Advanced treatment options for Hernia Repair 2023 Updated

Advanced treatment options for Hernia RepairAdvanced treatment options for Hernia Repair

Advanced treatment options for Hernia Repair

A hernia is a common problem that occurs when an organ or fatty tissue is pushed through a weak spot in the surrounding muscle or connective tissue called fascia. Inguinal hernia is the most prevalent kind of hernia. It happens when the bottom section of the intestine breaks through the abdominal wall. This might occur as a result of a pre-existing weak point in the abdomen wall or as a result of severe pressure on it caused by vigorous exercise, constipation, lifting large items or strain, and persistent coughing. It is not always hazardous or life-threatening, but early treatment is a must as soon as possible to avoid more issues in the future. Various hospitals, including Manipal Hospital HAL Airport Road, diagnose and treat all hernias.

Does hernia always require surgery to treat?

With careful massage, A hernia specialist may sometimes press or “reduce” a tiny inguinal hernia back into the belly. Also, a hernia doctor may perform surgery if this does not work.

A hernia, in the end, needs surgery to repair. However, it may be appropriate to proceed with “watchful waiting” rather than surgery in a few circumstances.

But keep in mind that even if you postpone surgery today, your hernia will not go away on its own. A hernia is corrected when it is minor, which implies a speedier recovery and a quicker return to regular activities.

What necessitates hernia surgery?

Hernia surgery is a procedure that may be performed on nearly all children and adults. You may opt not to undergo an operation if you are severely unwell or very fragile. Your doctor can assist you in weighing the pros and cons of the operation against your capacity to recuperate. If any of the following occur, your doctor will most likely suggest it:

  • The intestine, for example, becomes caught in the abdominal wall. This is referred to as imprisonment. It can lead to strangulation if left untreated. The tissue dies if the blood supply to it is totally cut off.
  • The hernia encircles the intestines and gets strangled. This is a surgical emergency that can result in lasting harm. Organs that have been strangled, such as your intestines, may die if not removed soon, and you may become extremely unwell as a result.
  • Call a hernia specialist straight away if you have a fever or nausea, acute discomfort that grows worse, or a hernia that goes red, purple, or black.
  • The hernia is causing pain or discomfort, and it is also becoming bigger.

Surgical treatment options for hernia repair are the ultimate & effective treatment option. The treatment time of a hernia and strategy for hernia repair depends on whether it is reducible or irreducible and maybe strangulated. Below are the methods used to repair hernia surgically, that includes:

  • Open surgery – This is frequently referred to as conventional surgery for hernia repair. A surgeon creates a single bigger incision in open surgery to access the whole treatment region. The treatment is used to repair Many forms of hernias, but inguinal hernias, which develop in the lower abdominal wall around the groin, are the most prevalent. The hernia is located and repositioned inside your belly during open surgery before the wound is closed.
  • Laparoscopic surgery – Laparoscopic surgery is a minimally invasive procedure that is performed through tiny incisions. A laparoscope is inserted via one of the incisions by the surgeon. This scope is equipped with a small video camera that transmits images of the hernia to a display. While observing the monitor, our surgeon controls the equipment and performs the procedure. Laparoscopic surgery is connected with a speedier recovery and return to regular activities since it employs tiny incisions. Your scars will be quite little as well.
  • Robot-assisted surgery – Surgeons sit at a specific surgical console and control the tools straight from the console in robot-assisted surgery, comparable to laparoscopic surgery. Robotic technology enables very detailedly high-definition views of the surgical site as well as incredibly accurate surgical instrument motions. Robot-assisted surgery, like laparoscopic surgery, has a shorter recovery period, a quicker return to regular activities, and smaller scars than open surgery.
  • Mesh vs. no mesh – Mesh implants are now used in most hernia repair operations to help reinforce the tissue around the hernia. The mesh’s primary function is to prevent the hernia from reoccurring, but it may help speed up healing. Mesh can be utilized with any of the methods mentioned above. Your doctor will decide whether a mesh is the best option for your hernia repair.

What can you expect after hernia repair surgery?

After surgery, you will be given specific advice on what diet to follow, how to care for the incision site, and how to prevent excessive physical strain in the future. Hernias can return regardless of whether or not they are repaired. Occasionally, this is caused by innate tissue weakness or by a lengthy healing process. Cigarette smoking and obesity are also significant risk factors for hernia recurrence as well.

Choosing a hospital for surgery – 

On Credihealth, you can browse a doctor list of Manipal Hospital, HAL Airport Road, Bangalore, and make an appointment with one based on their consultation cost, speculation, expertise, treatment is given, ratings & reviews. You may also compare cost estimates and hospitalization aid to assist you in selecting the best hospital and medical professional for your needs.

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