Why am i Bleeding 2 Weeks After my Last Period 2023 Updated

Why am i Bleeding 2 Weeks After my Last PeriodWhy am i Bleeding 2 Weeks After my Last Period

Why am i Bleeding 2 Weeks After my Last Period

Bleeding after periods for weeks is a very frustrating and painful experience as you don’t know what causes them during periods. For example, maybe your period ended during the past week. Then, however, you discover that you’re experiencing the same symptoms.

Maybe this is the first time you’ve felt bleeding or spotting post period, or it could be the third or second occasion you’ve noticed that you’re bleeding once more. If spotting or bleeding between periods has occurred to you the first time or only on very rare occasions, it’s a terrifying experience. 

5 Possible Causes of Bleeding After Your Periods

#1 Oral Contraceptives

For birth control with hormones, contraceptives may cause some adverse changes to women’s normal body functions. So, women who have been using or have recently stopped using oral contraceptives might have bleeding for up to a week following the menstrual cycle. However, the pills could slow or speed up menstrual cycles in adapting to the increased amounts of hormones. Then, the spotting or bleeding could stop.

#2 Polyps

Polyps are not cancerous cells and are usually set in the uterus. Sometimes, polyps explode and cause bleeding or spots.

#3 Unregulated Menstrual Cycle

Sudden bleeding, or bleeding one week after the menstrual period, usually occurs to teenagers as their bodies are trying to get used to menstrual flow. However, it could be present for a few months or even years until they adapt to their menstrual cycle.

#4 Uterine Fibroids

The majority of uterine fibroids are benign. However, this condition can sometimes cause bleeding after the period or other instances. But be cautious if fibroids get larger, as they need to be removed promptly.

#5 Old Blood

Suppose you see brown spots in the weeks or days following your period. Since they are in your uterus, they will need to be released as the spotting if your cycle is over.

Things you need to be aware of about bleeding

A light spotting after your period doesn’t always indicate that you’re pregnant. Many women believe it’s the implantation process, but it’s not. The implantation spotting doesn’t occur immediately after your period. Instead, it occurs a week before menstruation. The gynecologist at Rainbow Hospital Marathahalli suggests a blood test to reveal hormonal problems. 

The women can conceive the baby successfully after successful ovulation and fertilization. The process takes place 10 days after the menstrual cycle. It means the likelihood of becoming pregnant the day after your monthly cycle is small. A week after you’ve had your period can’t be caused by an early miscarriage. In contrast to spot, miscarriage can always be accompanied by bleeding and cramps.

How hormonal imbalance affects your menstrual cycle?

Young women are often spotted bleeding or bleeding very lightly during ovulation (release an egg from their ovary). It occurs between 10 and 14 days after the start of their period and is typically caused by a temporary decrease in estrogen levels. It’s quite normal. Alongside lower hormone levels, women could be experiencing different hormonal imbalances that are not harmful. For example, it could result from stress or a recent change in food habits.

Girls who just began having their first period and women going through menopausal changes have a higher chance to experience irregular menstrual flow, which could be mistaken for bleeding during periods. The doctor will conduct a blood test to check the hormone levels and advise you on the best treatment options.

How to treat irregular menstrual cycle?

There are numerous solutions to treat long-term menstrual cycles. Based on the cause of the extended duration, the medical professional can recommend one of the following methods :

  • Medications-

Depending on the cause for the longer period, a gynecologist could prescribe certain medications that will aid in regulating the duration of the period.

  • Hysterectomy-

Suppose any of the tests show negative results. It indicates the presence of a fatal illness, such as cancer. Then, the doctor will process a hysterectomy. It is an operation that requires the removal of the uterus.

What are the potential risks?

The cause of bleeding during menstrual cycles, the risk for your health are distinct. However, anemia is a prevalent risk to any cause, especially those that lead to excessive bleeding, particularly when combined with heavy menstrual flow. You may experience a urinary infection due to consistent bleeding. 

Can anemia cause bleeding after your periods?

A condition known as anemia occurs when there is a lack of good red blood cells that can provide adequate oxygen to the tissues in your body. There are various factors for the cause. It includes frequent menstrual bleeding or bleeding between menstrual cycles (intermenstrual bleeding).

Anemia does not always show symptoms. However, according to experts, the indications and signs of anemia include:

  • Fatigue
  • Weakness
  • Skin tone pale or yellowish
  • Lightheadedness or dizziness
  • Hands that are cold and feet
  • Headaches
  • Heartbeat irregularity


It is quite normal to have irregular periods. But, even if you notice periods after two weeks, consult a qualified lady doctor in Marathalli. Experts at

Rainbow Hospital Marathahalli explain that hormonal imbalance is the root cause of irregular period cycles. And this is why many female patients experience bleeding after a period.  Even if you notice blood after a few weeks, take a doctor’s opinion. Credihealth helps you get the best medical advice from the best female doctor at Rainbow hospital.

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