How to get rid of muscle pain 2023 Updated

How to get rid of muscle pain?How to get rid of muscle pain?

How to get rid of muscle pain?

Scientifically, muscle pain is also known as myalgia. It is one of the extremely common conditions that may affect any person of any age. Muscle pain often creates discomfort at some point. There are various methods to get rid of muscle pain, but the most important thing is that it should suit your health. Because muscle tissues are present in all parts of the body, this type of pain can be felt anywhere in the body. Moreover, there is no single cause of muscle pain meaning it can happen because of the injury, sudden jerk, or even while having a full day sleep in the bed. This is because the overuse of muscles and bones often creates pain and discomfort. If you or anyone you know is going through muscular pain, you may consider talking to the experts of MIOT Hospital Chennai.

What is the most probable reason for myalgia or muscle pain?

People often go through muscle pain at some point in their life. This can also be because of stress, tension, or physical activity. Some of the common causes of myalgia or muscle pain include:

  • muscle tension in any part of the body
  • overuse of muscles or being involved in any heavy physical activity
  • Injury to the muscles that may happen because of weakening or physical activity
  • sudden jerk

Who is at risk of getting affected by myalgia?

Muscle pain can happen with any person of any age. It can happen when you try to do a new physical activity or get involved in any sudden physical work. This may bring you delay-onset muscle soreness (DOMS). Most probably, the muscle ache comes out in 12 hours after having any heavy physical activity or exercise. It may last till 48 hours and can make you feel weak from inside.

Myalgia or muscle pain can increase the risk of being open to other symptoms. It may further include:

  • Joint pain
  • Muscle cramps
  • Muscle spasms

Many activities can lead you to the cause of myalgia. It may happen because of infections, any kind of injury, or disease. It can be chronic or short-term. Most often exercises cause a minute muscle pain that is referred to as Delayed-onset muscle soreness (DOMS). You can try to heal your muscle pain unless it may create a major problem for you like the inability to move or use the body part.

What types of medical conditions can arise because of myalgia?

Understanding the methods to get rid of muscle pain may lead you to the understanding of the medical condition. Not all muscle pain is related to tension, stress, strain, or any kind of physical activity. There can also be some other reasons that may further include:

  • fibromyalgia, the muscle pain that may last till three months
  • chronic fatigue syndrome
  • myofascial pain syndrome
  • infections
  • Use of certain medications or drugs that affect the muscles and create muscle spasms
  • thyroid problems
  • low potassium

What are the methods to get rid of muscle pain at home?

Muscle pain can respond well to your homemade remedies. You can take certain preventive measures that may help you treat the pain at home. A few of the home remedies are:

  • Try to opt for resting for the body part where you are feeling muscle pain
  • Take over-the-counter medications. It may help you relieve the pain immediately.
  • You can opt to apply ice on the painful area. It may reduce inflammation.
  • Try to use cold and heat therapy. Put ice on the impacted area for a few seconds and then cover the area with a hot pad for a few minutes like two to three minutes.

You can also try other preventive measures. This may give you temporary relief in case there is any kind of muscle injury.

  • gently stretch the muscles
  • avoid the activities that require the overuse of the muscle
  • avoiding weight lifting
  • give complete rest and try to distance yourself from the thing that may affect you
  • do stress-releasing activities such as yoga and meditation

There can also be chances that you may have pain in muscles along with soreness. Although the condition is common, there can also be chances of a kind of skin disease. It may lead to long-term muscle pain and may take time to get rid of. If the cause of muscle pain is tension or any kind of heavy physical activity, you can try out any of these steps:

  • Stretch your muscles before going for any heavy physical activity like football, basketball, or weight lifting
  • Incorporate warmup and a cooldown pattern. Try doing warm-up and then cooling down your muscle area with cold water and repeating the session at least for 5 minutes. You can also go for a warm water bath if you are feeling good with a warm water pad.
  • Keep yourself hydrated especially on the day when you are highly busy in any kind of activity
  • Stretch your muscle area regularly.
  • Avoid taking risks with your pain.

When is the right time to go to a doctor?

Muscle pain is not always harmful. For some cases, it is treatable at home and for others, you may require to visit a doctor. It can also be a sign of something wrong in your body. Try to go for a doctor’s help if you see all these signs:

  • The pain that doesn’t go away with home treatment
  • Muscle pain that arises because of the rash
  • The pain that arises because of any unknown or unusual cause
  • A pain that occurs because of the medication or any kind of change in medicines
  • Muscle pain that arises because of the bite of any insect
  • A pain that happens because of the swelling or redness
  • Muscle pain that occurs because of elevated temperature


Try to listen to your body. Work on the things that disturb you from inside and make sleepless nights. Muscle pain should go away within an hour. If it persists, it is the right time to go for medication or a doctor’s help.

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