What Causes Lower Back Pain in Females 2023 Updated

What Causes Lower Back Pain in FemalesWhat Causes Lower Back Pain in Females

What Causes Lower Back Pain in Females

Well, most women become victims of their back pain in their late 30s. Following that, daily activities are to be truly blamed. So, the doctors of Fortis Vasant Kunj come for this cause. In fact, they make sure that back pain is healed from the root. Also, adequate diagnoses are done to check out the real cause. Furthermore, one can expect the best treatment. So, this article has important concerns relating to lower back pain. A woman can get appropriate preventive measures as well. Therefore, this article can be productive enough for a woman with back pain. 

Can Lower Pain be linked with Menstruation?

Usually, after the 30s back pain grasps women. Generally, the concerning causes are similar mostly. But, some women may have a varied reason for this pain. Following that, menstruation can also be a small contributor. So, lower back pain concerning women can be due to the following reasons:

1.Premenstrual syndrome 

Doctors of Fortis Vasant Kunj state that premenstrual syndrome can become prominent. Basically, a woman faces a problem prior to her menstruation date. Further, a victim can get relief once her period gets over. Usually, she can face bloating and cramps during premenstrual syndrome. 

2. Dysmenorrhea

A woman having intolerable period cramps is associated with dysmenorrhea. Here, the uterus gets extended unusually resulting in pain. The lower back pain concerning women gets triggered with this condition. In fact, both upper and lower back pain comes up.

3. Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder

In PMDD, a woman faces excruciating pain in her back. Generally, inflammation can become common. A victim having PMDD gets much more difficult in carrying out regular workloads. Even, daily routine can out to be a massive burden for her. So, a woman invites depression in this process. 

Main Causes of Lower Back Pain

A woman can fall for lower back pain due to multiple factors. These factors are as follows:

1. Sciatica

An orthopedic doctor links sciatica with lower back pain. Usually, the sciatic nerve can get injurious in some way. Following that, the woman in her 30s goes through enormous pain. In fact, this can follow by a burning shock in the back.

2. Pregnancy is a common factor

You gain huge weight during pregnancy, isn’t it? Actually, a woman’s hormonal change during pregnancy marks back pain. Even, orthopedics views that fifth to eight-month are crucial. It means back pain can start in that phase.

3. Woman having a herniated disc

A woman having herniated disc irritates her vertebrae. Following this, rupturing the disc becomes the worst possible outcome. Further, the woman’s nerve initiates the pain. So, a woman’s back pain begins this way. Usually, a woman above 30 years is more likely to fall for it. 

4. Straining ligament can be a cause

The woman can have lower back pain due to ligament strains. Generally, lifting heavy objects follows up. Following that, awkward postures can also be a great contributor. Also, such activities can result in back spasms. So, orthopedics takes muscle strain into consideration. 

Is it possible to treat lower back pain?

Well, there are many home remedies available for the same. So, lower back pain concerning women can be treated. A woman in her 30s seeks orthopedics treatment only. Following that, some basic treatments are available. So, the treatment options are as follows:

  • Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs

NSAIDs can help a woman’s back pain. Orthopedics includes aspirin in these drugs. Following that, the effectiveness of these drugs is immense. Still, one must contact orthopedics before consuming it

  • Hormonal Birth Control

Woman’s period problems ease out with it. Her pain can be attained with it So, relief from dysmenorrhea and alike situations can turn easily. 

  • Surgical Options

Orthopedics recommends surgical options to treat endometriosis. So, lower back pain concerning women gets normal with the removal of uterine tissues. An orthopedics surgeon can always go for it. 

  • Acupuncture can work

The woman can rely on acupuncture for lower back pain problems. Here, specialists apply pressure on body parts to heal the pain. So, a therapist can console the pain. Therefore, a woman can ignore the pain. 

  • Transcutaneous Electric Nerve Stimulation

Here, orthopedics gives electric shocks to the skin. Following that, a woman’s body releases the endorphins. A woman’s back pain vanishes considerably. Generally, practicing it three times can be beneficial. 

Can lifestyle changes reduce back pain?

According to the experts, lifestyle tips are beneficial. A woman in her 30s can stop alcohol intake. Also, sticking to daily exercises can surely be effective in lower back pain. Generally, having control over diet matters the most. The dietarian sticks to green vegetables for health purposes. So, a woman’s small changes can help her a lot. She can enjoy her daily activities by undertaking those tips. Credihealth can be useful for searching for the best hospitals in India. So, one can stay updated with its website. 

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