What Causes Muscle Cramps : Know the exact reason

What Causes Muscle CrampsWhat Causes Muscle Cramps

What Causes Muscle Cramps

The muscle spasm is an abrupt and painful contraction of muscles. The painful contractions may range from a few seconds to several minutes. The effects, such as soreness or stiffness of muscles, can persist for several days. Sometimes it happens that you may not know the causes of muscle cramps.  The majority of cramps happen in the calves. However, the reason why cramps are so prevalent in calves is not evident. Muscle cramps aren’t just affecting muscles but also the whole body. 

It’s difficult to know the moment when a muscle cramp is on the way. The symptoms are swift, as are the symptoms that warn you. They are indistinct and inconclusive. Let’s examine these risk factors before looking into the specific reasons. 

Causes of Muscle Cramps

The exact reason behind the muscle cramps remains a mystery. However, the theories that are frequently cited are:

  • Altered neuromuscular control
  • Dehydration
  • Electrolyte depletion
  • Insufficient condition
  • Muscle fatigue
  • Engaging in a new activity
  • Another cause that is linked to muscle cramps is exercising in extreme temperatures.

As athletes tend to develop cramps in the early season at the conclusion or the night following (or the night following) long or intense training, many feel that lack of fitness causes cramps.

What causes leg cramps?

Massage and stretching the muscle in question can help relieve cramps. The majority of cramps disappear after a few minutes. Painkillers aren’t always helpful because they don’t work fast enough. However, using a painkiller like paracetamol can reduce muscle pain and tenderness.

Exercises to stretch are often recommended. However, there’s no solid research evidence to demonstrate that they do work. One study concluded that stretching exercises reduced the frequency and severity of cramps; however, another study didn’t prove the findings. However, there are various causes of muscle cramps. 

Yet, many doctors think that stretching the calf muscles does aid. Thus, to aid, it’s worthwhile to try it if you’re capable of doing the exercises. In addition, if you are successful, there will be no need to take any tablets to stop the cramps.

What causes muscle cramps when fatigue is present?

The most popular theory of why cramps occur could be that muscles are tired. Nerve signals control the contraction and relaxation of the tissues. However, certain scientists believe that the signals are out of sync when exercising or engaging in other activities. As a result, the muscle doesn’t receive enough signal signals to cease contraction or to receive too many signals to contract and tighten — which is that the neuromuscular system linked to contraction is highly sensitive.

The biggest issue that this kind of cramping can cause is that it is the only option, which means the person isn’t able to continue their training or exercise. It can result in a difficult or unpleasant situation in some circumstances, like when someone is on their hiking and cannot return to the camp without assistance.

Does dehydration cause muscle cramps?

A few experts believe there is a deficiency in water as the primary reason behind muscle cramps. When someone isn’t drinking enough fluids, the body is trying to hold it in the place it’s needed most, like the heart or brain, to ensure that the essential physiological functions are in place.

The deficiency of fluids inside and around muscles, according to the experts, is the reason that triggers nerves to become hypersensitive and trigger a cramp. Besides, patients do not know the

causes of muscle cramps.

At one time, trainers were able to keep athletes from drinking water until they met standards. However, it led to an endless cycle of frustration since the athletes were more likely to cramp and eventually in a position to not continue with no water.

Professionals are becoming increasingly aware of the importance of hydration in muscle activity; most sports organizations strongly reprimand trainers and others who do not let athletes have access to liquids.

What is the result when you feel the sensation of a muscle cramp?

Cramps can be classified into four categories: true cramps and rest cramps, Tetanic cramps, and Dystonic cramps. The most frequent of these are known as the True cramp. Although there are many reasons for muscle cramps, for instance, the involuntary muscle contractions that can be that are associated with seizures, we’ll be focusing on cramps that occur in the muscles associated with sports since this is the most frequent.

Our bodies consist of more than 700 muscles that work. Sometimes, uncontrollable contractions of any of these muscles can result in a spasm or cramp. A muscle cramp could be caused by a single muscle, the muscle itself, or a set of muscles that operate in synergy.  

Prevention and Treatment Recommendations

The exact causes of cramps being investigated are not completely clear what the best treatment or prevention method for the condition is. Once you know the causes of muscle cramps, read about the preventive methods. 

However, doctors generally advise drinking electrolytes or the diet that provides the right amount of salt and water based on the theories. They also suggest that those who tend cramps should exercise for shorter durations or with a lesser amount.

  • Massage and stretch the muscle that is cramping.
  • Keep the joint stretch place until the cramp subsides.
  • Increase your fitness and prevent fatigue in the muscles
  • Regularly stretch after exercising
  • Get ready for exercising
  • The calf muscles can be stretched in an upright lunge, with both feet pointed inwards by straightening the back leg.

The quadriceps muscles can be stretched when standing. Hold your feet’s top using the other hand, and then gently pull your heel towards your buttocks.

What Tests Diagnose the Cause of Muscle Cramps?

A health professional will look over your medical history to determine the type of your muscle cramps, their location, the intensity and frequency of your muscle cramps.

  • The doctor will review your medication to determine whether it could have a role in triggering the symptoms you are experiencing.
  • The physical exam will assess the strength of muscles and skill, and nerve function.
  • The results of blood tests for muscle enzymes (CPK aldolase LDH and ALT and AST) are a good way to identify if the injury to the muscle is causing injury.
  • A different blood test could include testing the levels of potassium, calcium, phosphorus, and magnesium, along with thyroid function.
  • Sometimes, testing by a neurologist could consist of tests of neural conduction speed (NCV) and the electromyogram (EMG).


If you’re looking to prevent cramping, old-fashioned methods such as a cooling down time after exercise stretching, warm-up and stretching before your activity, and being aware of your body’s limits during exercise have been proven to prevent cramps. It is important to perform exercise on a regular basis. Besides, you can also consult a physician at Reliance Hospital

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