How does alcohol affect Blood Pressure 2023 Updated

How does alcohol affect Blood PressureHow does alcohol affect Blood Pressure

How does alcohol affect Blood Pressure

The consumption of alcohol quite often is often a danger to our health. Undoubtedly, alcohol intake can have a bad impact on the blood pressure level also. So, the doctors of Global Hospital Mumbai tend to treat the cause effectively. In fact, alcohol not only disturbs the level of blood pressure but contributes to other associated disease formation too.

So, this article will take to the depths of problems linked up with blood pressure occurring from alcohol. Also, the benefits of limiting alcohol consumption have its mention here.

Why does alcohol affect blood pressure?

Well, we are aware of the fact that excess of anything can be bad. Similarly, having more than three glasses of alcohol can be harmful to the body. So, alcohol affecting blood pressure level becomes a reality as consuming alcohol can constrict the blood vessels. This happens because the hormone renin’s size gets thinner diameter-wise.

Following that, rennin will result in less fluid discharge from the body. Obviously urination will be hampered in this process. Now, as the increasing fluids fail to get out of the body, blood pressure goes up. Also, pressure can rise due to the lessening amount of blood vessels that occur due to alcohol intake.

In what way alcohol affects blood pressure?

Intake of alcohol can be dangerous in multiple ways. It not only affects blood pressure largely but also makes the body prone to several other diseases. So, the main ways in which alcohol affects blood pressure are as follows:

  • Alcohol has a direct impact on the renin-angiotensin aldosterone system. This is a system that takes the help of kidneys for controlling the level of blood pressure. Here, the renin gets into trouble as a contraction of the blood vessels takes place. Following that, discharge of urine becomes an issue. Therefore, excess fluid storage as well as inability of discharging the same just ends up as increases in blood pressure level.
  • Blood calcium level also becomes the prime reason in alcohol affecting the blood pressure level. As, huge intake of alcohol tends to constrict the blood vessels, therefore blood pressure increases a lot.
  • Even the baroreceptors that control the regulation of blood pressure get disturbed due to alcohol. Generally, consuming alcohol tends to slow down the functioning of baroreceptors. The allowance of blood vessel stretch is automatically disrupted when a person consumes excess alcohol. Ultimately, this process gives a rise in the level of blood pressure and has unwanted circumstances.
  • Most commonly, the presence of high calories as well as sugar content in alcohol is bad. So, alcohol affecting blood pressure level might rise due to its regular intake. Usually, more than 5 drinks at a go can have a severe impact on a person’s health.
  • If a person drinks alcohol with medications of high pressure then it might have an adverse effect on the health. Following that, the person can vomit a lot . Even dizziness can raise blood pressure.

Therefore, many accidents can be caused this way if the blood pressure level goes this high. So, putting some limits on alcohol can always be a wise decision. However, binge drinking is something that affects the blood pressure level more in men than in women.

Can managing alcohol levels help in blood pressure reduction?

Generally, regular drinkers have an issue with blood pressure reduction. So, the cardiologist of Global Hospital, Mumbai suggests limiting alcohol consumption for reducing blood pressure. However, some notable improvements are as follows:

  • By limiting alcohol intake, the renin hormone becomes able to secrete fluid from the body in ample amounts. This process can initiate urine discharge to its full extent. Therefore, the blood pressure level can tend to normalise.
  • By controlling alcohol, one can give more focus on diet and this can help to monitor blood pressure levels in the body. In addition to that, other health problems would be reduced this way.
  • Leaving alcohol addicting can make the hormones to function at its full extent. Therefore, alcohol affecting blood pressure level would be diminished completely.
  • Cortisol levels can be controlled properly.  And thus, the balance in blood pressure level can take place. Following that, the blood vessels can allow the blood to flow in a smooth manner.

Therefore, having control over alcohol consumption is always advantageous for the body. Further, the mind stays alert by limiting wine. . Even the person becomes healthy day by day. Still, monitoring the blood pressure level is always good for the body. By doing so, one can avoid major cardiac diseases including heart attack and asthma.

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