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The quantity of glucose present in an individual’s blood at any particular time is referred to as their blood glucose levels. In certain cases, excessively high blood sugar levels may indicate the presence of an underlying health issue that needs medical treatment. If left untreated, having too much sugar in the blood for an extended time can lead to major health complications. Hyperglycemia can cause damage to the blood arteries that supply essential organs, increasing the risk of heart disease and stroke, renal illness, visual issues, and nerve disorders. Patients with increased blood sugar levels can get medical assistance from the doctor at Krishna Institute of Medical Sciences, Kondapur, to reduce the risk of heart disease.

What causes an increase in blood glucose levels?

When you consume something, your blood sugar levels rise as well. When your blood sugar levels rise, your body responds by producing insulin, which carries the sugars from the bloodstream into the cells of the body and, as a result, regulates blood sugar levels. Blood sugars do not travel within body cells when your body generates very little or no insulin or when the insulin generated does not operate correctly. This leads to high amounts of glucose in the blood.

What could be the Hidden consequences of high blood sugar?

High blood sugar levels can deplete your energy, create excessive thirst and urination, and distort your eyesight in the short term. High blood sugar levels can cause dehydration, dry and itchy skin, and infections. Limiting the amount of time you spend above your target blood sugar range will help you feel better and prevent issues and harm to your body.

High blood sugar affects various sections of the body over time. Chronic high blood sugar levels might begin to create obvious changes, such as:

  • Memory issues
  • Blurriness, diabetic retinopathy, and blindness are all examples of vision issues.
  • Gum disease causes tooth loss, making consuming nutritious meals difficult due to chewing issues.
  • Heart attacks and strokes are caused by increasing plaque buildup in the arteries and other vascular disorders.
  • Kidney illness, which may necessitate dialysis or a kidney transplant
  • Nerve damage can result in diminished feeling in the feet and legs, increasing the risk of wounds developing into serious infections and even amputation.

High blood sugar can also induce nerve injury, which can result in a range of symptoms, including:

  • Foot and hand numbness and tingling
  • Having trouble emptying your bladder
  • After eating, problems with digestion can cause food to linger in the stomach for an extended period, resulting in nausea, vomiting, and fluctuating blood sugar levels.

What are immediate ways to Reduce High Blood Sugar Levels?

Maintaining a nutritious diet and an active lifestyle and taking medication as needed will assist you in keeping your blood glucose levels within the less span of time. If your blood glucose levels are high, the following factor can be helpful:

  • Exercise – Physical activity can help reduce blood sugar levels in the short and long term. When you exercise, your body is better equipped to utilize insulin to absorb glucose and convert it to energy. Your cells take up glucose for energy during muscular contractions and utilize it whether insulin is available or not, resulting in lower blood sugar. This impact lasts for at least 24 hours after you’ve exercised.
  • Increase your fiber consumption – Because high fiber meals are important for lowering blood sugar, increasing your soluble fiber consumption can help you reduce your blood sugar. Consume foods that help to balance blood sugar levels, such as whole-grain bread or pasta, sweet potatoes, legumes, lentils, nuts, and non-starchy vegetables.
  • Consume meals with a GI level of low to medium – Add foods in your diet that have a low to the medium glycemic index (GI). These are meals that your body absorbs slowly, reducing blood sugar spikes. Some people combine low and high GI meals to regulate their blood sugar. Another way to think about meals that reduce blood glucose is that they supply more energy over a longer period rather than providing “quick energy.” Foods with a low glycemic index offer many health advantages aside from their impact on blood sugar; thus, eating a high protein, fatty acid, and fiber diet will benefit the entire family, not just those actively attempting to attain glycemic control.
  • Get more sleep – Strive to keep a consistent sleep routine. A lack of sleep causes cortisol, a stress hormone, to increase blood circulation. Getting adequate sleep makes you feel better during the day and gives you more energy to cook nutritious foods and exercise, all of which help you maintain a stable blood sugar level.
  • Garlic – The presence of the ingredients in your meals lowers glycemic status and can lower fasting and postprandial blood sugar levels.

Garlic also includes B6 and C vitamins. Vitamin B6 aids in carbohydrate metabolism, and vitamin C aids in blood sugar regulation.

When to see a healthcare provider for high blood sugar?

Getting expert medical advice from a healthcare specialist, such as an endocrinologist, is the best way to determine if your blood sugar levels are high or normal. temporary treatment for low or high blood sugar levels can be dangerous and lead to health consequences, especially in diabetics. Complications of diabetes include nerve damage, renal illness, heart disease, and heart attacks.

If you see a doctor for diabetes at Krishna Institute of Medical Sciences, Kondapur, about your blood sugar levels, be prepared to answer questions about risk factors like what you eat, how much you exercise, and your family history of such disease. Some healthcare providers may request a blood sample to assess your blood sugar levels. They may also request an A1C test, which is a blood test that examines blood sugar levels over some time. If your blood sugar level rises beyond 250 mg/dL, you should seek emergency medical treatment. 

How to get help – Discussing your specific health objectives and problems with an endocrinologist might result in personalized target ranges for normal blood sugar levels and action plans tailored to your specific requirements. Maintaining good blood sugar levels is critical to your general health; therefore, regularly check your blood sugar levels. Taking early action when your blood sugar is over the normal range can help lower your risk of health consequences, and if your blood sugar is low, it can keep you safe. You can find the best endocrinologist at KIMS Hospital Kondapur through Credihealth and make an appointment with the doctor of your choice.

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