What is the success rate of IVF?

What is the success rate of IVF?What is the success rate of IVF?

What is the success rate of IVF?

Today, IVF has practically become a household name. But, at some point, it was one of the mysterious processes. It also corrects infertility and the chances of not retrieving a baby. The success rate of IVF depends on various factors. These factors further judge how far it is possible to conceive a baby with IVF and what are the chances of getting a healthy baby. Fortis Gurgaon is a multi-super specialty hospital with quaternary care hospital services. It is one of the reputed clinics that possess a team of experts working in collaboration for the successful treatment of the patients.

What are the causes of infertility that can be treated with IVF?

The process is known as artificial inseminations. This involves the injection of the sperms in the uterus, and thereby, the conception happens otherwise normally. Unlike the process of artificial Insemination, IVF involves the combining of eggs and sperm outside the body of a female or in the laboratory. Once the zygote starts producing embryos, the complete embryo is then transferred into the uterus of the female body. IVF is a complex and expensive procedure. Only 5% of people seek the procedure for infertility and carry a baby. Since 1981 when it was first introduced, around 1.9% of babies have been born using IVF and other assisted reproductive technologies.

When it comes to infertility, IVF may have the option to treat your problems ranching from:

  • Endometriosis
  • Low sperm counts
  • Problems with the uterus or fallopian tubes
  • Ovulation and other related problems
  • Antibody problems that harm sperm or eggs
  • The inability of sperm to penetrate or survive in the cervical mucus
  • Poor egg quality
  • Genetic issue of both mother and father
  • An unexplained fertility problem

IVF is never the first step to treat infertility. It is not the only process that can treat tubal blockage and other infertility issues. In certain cases, it reverses the whole process where fertility drugs, surgery, and artificial Insemination may not work.

What can you expect from IVF?

  • The first step of IVF is injecting hormones so that the female body can produce multiple eggs each month instead of producing only one egg. Thereafter, the female body is tested. This test helps determine whether the eggs are ready to fertilize with the sperms. It further depicts the chances or the success rate of fertilization.
  • Before the retrieval procedure, you may get the injections containing the medications. These injections help to ripen the developing eggs. The egg is then given time to start ovulation further.
  • Timing is an important procedure in the retrieval of eggs. It will not work normally if the egg is taken too early or too late. You may also require to have certain blood tests and ultrasounds. This may help to understand the developing features of the egg. It helps to retrieve the eggs at the right stage that may further get into the embryo’s development stage.
  • Here the success rate of IVF becomes important. It further informs the doctor about the healthy eggs and makes them able to fertilize the same with sperms.
  • Your doctor may provide you with essential instructions to follow during the night and daytime of the procedure. Most of the time, women develop pain. Due to the pain, they are given pain relief medications. The choice of medications depends on the severity of the process that may also involve giving anesthesia to the woman.
  • During the process, your doctor may locate the follicles with the help of an ultrasound. They may also require removing the eggs with the hollow needle. It may take 30 minutes or an hour to complete the procedure.
  • The success rate of IVF depends on the age of the woman. Women over the age of 35 may produce healthy eggs. The chances of getting pregnant at this stage are 55%. However, it may drop steadily as the woman ages.

How does IVF work and what is its success rate?

IVF is one of those procedures that is itself full of complications. It involves a series of steps and the use of different medications. It helps a woman increase the chances of fertility and the conception of a child. IVF may require a doctor to retrieve mature eggs from a woman’s body. This is done while the woman is under intravenous sedation. The eggs fertilize under the manual assessment of the laboratory. Once the fertilization of the eggs is done, it is given time to set and produce embryos. Here the age of women matters a lot. A woman over the age of 38 may not have healthy eggs than a woman retrieving a baby with IVF at 30 or 35. It is the single blastocysts embryo that the doctors transfer into the body of women less than 38 in age. Before pursuing the IVF process, the doctors examine the patient’s health. They may be required to overcome the doubts of unsuccessful rates. After the detection of health of the woman eggs and the sperms of the healthy man, the process may involve further five steps:

  • The doctor retrieves healthy eggs that grow and mature with the help of daily injectable fertility drugs.
  • The next step is the removal of eggs. It is carried out with the help of a minor surgical procedure called follicular aspiration.
  • The next step is the collection of sperm from a healthy male body.
  • The next step is the Insemination of the sperm with the eggs. The doctors follow this process with the help of laboratory devices.
  • After about three to five days of fertilization, the doctor will place the embryo into the uterus. While pursuing the case, if there comes any chance of formation of extra embryo, the doctor freezes the respective embryo to let the main embryo proceed with the subsequent formation. There are many cycle options for the IVF process:
  • Standard: Insemination of the intended parent egg with the intended parent sperm.
  • Donor sperm: This involves the Insemination of the egg with the donor sperm
  • Embryo donation: It concerns the donor of the embryo from any non-biological parent
  • Egg donation: The sperm of a healthy man fertilizes with the healthy egg of the to-be parent woman to carry out the pregnancy.
  • Gestational carrier: It concerns the non-intended parent who carried the baby without having any biological connection with the embryo.

IVF is a single process that increases the chances of pregnancy even if you have any fertility issues. However, certain factors like emotional, physical, and financial burdens may need to have medical attention. It may change your outlook on the factors affecting the success rate of IVF.

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