What is the Treatment for Lung Cancer 2023 Updated

What is the Treatment for Lung CancerWhat is the Treatment for Lung Cancer

What is the Treatment for Lung Cancer

Generally, its variations and symptoms grow slowly and can be traced only after the disease expands. Sl Raheja Hospital situated in Mumbai holds expertise faculty for the treatment of this disease. So this article will make you aware of the best ways to treat the patient suffering from lung cancer. 

Lung Cancer – A deadly disease

The air getting blocked in the lungs due to the abnormal growth of cells is termed lung cancer. All people who suffer from this disease experience excruciating pain in the lungs and breathing becomes tough too. However, lung cancers are of different types and so is their treatment.

Whom does lung cancer target mostly?

Cancer, be it in the brain or lungs has the same risk. Likewise, it is almost untraceable cancer initially and therefore it becomes a dangerous disease all over. Therefore, certain people are more likely to catch lung cancer. The targeted audiences are as follows:

  • Regular Smokers have a high-risk

Regular smokers are at heavy risk of developing lung cancer. As per reports, people who are addicted to tobacco develop lung cancer very soon. This accounts for about 9 to 10 percent of India’s total population. However, a teenager getting into the web of smoking fails to understand the repercussion of lung cancer and that leads them towards death. People who are addicted drinkers also get this deadly disease. 

  • People having a family history

Although people don’t consider family history as the reason for lung cancer, in reality certain genes are responsible for its occurrence. This can easily pass on from family members and siblings.

  • Air pollution

Air pollution is one of the most important reasons for lung cancer. The mixture of various gases can harm the lung as breathing becomes tough at that time. Gradually, the pollutant in the air on mixing with the air reaches the lungs and creates an irritable sensation in it. 

Is the symptom of lung cancer understandable?

Well, many times there is no sign that the person is a victim of lung cancer. But, continuous pain in the chest might compel the victim to visit the doctor. That is the time, with tests and technological advancement lung cancer gets detected.

Adding on, the best doctors of Sl Raheja Hospital which is a multi specialty hospital in Mumbai have stressed some symptoms that are noticeable in the victim. These symptoms are as follows:

  • Uneasiness in the chest.
  • The problem is breathing normally.
  • Unknown reasons for losing weight.
  • Having a problem swallowing food.
  • Sputum containing blood is a big sign.
  • Face experiencing swelling and veins getting unplaced.

Thus, all these are indicators that a person is on the verge of letting himself into a dangerous position. 

Latest 4 diagnosis techniques for lung cancer

Medical experts and top cancer specialists have recorded certain important means through which the diagnosis of lung cancer becomes easy. These diagnosis techniques are as follows:

  • Medical examinations such as X-rays and CTs are the main indicator that there is a chance of lung cancer.
  • The doctor can recommend lung biopsy as well to diagnose the disease.
  • Even blood tests are done.
  • The victim who has a family history can also have a chance of lung cancer.

However, doctors will carry out extensive tests to make sure of its expansion. If needed, they will also recommend certain medicines that will help the patient to recover. 

Radiation therapy: It’s meaning 

When cancer is treated using radiation and the cancer cells are damaged mostly, this treatment is referred to as radiation therapy. However, treatment of tumors can also be done in the same way.  The use of X-rays for cancer also comes under radiation therapy.  Certain beams are aimed at those body parts that are affected by cancer. However, this has its disadvantages as well. Radiation therapy using the beams completely slows down the development of the cells and lessens their growth. 

Why does a doctor recommend Radiation Therapy mostly?

About 90 percent of the people suffering from cancer are treated with the help of Radiation therapy. As it is the prime method of killing cancer cells, so all doctors around the globe use this technique. It is one of the primary ways to damage cancer cells from the scratch. 

The doctor uses this therapy in multiple ways. Some of the ways are the following :

  • Radiation therapy is suggested by that cancer specialist to make the cancer tumor dysfunctional.
  • Cancer is treated by the use of chemotherapy alongside radiation therapy. This works much effectively and the patients can be assured of well-being very soon.
  • When cancer is in its advanced stage, radiation therapy is initiated by the doctor to kill the cancer cells immediately.
  • To completely alleviate the remaining cells of cancer, doctors use radiation therapy.

So, radiation therapy helps a lot for the patient as well as the doctors to cure this ailment. It is the most convenient way and results aren’t much depressing by its use as well. 

Is there any risk associated with Radiation Therapy?

As we know, nothing comes simply. Likewise, radiation therapy to has its own sets of risk associated with it. The danger is just for that body organ where the particular therapy has been used. Even, the chances of side effects aren’t certain as some experience the same as well as some don’t have any. To add on, side effects related to Radiation therapy are temporary nature and if treated, cure can be assured.

Sources show that various kinds of side effects are there for different body parts. Therefore, the side effects of lung cancer can be summarized below. These are :

  • Being treated with radiation therapy, the victim of lung cancer can face real trouble while breathing. He will feel that he is fainting and faces a way much uncosy situation at that time.
  • Cough is followed by radiation therapy. Now, this isn’t quite normal as blood can be seen along with the cough.
  • Patients can go through a severe loss of hair after they are being treated with radiation therapy. This makes the patient tense and he becomes unconfident mostly.
  • Even at times, reddening of the skin is observed by the victim after being treated with that therapy.
  • Uncontrollable loss of weight is being noticed by the victim and that is dangerous.

A suggestion that you shouldn’t miss out

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