Does Diabetes Cause Erectile Dysfunction 2023 Updated

Does Diabetes Cause Erectile DysfunctionDoes Diabetes Cause Erectile Dysfunction

Does Diabetes Cause Erectile Dysfunction

Diabetic people can undergo severe bodily changes. One of them can be erectile dysfunction. Although blood vessels have their connection with it, males face some real function. Following that, a nephrologist is concerned about this matter. They make sure that preventive measures work. Still, diagnosis of this becomes utmost necessary.  This article wills the readers towards its other causes as well. Usually, diabetes isn’t to be blamed alone for this cause. However, just the need for proper treatment is always recommended. So, one must be aware of this issue. 

Why does diabetes cause erectile dysfunction?

Many times, males witness erectile issues. This can happen because of the inability of blood supply to reach the penis. Following that, the pathway of blood supply tends to get damaged. In addition to that, erection can be aroused due to the release of nitric oxide. Moving on, its presence can mark the erection. 

But, diabetes concerning erectile dysfunction can make males struggle during erection. This occurs only when diabetes worsens its pace. In the process of higher blood sugar levels, the production of nitric oxide becomes low. One victim can’t keep an erection constantly because of inefficient blood flow. Eventually, the penis gets lost. Usually, diabetic males have less nitric oxide as compared to healthy ones. 

Are tests mandatory to check erection issues?

To have confirmation regarding erectile dysfunction, tests are mandatory. The concerned nephrologists will undergo a diabetic test firstly. However, the testing procedure will include the following:

nephrologist in Kolkata uses injection. Usually, the nephrologist inserts an injection into the penis. This is done for check the penis’s normal behavior. 

  1. Blood supply to the penis is examined here.
  2. The blood sugar level needs to be monitored by a blood test. Generally, the patient is checking for his blood glucose level. If the male is diabetic, then medicines would be prescribed.
  3. Mainly, a patient’s history is taken into consideration. This can determine the root cause of the erection. Further, India’s top nephrologists can proceed with treatments.
  4. Diabetes concerning erectile dysfunction will include urinalysis. A doctor does this to check sugar’s presence. Generally, it can indicate diabetes in the patient.
  5. A doctor can also ask for a physical examination. A nephrologist checks the genitals. Following that, legs will also be checked for associated problems.
  6. Your nephrologists might ask you for a hormone test. This can let you know about testosterones’ working. Doctors can check other hormones this way.
  7. The doctors can hold out a sexual health questionnaire. A patient needs to answer the same honestly. In doing so, the internal erection problem can be understood.
  8. Some experienced nephrologists also go for blood pressure examinations. Doctors also go for sweat tests. The doctor does this to check further cardiac threats.

Therefore, a male has to face uncountable tests due to erectile dysfunction. Doctors use this method for tracing real reasons. 

Best preventive measures for erectile dysfunction

Well, a male can always choose certain preventive measures. Following that, diabetes concerning erectile dysfunction can also be attended to. One needs to have a hold over blood sugar levels. Here, males have to curb sweets. Although lifestyle modification can help, still other measures have equal contributions.  So, the best preventive measure for helping erection includes:

1. Losing Weight

Several studies prove that weight loss can be an effective means. This can help in erection and also arouse sexual desire. Males can have no problem while having sex then. A man can mark his testerostone hormone by this process. Moving on, the blood flow in the penis would also be smooth.

2. Ensuring a healthy diet can be beneficial

Usually, a healthy diet is a solution to many health problems. Following that, low-fat foods can be good. Males need adequate exercises for correcting erectile dysfunction. In doing so, sexual desire would become prominent. A male can increase testosterone by doing so. Also, the erection would get better.

3.One can diminish stress

The problem in erection can cause stress. Relationships tend to worsen day by day. A male can work on erectile dysfunction to avoid stress. In addition to that, having adequate sleep can also cure the cause.  Thus, the preventive measures would be very effective. This can reduce the problem of erection in men. Moreover, males should check the level of nitric oxide regularly.

Can we just blame diabetes for erectile dysfunction?

A literate person would never blame diabetes alone. This is because; diabetes concerning erectile dysfunction is just a small contributor. Furthermore, various factors contribute to erection issues. Males have to go through many other complexities.  So, the other factors include the following:

1.. Having alcohol regularly can be a prime cause. Smokers also face issues with erection. Furthermore, males who consume drugs are the main victim of this cause.

2. Erection problems say arise because of depression. Men are usually stress due to workloads. One can relate sexual issues with this. So, a male needs to understand this properly. 

3. In many males, low testosterone hormones mark their presence. This reason can also lead to a problem with erection. 

4. At times, medications for blood pressure can be the cause. A male can blame drugs too. It controls depression largely.

5. A nervous breakdown can also be a cause. Generally, issues with the spinal cord can be related to erection problems.

6. Obesity, as well as high blood pressure having males, has the danger too. This means that erectile dysfunction has a connection with other health issues.

Therefore, erectile dysfunction has a link with many other diseases. Just proper diagnosis can help in treating the same. Also, major lifestyle changes can help a lot.

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