How do you know if you have erectile dysfunction?

How do you know if you have erectile dysfunction?How do you know if you have erectile dysfunction?

How do you know if you have erectile dysfunction?

Well, erectile dysfunction is a rare disease in men. Generally, men become the victim of several odds during that phase. Further, males can also be troubled with relationship issues. So, the urologist helps out the depressed souls. Their treatment procedures can be effective. Following that, the doctors have certain parameters for diagnosing erection issues. Therefore, an individual can read this article to know about erection problems. One can also be aware of the symptoms concerning the problem. So, readers can hold their breath for knowing more facts regarding the condition.  

How can you detect erectile dysfunction?

One can detect erectile dysfunction during sex. Imagine, you are having sex without an erection? If this happens, then you have already become a victim of erectile issues. Further, you have no option left then contacting nephrologists.

One’s symptoms can also include premature ejaculation. So, an individual must notify the symptoms carefully. Therefore, a male can have sexual tension at this point. He can understand his erection issues. Following that, one’s nerve damage can lead to this disease. So, one must stay aware of the seriousness of the disease. Generally, he can have a stress test for checking out erectile dysfunction. 

What kind of test is done for erectile dysfunction?

urologist of Chennai has to undergo a certain test for erectile dysfunction. A doctor can proceed with the treatment only after a proper diagnosis. Generally, he can also check for mental trauma relating to the disease. 

Therefore, the test for erectile dysfunction includes a few tests. These tests are as follows:

  • Going for a physical exam

Your doctor may ask for a physical examination during diagnosis. This is usually done to check out the penis. Even, one can have detection of erectile dysfunction by testing the testicles. A man’s hair growth is taken into consideration here. Following that, a urologist checks the hormonal imbalance in men. One’s hormonal issues can mean erectile dysfunction. Even a resilient urologist can check the blood pressure. In doing so, they can get an assurance of the problem. 

  • The sexual history is important

An individual’s sexual history can speak a lot about erectile dysfunction. Generally, an individual’s sexual encounter is concerned. Following that, a doctor can access the exact problem. So, doctors need sexual history for the detection of sexual problems. Therefore, one must answer his questions without feeling awkward.  So, an individual’s erectile problems can be addressed. A doctor can treat his erectile problems soon.

  • Go for a urine test

The urologist can ask for a urine test. Generally, erectile problems have an association with urine. An individual can check his diabetes in this test. Even, a urine test can tell about kidney problems. Mainly, a urologist can check the low testosterone. Therefore, a skilled urologist can check for hormonal malfunction. Thus, males can precede their treatment this way. So, an individual’s erection issues can vanish completely. 

  • Checking the mental health

Generally, a male’s mental health can lead to erectile dysfunction. Following that, the doctor can ask a few questions concerning depression. One’s relationship-related concerns are taken into consideration. Mainly, an individual’s sexual erection problems can be understood this way. So, a urologist can question both of the partners accordingly. 

  • Ultrasound can be the option

An individual can go for an ultrasound to check the penis’ blood flow. Generally, males can do the same with the help of an injection test. Further, the doctor can use a wand-like machine for your penis. So, an individual’s blood vessels can be detected by the doctor. So, doctors can check the penis for blood flow.

  • Seeking for overnight erection test

India’s top urologist goes for an overnight erection test for the detection of erectile dysfunction. Generally, the men are told to carry out erection for 3 to 5 nights. Following that, urologists ask for the help of a device. So, a boy places this device near the penis. Furthermore, individuals can detect their erection power with that device. So, a doctor precedes the treatment after this test. Therefore, an individual’s diagnosis techniques can help the doctors. Mainly, one must be courageous enough for the erection test. Following that, urologists can present the best treatment. 

Can we link erectile dysfunction with cardiac diseases?

Well, one can have a strong connection of erectile dysfunction with cardiac diseases. Generally, a urologist can go for your heart issues as the diagnosis. One’s detection of erectile dysfunction goes with heart problems. 

Many specialists go for heart screening before erection tests. Following that, an individual’s heart issues can be traced. Thus, a urologist begins his treatment with a heart’s diagnosis. Doctors do not avoid the simpler of heart’s issue in erection problems.

So, one’s association with erection issues can have relevance with the heart. Therefore, erectile dysfunction affects the heart in the following ways:

  • Mainly, males can have plagues in development in their arteries. Following that, a urologist links this with heart problems. One’s plaques can make it problematic for smooth erection. So, an individual can have erectile dysfunction for issues with the arteries.
  • Even, one can have heart problems due to erection. Generally, an individual’s issues with the blood vessels can cause issues. Further, one’s heart would lack adequate blood supply for pumping oxygen. So, a male’s penis can also face a similar problem.

Therefore, the person’s cardiac diseases can affect erection. Following that, one can have the detection of erectile dysfunction. One’s impaired blood flow in the penis can be dangerous. A urologist’s visit becomes quite mandatory. 

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