Kidney Transplant Cost, Symptoms, Procedure, and Survival Rate



You need kidney transplant surgery when the medical expert cannot repair the kidney. Such a situation is very critical because your life may be at stake. Luckily, the doctors of a Cancer Hospital in India can perform a kidney transplant surgery on you. But before that, you need to make an informed decision about how to file for organ donation. Moreover, the kidney transplant cost differs from hospital to hospital. 

When do you need Kidney Transplant Surgery?

When your kidney stops functioning normally, and there are no other options left to restore the normal functioning of your kidneys. The health care professionals may suggest you a kidney transplant surgery when:

Your kidney is damaged due to a blood clot in one or both of the kidneys. Your kidney has failed because of a severe infection that other medical methods cannot treat. You have developed various diseases or some tumor in your kidneys because of which the kidneys have stopped functioning normally. For example, a person has been infected by HIV/AIDS and suffers from renal disease. His doctor may suggest he go for Kidney Transplant Surgery in such a case as his organ can cause further complications or damage his immune system.

What are the symptoms of Kidney Failure?

Kidney failure is when your kidneys have lost their ability to remove waste, salt, and water from your body. In the case of mild kidney failure, the symptoms are not that prominent, and you may not get aware of it. However, you may experience some or all of the following symptoms in this situation:

The skin looks pale due to a decrease in hemoglobin level. Due to water retention, your weight keeps on increasing. Blood pressure increases as the kidneys cannot remove wastes from the body properly. You can feel weakness and fatigue since your body is getting dehydrated due to inadequate water levels in your blood.

What happens in Kidney Transplant Surgery?

Kidney transplantation or renal transplant is the treatment used in treating renal failure where the kidneys cannot get any help to improve their working condition. The kidneys of a living person will be removed and placed into the body of another person suffering from kidney failure. The new kidney will begin to function, thereby slowing down or stopping the growth of the disease.

The surgeon will make an incision, a small cut, in the lower part of your abdomen. 

The doctor will open your abdominal cavity and detach your kidneys from the blood vessels and the ureter. 

After that, they will remove the damaged kidney and place it into a sterile bag. Then, a new kidney will be placed into a container made of plastic. Finally, a catheter will be used to bring the new kidney to its place when it has been moved out of its container.

After everything has been done, you will be taken back to your room to get some rest. Sometimes it may take more than one day for you to recover completely from this surgery because complications can also happen in this process.

Cost of Kidney Transplant Surgery

The cost of a kidney transplant cost can vary widely depending on the type of private health care plan you are covered by, but it is common for renal transplants to run into tens of thousands of dollars. The government may cover the medical cost under Medicare and Medicaid in some cases. Although this surgery can be very expensive, it is still considered one of the best treatments available for renal failure. 

Besides, you can a complete estimation of the surgery through Credihealth.

Survival Rate

The survival rate of kidney transplantation is very high. According to the American Society of Transplantation, the five-year survival rate for adult patients with kidney disease is 99 percent. The five-year survival rate for pediatric patients who undergo renal transplantation is 99 percent. 

Kidney Transplantation Eligibility Requirements

Some of the eligibility requirements for kidney transplantation include:

A patient has to be at least 18 years old. The patient should be in good health. Otherwise, the transplantation may not take place. A patient should be mentally prepared because this surgery is considered a lifelong process. A person should have a stable source of income, and the patient shall prove this they can afford the expenses of kidney transplantation and its follow-ups. A person must have insurance coverage for this surgery, or if they cannot manage the payments, someone else must give their approval for covering the medical cost.

Bottom Line:-

After the Kidney transplant surgery, you will have to make some changes in your lifestyle. For example, it is necessary that you avoid smoking and drinking alcohol, as they can affect the health of your new kidney. You will also have to take proper care of yourself because, during this time, you are more susceptible to any infection.

Credihealth can help you find someone in your city who needs a kidney transplant or who needs to donate a kidney. In addition, get an estimation for kidney transplant cost. Here, you can get all the required details regarding the process to make an informed decision about when and how to file for organ donation. 

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