Which are Surgical and non-surgical types of Cancer Treatment?

Which are Surgical and non-surgical types of Cancer Treatment?Which are Surgical and non-surgical types of Cancer Treatment?

Which are Surgical and non-surgical types of Cancer Treatment?

Early detection can increase the chances of survival and successful treatment. Only after careful clinical examination, several laboratory tests are performed to determine the type and origin of the cancer. These tests are essential for effective treatment planning. There are various types of cancer treatment including therapies and surgery.  Let’s see which treatment options are more effectives and have a higher success rate. Besides, it is wise to consult and take medical opinion from the best oncologist in Ahmedabad

You may need to do diagnostic tests before you start treatment.

There are many diagnostic tools available for cancer, including:

  • Cytology is – The study of cancer cells using a microscope to examine body tissue or fluids collected by a needle.
  • Histopathology and biopsy: After processing and biopsy, the examination of tissue from the body.
  • Endoscopy is used to diagnose cancers of deep internal organs such as the stomach, stomach, intestines and thoracic cavities.
  • Blood and bone-marrow examination: This is vital for diagnosing leukemia.
  • Plain X-rays: These X-rays can be used to diagnose bone cancer. Special X-rays, such as Barium X Rays or angiograms, may be required for other types of cancer.
  • Scanning: Depending on the location of cancer, ultrasound scanning, CT scanning, MRI scans, and scanning with radioisotopes can all be used to diagnose.

Surgical treatment for Cancer

It’s a surgical procedure to remove a cancerous tumor from the body. There are many forms of surgery, including traditional surgery that involves removing a part of the body with scissors and knives. But there are also other types of surgery:

  • Cryosurgery is a form of surgery that uses extreme cold, such as liquid nitrogen or argon gas to kill abnormal tissue. This type of cancer can be used to treat skin cancer and retinoblastoma.
  • Laser surgery: This type of surgery uses powerful laser beams to slice through tissue. Lasers can be used to perform precise surgeries, or to shrink or destroy tumors.
  • Photodynamic surgery: This is a treatment that uses drugs that react to certain types of light. To make the drugs active, the tumor is exposed to light. This will kill nearby cancer cells.
  • Hyperthermia is when small parts of the body are subject to extremely high temperatures. Cancer cells can be damaged by high heat.

Non-surgical Treatments for Cancer

Besides, surgical types of cancer treatment, therapies play a vital role. The following are the therapies that helps to treat cancer: 

  • Hormone therapy. This treatment uses medicines to reduce the hormones’ effects. This is a treatment for hormone-sensitive cancers such as certain cancers of breast, prostate, and womb (uterus).
  • Immunotherapy. Certain treatments can increase the immune system’s ability to fight off cancer. Specific immunotherapy is the injection of antibodies that target specific types of cancer cells. Researchers are working to develop vaccines that stimulate the immune system to produce antibodies against cancer cells.
  • Gene therapy. This is an area that has many new treatments. Researchers are working to discover ways to block, repair or replace abnormal genes in cancer cells.

Radiation therapy is an effective treatment for cancer

Radiation therapy, also known as radiotherapy, is the application of ionizing radiation to treat or improve cancer symptoms. Radiation therapy is a treatment that targets cancer cells with high-energy radiation. This causes irreparable damage and damages to the cells. Radiation can either be applied internally (brachytherapy), or externally. The therapy is an important component of treatment for many solid tumors as well as certain lymphomas. As we know there are various types of cancer treatment. However, therapies are more useful than surgery in the initial stage. 


There are many ways to treat cancer. The type of cancer and the stage it is in will determine the treatment method. Therapy may have two goals: to treat cancer or to control it for a short time, and to relieve symptoms.

Surgery, Chemotherapy and Radiation are the primary options for treatment. Palliative care is also available. The type of cancer, the spread of the disease and the general health of the patient will determine the treatment that is chosen. We can say that in types of cancer treatment therapies and surgeries are more efficient. 

If you are in a doubt and want a second opinion, book an appointment with the oncologist. You can contact the top oncologist in Ahmedabad through Credihealth.

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