Urethral Cancer: Symptoms, Treatment, Side Effects, & Survival Rate

Urethral Cancer: Symptoms, Treatment, Side Effects, & Survival RateUrethral Cancer: Symptoms, Treatment, Side Effects, & Survival Rate

Urethral Cancer: Symptoms, Treatment, Side Effects, & Survival Rate

Urethral cancer can cause many different symptoms, but cancer does not show up on the standard examination in many cases. While some people might be able to detect it, it is impossible to tell without getting more advanced medical tests for many patients and doctors. As rare as it can cause many risk factors to other organs in the body. Besides, top oncologists at HCG Hospital, only quick treatment can help to reduce the symptoms. The cancer symptoms do not appear in the early stage. Thus, urological cancers cells consist of those that impact the urinary tracts of all sexes and males’ reproductive body organs. 

Some Common Symptoms of Urethral Cancer you might experience- 

In the early stages, there might not be several signs. Some people might see a lump or growth on the urethra as the cancer cells grow. Others might discover discomfort or bleeding when they pee. It happens that the tumor tightens and restricts the urethra. However, it causes problems in passing the blood through the urethra. 

The signs may consist of:

  • bleeding or discharge from the urethra
  • The regular impulse to pee or frequent urination
  • a recognizable development or swelling on the urethra
  • pain throughout peeing
  • blood in the urine
  • problem emptying the bladder
  • urinary incontinence
  • bigger lymph nodes in the groin

Treatment Options for Urethral Cancer

Various kinds of therapies are readily available for patients with urethral cancer cells. Some treatments are typical, and some are being tested in medical tests. In addition, surgical procedure is one of the most common therapy for cancer cells of the urethra. The diagnostic tests include:

  • Laser surgical procedure: The doctor will use a laser light beam to cut the cancerous tissue. Furthermore, the tissues are sent to a laboratory to examine the presence of deadly viruses/bacteria/cells.
  • Cystoprostatectomy: The surgeon may remove the gall bladder and prostate.
  • Open excision: Elimination of cancer by surgery.
  • Electro-resection with fulguration: Surgery to get rid of the cancer cells by electric current.
  • Radical penectomy: Surgical procedure to eliminate the entire penis. The surgeon may perform plastic surgery to rebuild the penis.
  • Anterior exenteration: Surgical procedure to get rid of the urethra, the bladder, as well as the vaginal area. Furthermore, the doctor may do cosmetic surgery to reconstruct the vaginal canal.
  • Partial penectomy: The doctor will remove the small areas around the penis. In addition, the doctor may also target to remove the cancerous cells.
  • Lymph node breakdown: Lymph nodes in the hips and groin may be removed.
  • Cystourethrectomy: Surgical treatment to eliminate the bladder and the urethra.

If the urethra is removed, the surgeon will make a brand-new means for the urine to pass from the body. Yet, it is called urinary system diversion. However, if the bladder is removed, the specialist will make a new method for urine to be kept and passed from the body.  

Non-Surgical Treatment Options

  • Radiation treatment is a cancer cells therapy that uses high-energy x-rays or other kinds of radiation to kill cancer cells. T
  • Chemotherapy uses a certain type of drug to reduce the symptoms of cancer. The patient is given medications that target to kill the growth of cancer cells. The therapy is given orally or injected into a blood vessel. In addition, the doctor may inject the drugs into muscle mass.
  • Immunotherapy uses immune-boosting medications and cells. It helps to generate new cells and boost energy. Furthermore, it improves the patient’s health so that the patient can withstand the surgical treatment.

In addition, the oncologists at HCG Hospital explain, immunotherapy is an optional therapy. You can book an appointment for a therapy session at the top cancer hospital in India, like HCG Hospital.

Common Side Effects Yet Discomforting for Health:-

Suffering from urethral cancer can bring you a discomforting feeling. However, the symptoms are revealed only in the urinary areas. It includes:

  • Trouble in the circulation of pee.
  • Weak or cut-off circulation of pee.
  • Regular urination, particularly during the night.
  • Urinary incontinence.
  • Discharge from the urethra.
  • Hemorrhaging from the urethra or blood in the urine.

Necessary Medical Diagnosis Tests for Urethral Cancer Patient. 

  • Physical examination and background: A test of the body to examine basic indications of health, including checking for indications of condition, such as swellings or anything else that appears uncommon. Furthermore, the doctor will examine the history and habits of the patient to diagnose the condition.
  • Laboratory tests: Medical procedures that examine samples of cells, blood, pee, or other compounds in the body. These tests aid in identifying the illness, strategy, and checking treatment or keeping an eye on the illness with time.
  • Urine cytology: Observed urine under a microscope to look for unusual cells.
  • Urinalysis: A test to examine the color of pee as well as its contents, such as sugar, protein, blood, and also white blood cells. If white blood cells (an indicator of infection) are located, urine analysis is usually done to determine what kind of infection it is.
  • Digital rectal examination: An examination of the rectum. The medical professional or registered nurse inserts an oiled, gloved finger right into the reduced part of the rectum to feel for lumps or anything else that seems uncommon. The patient may get local anesthesia to reduce the pain.
  • Pelvic examination: A test of the vaginal area, cervix, womb, fallopian tubes, ovaries, and rectum.

Survival Rate

The renowned cancer doctor in India explains the survival rate of urethral cancer patients is high. However, there are various deciding factors for the same. If you take fast treatment, the survival rate is 45%. Besides, the survival rates decrease as the stage of cancer increases.  An individual’s overview will depend on their age and general health, in addition to the stage of the cancer cells and exactly how it responds to therapy. A person with urethral cancer can review their situation with a doctor to better understand their likely life expectancy.

Cancer becomes the synonym of death if not treated on time. Besides, many patients discover the symptoms in the early stage. The cancerous cells grow rapidly after the second stage. Therefore, the patient needs to get immediate treatment.  Besides, HCG Hospital offers complete treatment options under one roof for urethral cancer. Therefore, waste no time, and book an appointment with the oncologists for medical guidance. You can contact the medical representative for additional health benefits through Credihealth. 

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