How Does Lung cancer affect the lungs 2023 Updated

How Does Lung cancer affect the lungsHow Does Lung cancer affect the lungs

How Does Lung cancer affect the lungs

Cancer is the type of disease in which the cells grow at a maximum rate and don’t stop growing through normal medications. When cancer starts in the lungs, it is called Lung Cancer. Lung Cancer begins in the lungs and through the lungs, it spreads to other nodes or lymph nodes or organs and other parts of the body like the brain. dr suresh advani is one of the best in hospitals that specializes in providing quaternary services to its patients. The hospital possesses world-class technicians and technology to provide quality healthcare services. The staff is well-trained and qualified to provide skilled medical and nursing services round the clock with a personalized touch. Aster Prime Hospital stands on the global standards and ensures innovative treatments for diagnosing and treating acute clinical conditions like cancer.

Aster Prime Hospital is a private fully-fledged hospital that possesses more than 20 multi-specialty facilities and is situated in the strategic location of Hyderabad. It has attained its expertise in providing pioneer healthcare facilities with international standards with a maximum reach to the community of the state. It possesses several doctors treating cancer and helping every other patient to get out of the medical condition.

There can be chances that cancer may spread from other parts of the lungs. In that case, when

cancer cells spread from other parts to the lungs, the condition is called metastases. Lung cancer can be grouped into two major groups including small cell lung cancer and non-small cell lung cancer. Each type of lung cancer grows differently and follows different treatments also. Non-small cell lung cancer is the more common type of lung cancer in comparison to small cell lung cancer.

Causes of Lung Cancer

Smoking is the major cause of lung cancer. Even if a person doesn’t smoke, the other major reason for lung cancer is inhaling cigarette smoke. If a person is exposed to smoke, that is called secondhand smoking. Prolonged exposure to any kind of smoke can cause lung cancer. In the second case, there is no probable reason for lung cancer. Many doctors believe that smoking causes lung cancer by damaging the line of lungs and the cells that form the line. The moment you inhale the smoke of a cigarette (which is full of cancer cells) changes in the lungs begin immediately. At the first, your body may respond by producing or repairing the lung cells to protect the lungs from damage. But with each repeated exposure, it will cause damage to the cells of the lungs. Over time, the damage may result in abnormalities and may eventually develop lung cancer.

How do the lungs work?

The lungs are the largest organs present in the human body. A respiratory system includes the lungs, airway, and diaphragm which all are responsible for trans[porting oxygen to the body and blood cells.

The moment you breathe or inhale oxygen through your nose, the oxygen travels down the windpipe into the tube-like structure called bronchi which are attached to the lungs. These long tubes called bronchi further break off into a series of thin structures called bronchioles which further lead to balloon-like sacs called alveoli. These air sacs are transported with blood vessels which further provide oxygen to the heart from where it is dispersed out to the whole body. The time when you breathe out, the whole process works in a reverse manner and exhales carbon dioxide while getting rid of the waste.

Effects of Lung Cancer on Lungs

Sometimes, lung cancer causes the tumor to grow in a way that further blocks the airways while putting pressure on the lungs and causing inflammation in the respiratory system. All such situations block the respiratory system from working normally and lead to various air-related disorders.

While having lung cancer, shortness of breath is the most common issue but it can be managed later after the cancer is treated. The most common effects of lung cancer include:

  • Blocked Airways: Lung Tumor can press the airway, narrowing the passage and creating difficulty for lungs to get enough air and circulate the same through or out the body parts.
  • Fluid Buildup: In certain cases, lung cancer invades the space between the lungs and chest wall that is called pleural space. This condition further invades the condition called pleural effusion which further builds up around the lungs and makes it harder for the lungs to breathe normally and take in air.
  • Intimate a condition that causes low levels of oxygen into blood: Lung cancer decreases the number of red blood cells. Red blood cells are responsible for taking oxygen into them and transporting the same to other cells or tissues or organs. Lung cancer decreases the amount of inhaled oxygen and thereby causes difficulty with breathing.
  • Damaged Lungs: Lung cancer causes damage to the lining of the lungs. It happens in the case of smoking where smoke directly affects the breathing system of the human body.

Tips to manage the effects of Lung Cancer

Leading a healthy lifestyle is one of the best approaches to help with any disease. The further complications of lung cancer can be treated if a person leads a healthy lifestyle. The following are certain tips that can help you get rid of certain symptoms or side effects:

  • Healthy diet
  • Quit smoking
  • Practice gentle, deep breathing exercises
  • Get sufficient rest
  • Avoid secondhand smoke
  • Stay hydrated; aim for eight glasses of water a day

From where to get help for Lung Cancer?

Aster Prime Hospital is a multi-faceted hospital that is equipped with world-class facilities. The oncology center of Aster Prime Hospital further leads to a comprehensive range of facilities that are qualitative and best-in-range along with a range of affordability. The center lets you have a complete recovery and the prevention of cancer and its side effects. If the disease is catered to all age groups then why look for any group priority in the case of a hospital?

All groups of ages and an inclusive range of cancer and its subtypes both in adults and pediatric. It provides the best specialists and best facilities serving around the world bringing a range of experiences and offering evidence-based treatment.

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