What Causes Swollen Legs From the Knee Down 2023 Updated

What Causes Swollen Legs From the Knee DownWhat Causes Swollen Legs From the Knee Down

What Causes Swollen Legs From the Knee Down

If your legs and ankles are swollen, especially if you work on your feet, this might be an indication of edema. Edema is a disorder in which fluid develops in particular bodily parts, most notably the arms and legs. Transitory water retention, vein obstruction, valve troubles, muscle pump failure, drug side effects, or an allergic response can cause edema. However, it is unpleasant but not dangerous in most cases. Swelling in the feet, ankles, or lower legs, on the other hand, might indicate a new health concern or a deteriorating existing illness signifying a sign of a more serious condition under development. If swollen legs occur with severe symptoms, you can visit a doctor at Arka hospital for an accurate diagnosis and treatment of the disease.

Why does edema occur?

Edema occurs when fluid flows outside of blood arteries and into the body’s extracellular fluid. These spaces, also known as the extra-vascular space (which means “outside of blood vessels”), are the most gaps between cells, organs, and bodily components.

Although blood vessels may appear to be “waterproof,” they are more like a semi-permeable barrier formed of blood vessel cells that normally stay close together, and it is common for tiny amounts of fluid to travel back and forth.

Common possible Causes of Swelling legs –

Various factors can cause edema, including:

  • Swelling legs can develop due to gravity, particularly if you sit or stand in one position for an extended period. Water is naturally drawn down into your legs and feet in such an extended stay.
  • Edema can occur due to a weakening of the valves of the veins in the legs (a condition called venous insufficiency). This condition makes it difficult for the veins to send blood back up to the heart, resulting in varicose veins and fluid accumulation in the legs.
  • Certain disorders can induce or worsen edemata, such as congestive heart failure and lung, liver, kidney, and thyroid problems.
  • Some medicines, such as those used to treat high blood pressure or discomfort, can produce or aggravate edema.
  • An allergic response can also cause edema, severe inflammation, burns, trauma, clot(s), or insufficient nutrition.
  • Too much salt in your diet might aggravate edema.
  • Because the uterus puts strain on the blood arteries in the lower trunk of the body, pregnancy can induce edema in the legs.

What are the signs and symptoms of leg edema?

The following are signs that you may have edema:

  • The afflicted region has become swollen.
  • The skin around the swelling region may seem stretched and glossy.
  • Pushing your finger gently into the swelling region for at least 5 seconds and then withdrawing your finger will create a dimple in the skin.
  • Swollen legs make walking difficult.
  • If you have pulmonary edema, you may cough or have difficulty breathing.

Swollen Legs and Ankles: When to seek medical attention – If you’ve seen an unusual amount of swelling in your legs and ankles, you must make an appointment with a doctor at Arka hospital. Swollen legs and ankles, as well as red blotchy skin, can develop for a variety of causes, some of which may necessitate inspection and treatment.

If you have swollen legs and ankles, especially if you are on your feet all day, this might indicate edema. Edema is a disorder in which fluid accumulates in certain body parts, most often the hands, arms, ankles, legs, and feet, in what is known as peripheral edema. Edema symptoms may include:

  • Swelling in your lower extremities, including your feet, ankles, and legs
  • Upper extremity swelling, especially in the hands and arms
  • Face or abdominal swelling
  • After being pressed, skin that is plump, glossy, or seems slightly dented
  • Coughing, breath shortness, or an irregularity in the heartbeat

Preventing Swollen Legs and Ankles – Make an appointment with your primary care physician if you are experiencing leg edema symptoms before attempting any therapy. Your doctor may suggest:

  • Make yourself more at ease – Wearing loose-fitting clothing and shoes can reduce edema. Furthermore, try to avoid being in the same posture all day, i.e., don’t be on your feet all day and don’t sit all day. Elevate your feet using a cushion when lying down.
  • Reduce Salt Intake – When you eat too much salt, your body stores water in much greater quantities, and your desire to pee decreases. Excess water is frequently collected in your ankles and feet, producing swelling.
  • Exercise – Physical activity improves circulation and prevents blood and water pooling in the lower limbs.
  • Drinking More Water – Excess water may be the reason for your swollen ankles and feet, but if your salt level is high, it must be appropriately balanced out and eliminated. Drinking more water stimulates urine and helps to adjust blood and fluid levels in the body; water also washes out pollutants and promotes general health.

Magnesium Supplements – Magnesium is directly connected to kidney function and health, which is why chronic edema patients frequently have magnesium shortages.

So, if you observe swelling, strained or glossy red skin, or discomfort, you should make an appointment with your healthcare professional once. A Leg pain doctor can also help you make an accurate diagnosis by answering questions about your medical and personal history. Diabetes, liver or renal illness, high blood pressure, obesity, many pregnancies, heart disease, and other factors can all impact your circulation. Your checklist of doctors at

Arka hospital on Credihealth and make an appointment with the doctor of your choice.

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