How many Kidney Transplant can a Person have 2023 Updated

How many Kidney Transplant can a Person haveHow many Kidney Transplant can a Person have

How many Kidney Transplant can a Person have

Well, transplanting a kidney is a major surgical procedure and involves lots of hassle. Nonetheless getting the perfect donor can be real trouble. But, with the multi-specialty hospitals and best treatment it won’t be an issue anymore. Also, kidney transplant in Chennai is comparably low and the needful ones can seek medical help from the specialists there. Moving on, the total expense of surgery must be taken into consideration before choosing any specific hospital.

However, this article will sort out your problems and give you an idea of kidney transplantation in detail along with a budget-friendly means of treatment. So, let’s just deep dive in

What is a kidney transplant?

A kidney transplant is the only means of getting a healthy kidney through means of surgery. To be specific, the perfect kidney is usually collected from another living human being or at times from a deceased one. Although this is a fat procedure, this is the only way out when the kidneys stop working effectively. The main problem lies in finding the perfect donor as several tests are done before placing one’s kidney to another. There are two kidneys that work for removing out the wastes of the body through the means of filtration. Now, when this process slows down or gets disrupted due to certain internal factors, surgery becomes mandatory.

Following that, proper functioning of the kidneys is a must as any imbalance might result in the formation of other harmful diseases in the body. A disease named end-stage renal can come up in case the kidneys fail to meet the requirement and are damaged by 90%.  Thus, complete knowledge about the treatment options and institutes can help in dealing with kidney failures with ease. 

How many types of kidney transplants are there?

Mainly, there are three types of kidney transplants. These are as follows:

  • Living-donor kidney transplant
  • Deceased-donor kidney transplant
  • Preemptive kidney transplant

Major Risks and Kidney Transplant

Although, placing another kidney isn’t the ultimate cure but still this can help in managing kidney failure as well as can fight with certain kidney diseases. Even, few diseases show up right after having a successful transplant. Further, the process involving the surgery and application of specialized medications can be much risky for any patient. Here are some major risk factors that show up after a kidney transplant. These factors are as follows:

  • Major complications such as bleeding as well as blood clotting can be seen after having a transplant.
  • In many people, infection becomes a cause of irritation before the surgery.
  • If the body fails to receive the kidney that is donated then it may pose a certain problematic situation.
  • Many times transplantation of the kidney can carry the germs of cancer within it. This means that the transmission of cancer cells is another possibility with surgery.
  • Certain people also face heart attacks due to kidney transplants. Also, the worst possible outcome can be having a stroke as well as death.

Even the medications that are consumed for kidney failure might lead to unimaginable consequences. Such situations include:

  • The person who received the donor’s kidney might face a harsh time with diabetes.
  • Commonly the bones of the patient might result in getting thinner as well as damaged bone, i.e. osteonecrosis can be experienced by the victim.
  • Naturally, the blood pressure may take a toll on the health of the patient.
  • The level of cholesterol might rise and this can cause severity in the patient’s health.
  • Many times, the loss of hair can be surely noticeable on the person. This situation might be depressing and the person tends to lose his self-confidence in this process.
  • In some patients, after the surgery gaining weight becomes very normal.
  • Certain effects are noticed in the skin as well. This means acnes follow up after going through a kidney transplant.

Can kidney transplants be done more than once?

As there are many questions linked up with the entire procedure of kidney transplant. So, it becomes quite obvious to enquire whether a kidney transplant can be done several times or not. Well, the surgical cost must also be planned accordingly before undergoing any kidney operation after another. So, the kidney transplant cost in Chennai might suit anyone as its budget-friendliness impresses people from all across the country. However, many times performing a transplant ends up in a failure and forces an individual to go for another one. So, being responsible towards the transplanting can ease out the entire 

Well, just for the assurance it must be noted that healthcare experts have stated that a person can easily go for kidney transplantation more than once. Now, this doesn’t imply that they can continue following the procedure for endless time. Doctors suggested going for kidney transplantation at least five times at stress. Now, are you scared regarding the rate of success after going for a second transplantation? If so, then just know that you shouldn’t. The success rate sticks till the fifth kidney transplantation. However, after undergoing the surgical procedure for the fifth time the parameter of success can’t be guaranteed by any renowned medical expert either. Following that, right after the first issue in transplantation doctors get concerned and check out for blood clots and other medical factors. Once finding that, the same mistake is eliminated and the result is amazing. 

Therefore, when it comes to kidney transplantation the doctors are seriously concerned about getting the perfect donor while undergoing the operation for the second time. Now, this happens as the tissues fail to accept any kidney in general. So, getting that specific kidney that matches the last one can be quite difficult. Added to this, if by chance the victim’s immune system stops responding to the kidney that is attached to the operation then big troubles might be experienced. So, the best match hunting becomes an important duty in the transplantation procedure. So, doctors are heavily concerned about the kidneys are don’t seek any rejection from the body due to the non-adjustments. 

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