what is cervical fusion surgery? is cervical fusion major surgery

what is cervical fusion surgerywhat is cervical fusion surgery

what is cervical fusion surgery

Cervical fusion is a frequent surgical procedure used to address injured neck discs. During the procedure, the surgeon removes the deteriorated disc first. This procedure, commonly known as an anterior cervical discectomy and fusion, reduces pressure on the nerve roots and/or spinal cord. Later on, the surgeon inserts a spacer and uses a cervical plate to permanently connect the neighboring vertebrae. This stability prevents movement and, as a result, improves pain and other symptoms. It does, however, limit your flexibility and range of motion. The most typical reason for fusion surgery is to repair a symptomatic cervical herniated disc.

Moreover, the surgery also addresses cervical degenerative disc disease. It’s also routinely performed to remove arthritis-related bone spurs (osteophytes) and relieve the symptoms of cervical spinal stenosis. If a patient is looking for cervical fusion surgery, then Fortis hospital cunningham road is one of the best hospitals in India for this procedure. The hospital is calibrated with the latest and advanced technologies alongside the best healthcare professionals to provide efficient and effective treatment to a patient.

Why is cervical fusion recommended?

Many neck disorders are caused by degenerative changes in the cervical spine discs and joints between the vertebrae. Other issues stem from spinal injuries or postoperative complications. If conservative therapy fails to relieve neck discomfort, your surgeon may recommend a cervical fusion.

  • To halt the movement of two or more vertebrae
  • To minimize your discomfort by preventing excessive mobility between the vertebrae.
  • To stabilize cervical spine fractures that are unstable
  • to adjust or straighten the cervical spine.

A cervical fusion may also be recommended to straighten the spine or to treat a cervical spine abnormality such as cervical kyphosis. The normal inward curvature of the neck is reversed in this situation. When the cervical spine becomes unstable and begins to bend forward, this deformity arises.

What are the types of cervical fusion?

Your symptoms and precise diagnosis will determine the sort of fusion strategy you will take. You can discuss the specifics of your cervical fusion surgery with your neurosurgeon doctor. Cervical fusion surgeries are classified into two categories.

Anterior fusion – This is a procedure that is done via the front of your neck.

Posterior fusion – This procedure is done through an incision at the rear of your neck.

Is cervical fusion a big surgical procedure?  

A single-level cervical fusion involves the fusing of two neighboring vertebrae in the cervical spine. While the technique is reasonably safe and common, it is still substantial surgery. 

Likewise, in other major surgeries, You’ll remain in the hospital for many days after the cervical fusion surgery. How long depends on various factors, including your overall fitness level and whether you have any underlying medical concerns. The average stay is four days. You could be able to go sooner, or you might have to stay for approximately a week. A patient will be connected to devices that will monitor their heart and ensure their body is in good working order during this period.

Complications –

Any surgical treatment might result in problems. Neck procedures are usually regarded as exceedingly sensitive and potentially deadly since the surgeon is working near the spinal cord. The following are some of the probable significant problems of a cervical fusion:

An incomplete fusion occurs when there is insufficient bone development between neighboring vertebrae.

  • Nerve damage
  • Swallowing Difficulties
  • Bleeding and infection
  • Damage to the Spinal Cord

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