How Does Stress Affect the Digestive System 2023 Updated

How Does Stress Affect the Digestive SystemHow Does Stress Affect the Digestive System

How Does Stress Affect the Digestive System

Well, we are quite concerned even with the tiniest issue related to the digestive system and that is not something extraordinary. Stress can become a factor giving rise to additional problems in-digestion. So, the doctors of KMC Mangalore carried out their extensive research on this issue and came to a certain conclusion. It is just that bowel movement and other related natural processes of the digestive system might get imbalanced due to stress on the mind.  Therefore, this article will make the readers realize the repercussions stress can have on the digestive system. Also, certain best treatments to cure the same will follow eventually here.

What happens to the digestive system when we are anxious?

Many times, circumstances become such that we have to make decisions under certain pressure and that is often ‘gut-wrenching’. Even getting over-excited for any of our activities as well as being anxious can have a direct impact on our digestive system. Now, this happens because both brains, as well as guts, are linked up with each other. So as per research, neurons have their home mostly in the guts and at least over the area of the spinal cord. 

Following that, the central nervous system takes the entire responsibility of managing the activities of the guts. So, the neurons are all lined up and capture the gastrointestinal system. That is the reason that each part of the digestive system has a threat of getting ruptured by small stress taken by us. Moreover, the researchers have sought out that the gut can be referred to as the second brain for its influence over maximum neurons present in the brain. In simple words, both brains, as well as the digestive system, work together effortlessly for the proper functioning of the body. And any small effect on the digestive system can trigger the brain as well.

Stress – a contributor of additional disease

Stress in the digestive system causes such a situation that the body has to act fast to come out of the crisis-like situation. Likewise, the stress hormone cortisol is generally secreted at that moment to build the capacity of managing the danger effortlessly. In the entire process, we face situations such as :

  • The rise in the blood pressure abruptly
  • Breathing getting faster than usual
  • Extra awareness builds up out of nowhere
  • Muscle tension starts developing

Now, all these are psychological changes that the body has to go through when the mind is stressed. Therefore, this stress can become quite aggressive on the digestive system and cause damage to a large extent. 

Major effects on the digestive system and stress

Do you think it is cool to get butterflies in your normal? If so, then be aware that your digestive system isn’t very happy with this. Moving on, the skilled gastroenterologist of KMC, Mangalore holds the opinion that continuous stress can be devastating. They have highlighted certain important consequences that the digestive system faces because of high stress. 

The doctors have thus concluded that the ‘fight-fight situation’ of the nervous system affects the digestive system in the following manner:

  • The probability of catching up with diarrhea as well as constipation increases if the body is stressed much. The digestive system is largely affected as proper bowel movement is necessary for smooth digestion in our body.
  • The esophagus might end up in spasms and cause irritating consequences.
  • Frequent occurrence of the feeling of nausea.
  • Indigestion might be a common issue here as the acid production becomes in bulk right inside the stomach. Although initially indigestion can be taken lightly if not treated properly it can be really dangerous for the victim.
  • Ulcer formation can also be another possibility if the digestion process isn’t sorted fast.
  • Inflammation can follow while carrying out bowel movements and this is quite discomforting.

Therefore, stress isn’t directly responsible for making the victim prone to ulcers as well as irritation in carrying out bowel movements smoothly. But, it is a medium that can increase the risk of becoming the prime target of those harmful diseases. So, the gastroenterologist has always recommended staying happy to keep the body happy as well.

Can stress be managed?

By now we know that the stress in the digestive system causes severe problems to the body. But, the gastroenterologist has suggested that both physical, as well as mental activities, are present that can act as a stress reducer. However, various techniques seem the best to varied people and therefore they chose the easiest possible option. 

Now, some points are summarized here to help you in dealing with stress. These points are as follows:

  • Yoga – With years of knowledge, the experts say that meditating can show results very fast. In other ways, relaxing the brain for a few minutes has proved to be quite beneficial. Also, Hatha yoga classes that certain health-conscious women prefer have ended up in reducing unnecessary stress and depression.
  • Saying ‘yes’ to stress- busting food –
    Extensive research has also found that there is certain food that increases weight and leads to psychological imbalance. So, it is also a wise decision to cut down the intake of such foods and release stress. Moreover, food preference is absolutely related to stress and changes as per the mood of the person.
  • Meditation can help a lot – For getting a calm mind, meditating for at least 10 to 15 minutes daily is mandatory. There are various techniques of mediation that can be made a goal for achieving success in stress reduction.
  • Exercising regularly can be great – Performing physical activity at regular intervals helps in getting natural painkillers called endorphins. These endorphins are nothing but the chemicals which are the result of the brain’s secretion.  Exercises can also give relief from depression and anxiety can be controlled perfectly that way.

Thus, there can be multiple ways by which the digestive system can be managed. Stress isn’t a big issue to deal with, if controlled properly.  Credihealth is an online option for patients who are willing to go for the best treatments in the city of their choice. With reputed surgeons and hospitals, the website ranks perfectly. 

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