessary diseases. Mainly, it keeps the blood clean by removing toxins from the fluid present in it.

So, a healthy kidney can be taken from any family member or a suitable donor. However, care must be taken that it suits the body of the patients perfectly and for ensuring the same, several tests are lined up accordingly by the medical professional. 

Is the life expectancy rate considered before performing kidney transplantation? 

We all fear death, isn’t it all? So, naturally, life expectancy-related concern is present in all human beings and that is quite common. Following that, the nephrologists of big multi-specialty hospitals in India have extensively carried out their research on the impact of having healthy kidneys and are shocked with the positive outcomes. They have noticed that as the transplantation of kidneys can eliminate the diseases, the patient gets a new life and a better one. 

Consequently, the person who undergoes a kidney transplant has a shift in their quality of life as it turns to get better with time. Gradually, the person can enjoy the food that they crave, as high restrictions on food go off with the operation. So, just imagine going for an outing and having a family dinner after your surgery! Oh, this can give you real pleasure. Eventually, the person’s death rate would fall as he gets stronger with the improvement in the immune system and this boosts the life expectancy rate naturally. Also, the real meaning of life is enjoyed by the people as they no longer remain under the burden of medicines.  

Likewise, kidney transplant cost in Mumbai is quite budget-friendly and availing of this opportunity can be truly beneficial for your dear ones. Most importantly, after having a kidney transplant once, the expenses on medicines completely take a pause. This is because it is the ultimate source of cure for your kidneys and removes the risk of associated diseases too. However, certain people can escape the regular treatment of dialysis after having  kidney transplantation and therefore consider it the simplest means to get rid of the infected kidney. Certainly, kidney transplantation has a positive impact on the life expectancy rate but it has its disadvantages and people becoming its victim can face the worst possible outcome. 

What makes you fit as a kidney donor?

Having the best suitable kidney donor is the desire for all the patients undergoing kidney transplantation. Now, the main question arises regarding the factor that determines the fitness of the donor. So, the following points must be kept in mind when searching for a kidney match. These points include:

  • Young people’s kidneys work much more effectively as compared to old people. So, hunting healthy kidneys from the youths is the best option always.
  • Regular smokers or people who are addicted to drinking must not be taken into account for kidney transplantation. As several harmful substances are already present in their body, having their kidney would add up the risk for the patient.
  • People who are undergoing cancer treatment or someone who has symptoms of cancer must be kept away from the transplantation thing. As their medications include a high amount of radiation this won’t suit the donor.
  • Certain people who are prone to cardiac arrest, as well as other heart diseases, shouldn’t be allowed to give a kidney to any patient.
  • In case, if the person is suffering from some serious mental illness then donating kidneys won’t be good for that person as well as the receiver.

Thus, the doctor just places one perfect kidney from another living or dead human being and replaces both of the infected ones. However, it is a harsh reality that getting the best suitable donor becomes a major difficulty for the patient and his family. Most of the time, the operation gets delayed due to the unavailability of the match and the patient’s request shows up on the waiting list. Now, if the patient is fortunate enough then he may end up with the matched kidney quite soon.

Major Complications and Kidney Transplantation

As the entire procedure of kidney transplantation seems time-taking, it is attached with major complications also. So, people having kidney transplants undergo major risk factors. These complications include:

  • The newly placed kidney might get infected due to its inability to adjust with the tissues and blood vessels.
  • Clotting of the blood is very natural and bleeding occurs too.
  • Many people face the dark side by experiencing strokes as well as death by heart transplantation.
  • The possibility of transmission of cancer cells becomes quite high when the person receives a fresh kidney.

Thus, several high complications are associated along with kidney transplantation which can be much more serious as well.

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