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Which Doctor to Consult for HeadacheWhich Doctor to Consult for Headache

Which Doctor to Consult for Headache

Having a headache can be discomforting. Headache occurs once in a while; people tend to take over-the-counter medicines. In some cases, it has a good impact in reducing the pain. However, a frequent headache can happen due to various reasons. The reasons are directly associated with weakness, dizziness, numbness and brain disorder. Most people suffer from headaches from continuously sitting in front of the computer. Besides, people encounter a headache due to alcohol or walking under the heating sun. 

In addition, people with migraine problems will witness frequent headache problems. The conditions might be more severe than they appear. A headache is also caused due to a brain tumor. 

Which doctor can treat a headache?

A neurologist is a health expert who specializes in treating the conditions related to the brain and spinal as the headache is correlated with brain damage.  Thus a neurosurgeon in India is the right doctor to consult for the treatment. Besides, a headache can be a sign of severe conditions such as a stroke and encephalitis. Therefore seek emergency care from neurosurgeons in India. 

The doctors will provide consultation, counseling and therapy if needed. In addition to this, the neurosurgeon will also perform the surgery in critical conditions. 

 Following symptoms can cause a headache:

  • Fainting
  • Stiff neck
  • Trouble speaking
  • Difficulty in walking
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Difficulty in performing the daily activities
  • Triggering pain
  • Dizziness
  • Weakness in the body

When should we consult a neurologist?

If you are struggling with a headache don’t wait to seek medical help. Especially when it is about brain-related problems. A headache is associated with the brain parameter. Hence if you discover the following factors consult your doctor:

  • Consult a neurosurgeon in India if you get headaches frequently in a week.
  • Even after taking a pain reliever, if your headache is not reduced, then seek medical advice.
  • If you take pain relievers every alternate day and still witness a headache, take medical advice.
  • If you notice a headache related to the medical history, it might be because of a brain disorder.
  • During alcohol consumption, people also experience significant headaches. In case if it is not relieved, then book an appointment with a neurosurgeon in India.
  • After an overdose of the medicine, if the headache is caused: take immediate medical advice.
  • Sometimes during high fever, people experience a significant headache. Then without wasting any time, consult a doctor for the same.

What are the warning signs of headaches?

  • You may wonder, after taking a pain reliever, your headache is still not going away. A change in headache patterns is the warning sign of brain disorder. It will increase the risk factor.
  • Usually, a headache is caused on both sides of the brain. However, when the position of headache changes, it is one of the warning signs.
  • A headache in the exact location can be a threatening sign. Usually, a headache is recovered in a few days. But the stroking pain in the exact location can be a sign of a brain tumor.
  • A stroke of paint in the nerves is a severe problem of brain disorder.
  • Sometimes people encounter a migraine problem that causes a headache.

Therapies for headache by Neurosurgeon in India 

Therapies have an impacting effect on the nerves and relieve the pain. It directly attacks the pain and reduces the pain. Therefore some of the therapies recommended by doctors:

  • Acupuncture: In this therapy, the doctor will place thin needles at the specific position. The patients are given acupuncture when they have migraine headaches.
  • Mind-body medicine: In this mind-body medicine, the doctor will process hypnosis. It helps in lowering the perception of pain. It is used to reduce stroking pain, hypnosis, deep breathing, meditation, and yoga is good to relieve pain.
  • Botulinum toxin: It is a treatment for wrinkles. Besides, it helps in preventing chronic migraine headaches. Migraine occurs mainly in adults. If you witness a migraine lasting more than 15 days, botox treatment is best for you.
  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy: CBT is a meditation and relaxation therapy. The doctor usually recommends CBT to reduce stress, anxiety and overthinking. In addition, a psychotherapist generally attempts to change your negative thoughts and attitude.
  • Osteopathy: In this therapy, the doctor uses manipulation and other techniques on the head, neck and upper back.

Final thoughts: In some cases, the medication also fails to reduce the pain. During this situation, you might need a doctor. Thus a neurologist is the perfect doctor who treats and diagnoses brain conditions. One can also take over-the-counter medications prescribed by pharmacists. If you notice a disturbance of sleep and routine activities, then appoint a doctor. 

The doctor will try to reduce the pain of the brain disorder. It is essential to look after your health. 

Many people suffer from severe headaches due to living under extreme stress. Besides, people also suffer from migraines. Try to live in a peaceful and optimistic environment. Yet, living under stress will increase the migraine. Practice meditation and yoga to maintain a balance between mind-body. 

Maintain a mind-body balance for a better life.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Which is the best way to diagnose a headache?
  2. Experts suggest tracking your history to find the cause of your headache. For example, if you have had alcohol consumption recently, you can predict that alcohol was the cause of headaches.
  3. What can a neurosurgeon do for a headache?
  4. A neurosurgeon will perform a deep brain stimulation inside your brain to diagnose the cause of the headache.
  5. What kind of doctor do you see for headaches?
  6. A neurologist is the doctor who treats and diagnoses disorders of the brain.
  7. Why does my head hurt?
  8. If you are under stress or have had alcohol consumption recently, you may experience a headache.
  9. What are the common causes of headaches?
  10. Headache, nausea, triggering strokes are the most common symptoms of headache.
  11. Can a headache be a symptom of a migraine?
  12. Yes, because headache occurs in the head region, i.e., where the migraine occurs.
  13. What kind of headache is a symptom of an underlying disease?
  14. Chronic headache is a symptom of brain disorder.
  15. Does a brain tumor cause headache?
  16. Yes, a headache is the first symptom of a brain tumor which happens consistently.
  17. What is the treatment for headaches?
  18. The doctor will provide pain relief medication to reduce the triggering pain.

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