How Long Can you Live on Dialysis 2023 Updated

How Long Can you Live on DialysisHow Long Can you Live on Dialysis

How Long Can you Live on Dialysis

Kidney disease & failure affects the entire body and might make you feel unwell. Kidney failure can be fatal if left untreated. Renal dialysis is a treatment option and is not required in chronic kidney disease (CKD) early stages. Chronic kidney disease’s stages might extend for many years. However, if your kidneys fail, you will require dialysis or a kidney transplant to survive. You can consult a Nephrologist if you are diagnosed with diseased kidney or kidney failure immediately for the best possible treatment.

What is renal dialysis?

It is a treatment that takes over your renal functions if those organs fail to work properly. Dialysis is classified into two types:

Hemodialysis: An artificial kidney removes wastes, chemicals, and liquids from your blood. A little surgery is performed on your arm or leg. Your doctor incurs your arm or leg to attach the filtration equipment. The blood then goes into the machine’s filter. This filter may clean the blood of contaminants. This treatment usually takes 3–5 hours.

Peritoneal dialysis: This type of dialysis cleans the blood inside your body. During treatment, a catheter is used to fill your abdomen with dialysate. The dialysate is emptied from your abdomen after drawing waste fluids from your bloodstream.

Who people require kidney dialysis?

Dialysis may be required for those who have kidney failure, often known as an end-stage renal disease (ESRD). Kidney disease can be caused by injuries and conditions such as high blood pressure, diabetes, and lupus.

Some people get renal issues for no known reason. Kidney failure can be a chronic disorder or can occur quickly (acutely) due to a severe illness or injury. This type of renal failure may resolve itself as you recover.

Kidney disease progresses via five different stages. Healthcare providers consider you in end-stage renal disease (ESRD) or kidney failure if you have stage 5 kidney disease. The kidneys are doing only around 10% to 15% of their usual function. To stay alive, you may require dialysis or a kidney transplant. While waiting for a transplant, some individuals have dialysis.

How can I know which dialysis treatment is best for me?

Dialysis (hemodialysis or peritoneal dialysis) and kidney transplantation are the two treatment options for kidney failure.

  • Consult your family and doctor to determine which treatment best suits your lifestyle requirements.
  • In addition, you may always switch to a different form of treatment in the future.
  • Your treatment may vary as your needs and living circumstances change.
  • However, there may be medical reasons why a certain treatment choice is inappropriate for you; thus, consult with your renal disease expert to discuss your particular needs.

What is the overall Life Expectancy of a Patient on Dialysis?

Because so many different factors impact life expectancy, it is difficult to determine how long a person can survive once they begin treatment for end-stage renal failure. The severity of the kidney disease and other health conditions and how effectively a patient follows a treatment plan.

All these considering factors may influence an individual’s life expectancy while receiving this sort of treatment.

  • Even with all of the variables, a person seeking treatment for end-stage renal failure should expect to survive 5 to 10 years on average.
  • Some dialysis patients have had longer lives. By receiving consistent treatment for end-stage renal failure, some patients’ life has been extended by 20 or even 30 years.
  • A patient with severe renal disease and is on regular dialysis has a short life expectancy.

What if I want to discontinue dialysis?

Your quality of life should be maintained or improved due to this treatment. You can, however, stop it or discontinue it at any moment.

  • If you do, talk to your doctor about other treatments available to you. Changes in your diet or lifestyle may improve your quality of life.
  • If you wish to discontinue dialysis treatment because you are depressed or humiliated, you can consult a doctor.
  • Sharing your thoughts, taking medication, or doing both may assist you in making a more informed choice.
  • Dialysis is not for everyone, especially the extremely elderly and those with life-threatening medical issues.

Can I stop dialysis if I receive active, supportive care?

Life expectancy is difficult to predict since it depends on your overall health, how much kidney function you have left, your diet, the rate at which your kidney disease progresses, and whether you have any other major medical issues. If you have no urine output, the remaining period will likely be shorter. It’s a good idea to talk to your renal doctor about this.

What are the Alternatives to Kidney Dialysis?

What are the Alternatives to Kidney Dialysis? It is not an option for every patient, especially if they suffer from severe, acute renal failure. If the patient is not qualified for or prefers not to have renal dialysis, a few other treatment options are available to alleviate symptoms. These methods are as follows:

Anemia control – When the kidneys normally perform, the hormone erythropoietin (EPO) is produced. If your kidneys are not generating enough EPO, you may require a synthetic type of this hormone. This medication is usually administered as an injection beneath the skin.

  • A patient can also receive an EPO injection once a week to deal with a damaged kidney.
  • You may need to take iron tablets or have iron injected into a vein to increase your iron levels.

Kidney transplant — A kidney transplant is a long-term commitment in which a doctor replaces a patient’s sick kidney with a healthy kidney from another person.

Maintaining a healthy blood pressure level will extend the life of the kidneys. People must drink enough water to avoid dehydration.

How to get help – Patients with diseased or failing kidneys, just one kidney, or no kidneys are at risk of having a waste buildup in the bloodstream. Depending on their health conditions, they may require a transplant or dialysis.

A second opinion on kidney dialysis can help you understand life expectancy, risk factors, and benefits of kidney dialysis. Credihealth can help you find the best hospital and doctor for kidney dialysis. You book an appointment with a nephrologist in Pune on Credihealth.

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