Different Types of Blood Cancer Treatments 2023 Updated

Blood Cancer TreatmentsBlood Cancer Treatments

Blood Cancer Treatments

There are numerous blood cancer treatments. It depends on the type of blood cancer, the stage you are living with, and the patient’s choice. A patient going through blood cancer might have one treatment or several treatments. It depends on the health and age of the patient and what he/she wants to choose. Some people face slow-growing cancer while others need straight treatment because of the spreading capability of cancer. KMC Hospital Mangalore gives you an overview of the types of blood cancer, knowledge about its stages, and the general information that you need to have before going for any kind of treatment. The doctors of the hospital are capable enough to cover the risk of infections and vaccination. They provide complete care. You can choose a type of treatment and the doctors of KMC Hospital Mangalore will do the things on your behalf.

You will be provided with a healthcare team who will look after the diagnoses and treatments of your blood cancer and its type. You can consider speaking to your healthcare provider of KMC Hospital Mangalore. They will provide you with all the necessary details that you may require at the time of treatment. Moreover, the doctors of the hospital will provide you with suggestions that you must have before going for any kind of treatment.

Follow the Rule- Watch and wait

Some people diagnosed with blood cancer do not straight away go for treatment. If your blood cancer is slow-growing, your doctor may recommend you to watch the symptoms carefully and wait till it all starts appearing. You will be monitored with your regular checkups and blood tests. You will not be provided with active treatment.

It doesn’t mean that you will not be or cannot be treated. It is a period where you notice your symptoms because you may not benefit from the straight away treatment. And if the cancer is not causing any troublesome symptoms, “watch and wait” is the safe option to proceed with. It helps to avoid the side effects of the treatment. Later on, you may start with the type of treatment that you may like. Note that you will likely have options for any kind of treatment only at the earlier stages of

blood cancer.

What are the different types of therapies for blood cancer?

  • Chemotherapy

Chemotherapy utilizes certain types of drugs that kill cancer cells. It is given directly into the veins. The drugs are allowed to travel through the body into the bloodstream. This is called intravenous chemotherapy. It can take several hours to inject chemotherapy drugs into the bloodstream. It may take hours or even more than a day. Many people come to the hospital as outpatients, which means you can have chemotherapy and can go home afterward.

Chemotherapy can also involve the use of tablets. The therapy is given in cycles. For example, you may have chemotherapy once in five days then it may go without any treatment for at least three weeks. However, for the type of blood cancer, it depends on how far it has spread and what stage the patient is suffering from. Since chemotherapy damages or kills the cells causing blood cancer, it can also attack the cells of patients. This is what comes in the side effect of chemotherapy.

  • Stem cell transplant

A stem cell transplant means replacing the damaged and torn stem cells in the patients’ body with healthy stem cells. This can be done at the early stage of blood cancer.

Blood cancer happens when something abnormal is there with the features of blood and its cells. The blood cells start becoming cancerous. A stem cell transplant for blood cancer is preferred because it involves the destruction of affected stem cells. This may be followed by high doses of chemotherapy drugs to destroy the existing cancerous cells and replenish them with the use of healthy cells of bone marrow. A stem cell transplant can also be used in case the patient’s body requires a high dose of chemotherapy to treat the cancerous blood. It requires damaged stem cells and bone marrow to be treated with healthy ones.
  • Immunotherapy

Immunotherapy is used in a way where your immune system starts reacting against the cancer cells. Any cancer treatment that harnesses the immune system of the human body can be classified under the category of immunotherapy. Some immunotherapy drugs have been circulated in the market that trigger the body’s immune system and kill the cancer cells. The drug itself attacks the cancer cells and makes cancer cells easy to be detected by the immune system of the patient. This way, your immune system starts reacting against the cancer cells. For example, CAR-T is a special type of drug that has its T-cells of white blood cells. It fights against the infection and genetically boosts the ability of normal cells or the immune system to find the cancer cells and kill them.

  • Targeted therapies

If you are suffering from blood cancer, this might be an option for treating the same. Target therapy is the cancer treatment that works by targeting genetic changes of the cancer cells which normal cells do not bear. There are different types of target therapy. Some people may adopt the therapy called biological therapy. Targeted therapy can be given with chemotherapy or alone. Some are injected into the vein for direct contact. Certain target therapy drugs can also help in treatment.


Blood cancer is a chronic disease that may require routine treatment of the bloodstream. If you are having the underlying symptoms of blood cancer, you may go through a physical test, blood test, bone marrow test, and many more. KMC Hospital Mangalore gives you an insight into the blood cancer treatment procedures. The doctors of the hospital are dedicated to their work. They let you know about the kind of treatment before actually attempting it.

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