Do Brain Tumors Cause Headaches 2023 Updated

Do Brain Tumors Cause HeadachesDo Brain Tumors Cause Headaches

Do Brain Tumors Cause Headaches

Brain Tumor is a severe condition that affects the most delicate organ of our body and that is the brain. So, the growth of unwanted cells spreading all across the brain can be really risky for the brain and it can result in death as well. The Fortis la femme Bangalore is concerned about the ill effects of such tumors and is well experienced in treating the same using specialized techniques and treatment procedures. 

Therefore, this article is written with the motive of showing that headaches can also be a contributor to causing brain tumors. Although deadly, these tumors can be defeated with the help of the best neurologists from India. 

What is Brain Tumor?

In case, abnormal cells grow in bulk all over the brain then it may lead to the development of lumps resulting in deadly tumors. Since the brain is an important organ in the body, therefore any minor effect in the brain can be disastrous to the entire body. In general, most brain tumors turns to become cancer in the long run while many other remains far away from the cancer boundary. Doesn’t it sound scary? Indeed, it is. Many times, heavy pressure is created in the skull and intolerable pain follows up in the process. 

Although, there can be the option of surgeries for eliminating brain tumors the entire process of its treatment is quite painful and depressing for both the patient and their close ones. Still, absolute care must be taken for avoiding it to take the form of a metastatic brain tumor. This is just because of the complexity of treatment that will follow for the treatment of other organs along with the brain. 

Headaches – A common contributor of Brain Tumor

Most of the time, the younger generation as well as the aged persons become the victim of headaches and that is due to severe workloads and stress. So, we can’t blame the occurrence of brain tumors through the means of headaches. Anyway, there are many cases, where big tumors are born inside the skull and the patient feels irritation that is accompanied by headache. Therefore, doctors have blamed headaches someway for assessing the brain tumor.

However, pain in the head can be due to many reasons and one is a brain tumor. Also, going through minor headaches doesn’t indicate any medical emergency mostly. But, pain lasting for long-duration mustn’t be ignored, despite its cause. Headaches continuing for a week over stress must be taken seriously and the consultation from a top neurologist must be taken at all cost. 

Can brain tumor follow from headache?

As per the reports, 50 percent of people who are the victim of brain tumors undergo irritating pain in their head. Usually, those victims face migraines mostly and are deeply troubled by them. So, the best neurologists from the multi-specialty hospital of Fortis la femme hospital have noted certain characteristics of the headache that causes brain tumors.

Following are the important characteristics of the headache that indicate a brain tumor:

  • People who don’t have any record of headaches can have too much pain in their head and that is not a normal condition.
  • The victim might wake up midway from sleep and that is because of the extensive headache.
  • Headaches that increase in the morning hours can be an indicator of brain tumors.
  • If the headaches turn out severe with time, then it can also be one of the prime symptoms.
  • In case, coughing makes the headache intense then it might trigger the brain tumor too.
  • Having vomiting along with fever can also mean that this kind of headache needs special treatment.

So, headaches are the foremost sign that something is out of signal, and going for medical treatments is the appropriate means in this regard. Therefore, even other problems can be depicted with sudden headaches and this can be gastric issues as well as certain other minor diseases. 

Main Symptoms of Brain Tumor

As far as we know, a brain tumor can be felt if the headache turns out violent. Apart from headache, many vital symptoms directly indicate the occurrence of the tumor in the brain. All these symptoms have been closely observed by India’s top neurologists and skillful researchers. Thus, the symptoms include:

  • People have brain tumor closely and gradually turns out to get weak day by day. This is just because of the invasion of the healthy cells and replacing them with the unhealthy ones. So, that person gets tired very easily, and lit bit of effort can seem like a bulk to that patient.
  • Experiencing a fall in weight for quite a long can be a great symptom for the formation of a brain tumor.
  • As time flies by, the patient faces problems in delivering his speech properly. Even his hearing ,as well as vision problem arises.
  • Since the medications and treatment for a brain tumor are high in power, therefore the patient can experience a shift in their behavior with fellow mates. He easily gets moody and irritated.
  • Appetite loss becomes an issue with the victim of a brain tumor. He, day by day, loses interest in eating food.
  • Facing an issue in walking for long hours can make the patient tired and uneasy.

So, all these symptoms become dominant in causing brain tumors and can turn worse as time passes. 

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