How to Diagnose Kidney Stones 2023 Updated

How to Diagnose Kidney StonesHow to Diagnose Kidney Stones

How to Diagnose Kidney Stones

As said, “Prevention is better than cure,” but the question is whether you can prevent yourself from having kidney stones? Well, the answer is practically controversial. Truly, proper awareness and diagnosis are the only way out to help you. Intensive research has been carried out to diagnose kidney stones at their initial stage, and the result is quite positive. 

So, in this article, we will take the readers to every corner that can serve the purpose of knowing the diagnosis and other related essentials of kidney stones. An aware mind is better than a literate mind. Now, what are you waiting for?

What exactly are kidney stones?

The Nephrologists in Hyderabad explain kidney stones to be the output of minerals and salts present in the urine. To be specific, they are something that is developed by the excessive amount of all that stuff that finally results in the formation of stones. Following that, the kidney stones begin with a small size and slowly with time develop in its size, thus creating trouble for the victim. Just to broaden the fact, this stone ultimately gets into the major portions of the kidney and causes an unnecessary issue for the patient.

However, certain kinds of kidney stones live inside the kidney without harming the person in any form. But, at times the stones move through the uterus thus meeting the bladder and kidney’s tube causing serious difficulty for the victim. Fortunately, the kidney stones reaching the bladder can move through easily in the form of urine and don’t harm anyway. Unfortunately, the real problem occurs only when the kidney stones get stuck in the ureter and hampers the patient by leaving an impact of pain and misery. 

Kidney Stones and Its Origination

You will be amazed to know the fact that, kidney stones vary in their shape, size,and color. Interesting, isn’t it? Yes, it depends on its structure and what kind of treatment dies it demands. As kidney stones develop in its size the complete treatment procedure changes in pattern.

Generally, there are four major Kidney stones as the Nephrologists in Hyderabad

state. They are:

  • Calcium Stones
  • Struvite or infection stones
  • Uric acid stones
  • Cystine stones

How can you understand that you are having kidney stones?

If you are talking about the symptoms of kidney stones, then we can say that the formation of kidney stones can be known only if you are concerned about your health. This means you should regularly notice your bodily changes from time to time. Any slight pain in the abdomen mustn’t be avoided as this is one of the biggest symptoms of kidney stones. As the pain grows slowly and gradually ,therefore, pain in the lower part of the stomach must be treated with care. 

To summarize, the possible symptoms of kidney stones can be:

  • The development of kidney stones can be easily traced if one feels the pressure of urinating too frequently. Adding to this, the burning sensation while urinating can also indicate the formation of stones in your abdomen.
  • A victim of a kidney stone can be identified by noticing the vomiting pattern as it is followed by nausea.
  • A Person feeling a deep urge to urinate should also be taken into consideration in this regard.
  • When it comes to males, slight pain and irritation occurring in the penis’ tip can mean kidney stone formation as well.
  • Even the urine having red color in it or blood in the urine can be considered as a prime symptom of kidney stones.

Therefore, on noticing any of the above symptoms one shouldn’t delay in visiting an expert. Following that, proper health awareness becomes a must, in this case, to ignore any major problem for your body. 

Why does one become a victim of kidney stones?

As per the Nephrologists in Hyderabad, there are multiple causes that contribute to the formation of kidney stones. While analyzing the major causes, it has been observed that imbalanced urination tops the chart. Adding to that, dietary requirements and other medical problems also can be a path of forming stones in the kidney.

Let’s take a quick look at all the crucial causes that if known can be taken care of. These causes are :

  • Obesity can be seriously associated with kidney stones

While we are talking about kidney stones, it must be taken into consideration that obese people are more prone to kidney stones. In simple words, obesity can lead to the adding up of acid in the urine thus forming stones.

  • Imbalanced dietary follow-ups

As an excessive level of calcium present in the urine becomes one of the prime causes of kidney disease, therefore intake of too much calcium in the diet can be one of the top reasons for stone formation. But, research also states that not every time-consuming calcium with food can result in stone formation, instead reducing the amount of calcium-containing food can increase the chances of having kidney stones.

  • Urinating less

Urinating in fewer amounts for a long time can be way too troublesome for the body. As urinating fewer shows the signs of intake of fewer liquids or dehydration of the body, it is quite harmful. Following this, the color of the urine changes to red and shows the effect. This way, less drinking water and having abnormal urinating patterns causes serious trouble for the body and ultimately results in kidney stones as well.

  • Having a family history of Kidney Stones

Lastly, kidney stones may develop if one is having a family history of being the victim of kidney stones. This follows if the parents or the siblings bear that.

However, causes for kidney stones can be seen by these small ways itself and therefore awareness about the same can be of great help in this regard.

How can you diagnose kidney stones?

It is quite common that any disease demands proper diagnosis and this can be the only way to trace the “silent” kidney stones. However, in the case of common people, the excruciating pain becomes the pathway of accessing that they are having the kidney stones. But, being aware of its important symptoms can work wonders and help in getting rid of this as fast as possible.

So, we can just add up certain points which can make the process of diagnosis easy. The points are as follows

  • CT Scan –If the victim undergoes pain in the abdomen for a long time and the pain doesn’t subside too, then it is mandatory to go for a CT Scan as soon as possible.
  • X-Ray – Most importantly, many times kidney stones are diagnosed through the means of the X-Ray machine. A patient can know about its position, size,and other stuff only by this method.

Therefore, the Nephrologists in Hyderabad strongly believe in the diagnosis of kidney stones in their initial stage to avoid any kind of complexity. Doing so, it is believed that medications as soon as possible can help in getting you out of that. Even, the patient can avoid operation too if the kidney stone can be treated using medicines. That is why these things must be taken too seriously.

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