Different Types of Skin Diseases 2023 Updated

Different Types of Skin DiseasesDifferent Types of Skin Diseases

Different Types of Skin Diseases

Skin is the sensitive part of the human body. It protects our body from external injuries, helps in body thermoregulation, excretion of the products of metabolism, absorption of water, and many more. Unfortunately, the skin is a complex system of organs that is constantly exposed to various external factors: solar radiation, chemical, and bacteriological aggression, mechanical impacts, etc. Therefore many patients experience skin diseases.  It is precisely for this reason that its state should be monitored and maintained. 

The question of how to correctly care for the skin is asked by each of us so that it looks beautiful, healthy, and smooth. Besides, a dermatologist at Lifeline Hospital Malad suggests a skin examination to diagnose the type of skin disease. 

Five types of skin diseases

  1. Acne

Acne is the most prevalent skin disorder across the country, affecting up to 80 percent of the population between 20 and 30. 3 Contrary to common belief, acne does not necessarily disappear after puberty has ended.

  1. Atopic Dermatitis

Atopic dermatitis is quite common in people around their 20s and 30s. It is thought to be an allergy (atopic) reaction. We don’t know the exact mechanism by which atopic dermatitis manifests; however, we recognize that it occurs in families where allergies like hay fever (allergic rhinitis) and asthma and atopic skin dermatitis can be found.

  1. Bacterial Infections of the Skin

The skin infections of Bacterial are very prevalent and can range from very minor up to serious in seriousness. It is essential to be aware of these diseases, as we consider our skin an unbreakable barrier. Doctors at Lifeline Hospital Malad explain a thorough hand washing technique and prompt medical attention are crucial for treating these conditions.

  1. Dermatitis

Dermatitis refers to “inflammation of the skin.” However, the term is more likely to be applied to specific ailments. Once you discover dermatitis symptoms, make sure to get immediate treatment. 

  1. Chickenpox Virus and Shingles

It is a virus responsible for causing chickenpox varicella-zoster virus (VZV) is a second herpes virus that can cause skin issues. The people who had had chickenpox when they were youngsters are more at risk of developing shingles.

What causes skin diseases?

The signs of skin infections depend on the kind of infection. The most frequent symptoms include redness of the skin and an itch. However, it is possible to experience additional symptoms like discomfort, itching, and tenderness.

Visit a doctor if you suffer from pus-filled blisters or skin infection that doesn’t heal or worsen. Skin infections go beyond the skin into the bloodstream.

The signs of an infection that is severe are:

  • pus
  • blisters
  • skin breaking, sloughing
  • skin that appears dark and necrotic, or skin that turns painful and discolored

What do you do when you find a skin problem?

A thorough physical exam is the best method to identify the cause of an outbreak of skin inflammation. Most often, doctors can determine the type of skin inflammation by its appearance and location. Your doctor might inquire about your symptoms and check any rashes, bumps, or lesions. For instance, ringworm typically produces a characteristic circular itchy rash. In other instances, it is possible to take a sample of your skin cells that could aid your doctor in determining the cause of the infection.

What are the best ways to treat it?

The treatment is based on the root of the infection and the degree. For example, certain kinds of skin infections caused by viruses may get better on their own in some days and weeks. Infections caused by bacteria are usually treated with topical antibiotics applied directly to the skin or oral antibiotics. However, if the bacteria strain has become resistant to therapy, the treatment may require intravenous antibiotics in a hospital.

There are a variety of over-the-counter creams and sprays to combat a fungal skin infection. If the condition doesn’t get better, talk to your physician for prescription topical or oral creams. You can also apply creams that contain medicated ingredients to your skin to treat infections that cause parasites on your skin. The doctor might also suggest remedies to ease discomfort, such as anti-inflammatory medicines.


Skin diseases are a common problem these days; due to the lack of awareness and proper skin care, the skin conditions are getting worse. However, the doctor suggests detecting and treating skin diseases in the early stage.  This blog will discuss some of the most common skin diseases and treatment options. All types of skin diseases are treated at Lifeline Hospital Malad. Besides, Credihealth allows you to get the best medical treatment. 

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