Is Lower Back Pain Early Sign of Pregnancy 2023 Updated

Is Lower Back Pain Early Sign of PregnancyIs Lower Back Pain Early Sign of Pregnancy

Is Lower Back Pain Early Sign of Pregnancy

Even though news of pregnancy is the biggest news for any mother, it takes a complete toll on her health. Women face issues that include pain in the back and several other problems. So, all total the phase of a period is somewhat a mixed feeling of happiness and sadness. In most women, the time of the second half concerning the pregnancy becomes crucial as it is associated with certain complications. But, there are many ways that can help in resolving the issues of lower back pain. So, this article will take all those treatments and remedies that will be a boon in this case.

Important causes of lower back pain in Pregnancy

Although, it is quite common for the pregnant woman to develop lower back pain she faces uncontrollable irritation and discomfort at that time. Usually, the place that is the meeting point of the pelvis with the spine causes major pain. However, this is called the sacroiliac joint.

Multiple reasons contribute to the pain in the lower back portion. Some of these reasons can be the following:

  • Hormonal change is considered as one of the topmost reasons for causing lower back pain in the woman. As in pregnancy, the sections in the pelvic reason as well as other joints loosen to give birth. It is due to the similar hormone that pain occurs.
  • If the woman is pregnant in a healthy way, then she is expected to achieve almost 25 to 35 pounds of weight. As the spine becomes dominant in supporting the excess weight so the back is automatically hurt in the process.
  • During pregnancy, the woman experiences changes in posture. Therefore, without being aware of these postural changes, the woman hurts her back way much. Eventually, certain strains are caused in the back resulting in pain.
  • As pregnancy is followed by stress, so the mother experiences tension in the muscle that turns into lower back pain in the pregnant lady.
  • When the muscles separate from each other, the lower back is hurt. In pregnancy, naturally, the expansion of the uterus takes place. This leads to the enlargement of the muscle of the rib cage as well as pubic bone, ultimately leading to excruciating pain in the back.

However, the doctors of Global Hospital that is a multi-specialty hospital have stressed taking extra care during the pregnancy phase. In doing so, lower back pain can be monitored as well.

Top Treatments for Lower Back Pain during Pregnancy

You will be happy to know that, the mother who wasn’t having back pain previously is likely to get relieved from the pain before getting pregnant as well. However, lower back pain can be treated properly in multiple ways. These ways can be summarized as follows:

  • Good Exercises can help – If a pregnant woman keeps on exercising then it can help in making the muscles strong. Also, she will gain certain flexibility in her body. By doing so, the spine can relax a bit. Adding on, the easiest possible exercises that pregnant women can carry out can be swimming as well as walking. Even, at times cycling properly can be an added advantage. Also, numerous exercises that can help your back can be suggested by the therapist.
  • Initiating to make the posture better – Many times a pregnant lady can create strains by certain postures in their spines. Therefore, the pregnant lady must use appropriate posture at times of sitting as well as working. Likewise, practicing a forward movement of the hips and stressing the shoulder backward can show much impact in reducing the lower back pain.
  • Using cold and heat as a therapy – Using cold as well as heat in the back as per the needs can do miracles always. One can use an ice pack as the thing that can suppress the pain for much longer. However, the woman can change cold after some time and add heat to it. For example – using the means of a heating pad on the area that hurts can be amazing. Just care should be taken not to apply heat on the section of the abdomen when the woman is pregnant.
  • Acupuncture can help – Acupuncture, being a Chinese medicine uses needles to cure lower back pain. Here, after a certain area the needle is used to create pressure. As per reports, this can be one of the top ways to treat back pain in a pregnant woman. But, having a word with the doctor before applying this technique is highly recommended.
  • Counseling will be effective – In case, the lower back pain is the cause of a certain kind of depression and stress, then going to a counselor can be a wise decision. Also, having a word with a friend or close acquaintances can show positive results too.

So, Global Hospital Mumbai has done all that it can to help out their patients with lower back pain.  Just that, proper consultation with the top specialist can be quite effective in this case.

Lower Back Pain and Doctor’s recommendation

Experiencing lower back pain during pregnancy isn’t a thing to worry about. However, the doctor must be called if certain things are seen. These things are as follows – 

  • If the pregnant woman screams out of pain all of sudden.
  • At times, when it gets tough to urinate and the mother experiences needle sensation in the vagina.
  • Cramps can be bad.
  • Excruciating pain can be horrible.

However, all these symptoms can mean something really serious and need the doctor’s attention.

Who to ask for help?

Getting the best doctor from India’s multi-specialty hospital is no longer a dream as Credihealth is there always. This online medicine website can reach heights to make you healthy soon.

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