Which Doctor to Consult for Mouth Ulcer 2023 Updated

Which Doctor to Consult for Mouth UlcerWhich Doctor to Consult for Mouth Ulcer

Which Doctor to Consult for Mouth Ulcer

Mouth sores are tiny painful lesions that form in the mouth and make swallowing difficult. These can appear anywhere inside the mouth, including the lips, tongue, mouth lining, and inner cheeks. The underlying cause of mouth ulcers might be a weakened immune system. Mouth sores generally start as blisters and are quite painful. These are uncomfortable and create a burning feeling when eating, drinking, cleaning one’s teeth, or speaking. While suffering from mouth sores, ill-fitting dental braces and dentures can aggravate the issue.

Mouth sores are painful blisters that typically last a week or two and usually heal on their own. Because of the underlying disease or family history, mouth ulcers might reoccur. Mouth sores are characterized by excruciating pain and the development of red or white blisters inside the mouth. When an external item or food particle comes into touch with a mouth ulcer, it causes intense discomfort and burning. If you are experiencing a mouth ulcer-causing severe pain and discomfort, you need to consult a mouth ulcer doctor immediately. 

Types of mouth ulcer – Usually, an ulcer develops on the cheeks or below the gum line. Ulcers are often non-injurious and resolve on their own without the need for medical intervention. Mouth ulcers can be categorized into three types which include:

Minor Ulcers – The most frequent kind, accounting for 80% of all cases. They are minor and generally heal on their own within two weeks. They cause no long-term harm to the skin.

Major Ulcers – These are larger and deeper than small ulcers, and they generally have a raised or uneven border. They are generally 1cm in diameter or larger. Major ulcers can take many weeks to heal and might leave scars on the skin.

Herpetiform Ulcers – Herpetiform ulcers appear as a cluster of pinhead-sized lesions. The number of ulcers might range between five and one hundred. These small ulcers frequently fuse to produce bigger, irregularly shaped sores that are excruciatingly painful.

Herpetiform mouth ulcers are uncommon; around 5-10% of all mouth ulcers are herpetiform. They are not linked to the herpes virus, despite their name. You can book an appointment with a mouth ulcer doctor through Credihealth.

Risk Factors Contribute to Mouth Ulcers –

Some people have a somewhat different oral issue known as mouth ulcers. Most people want to know what causes mouth ulcers and how to treat them. Some of the most prevalent causes of mouth ulcers are smoking, braces, stress, hormonal fluctuations, etc. It often lasts two weeks before dissipating. You can get medicines from a dentist.

The truth regarding what causes ulcers varies depending on the dental health of the individual. Still, there are certain persistent symptoms and a sign that cause mouth ulcers to worsen, and they are as follows:

  • Smoking cessation
  • Citrus fruits and other meals with high acidity or spice content
  • Biting one’s tongue or the inside of one’s cheek
  • Braces, ill-fitting dentures, and other items that may irritate the mouth and gums
  • Inadequate filling
  • Anxiety or stress
  • Changes in hormones throughout pregnancy, puberty, and menopause
  • Different Medications
  • Factors of origin

Diagnosis of Mouth Ulcers –

A general practitioner or a dentist can determine the most likely cause of an ulcer by taking a medical history and examining the mouth. Aphthous ulcers, also known as canker sores, are characterized by new ulcers every few months over a period of time. In older people, ulcers that do not heal despite therapy may indicate malignancy or a weak immune system, such as in AIDS or TB.

 Treatment for mouth ulcer-

In many situations, the pain and suffering associated with mouth ulcers may subside within a few days and eventually vanish within 2-weeks, necessitating no further therapy.

A dentist may prescribe a treatment to decrease swelling and pain for those who experience severe pain or recurrence of mouth ulcers on a regular basis. A mouth ulcer doctor can also recommend suitable medication to a patient in order to treat the problem.

In addition, a dentist may recommend an antibiotic mouthwash or an ointment to be administered directly to the affected area to treat the infection. This may be of use in alleviating pain. 

 Doctor, provide medical assistance for mouth ulcer-

Patients suffering from oral ulcers are usually referred to a general dentist. These dentists or mouth ulcer doctors are usually well-versed in the primary management of such lesions. Still, suppose the problem is severe, or the ulcers are resistant to topical therapy or treatment. In that case, a systematic workup and management beyond topical treatment may be required, as the condition can interfere with diet and hydration and significantly impact the patient’s quality of life. These instances may be beyond the expertise of a regular dentist, necessitating referral to an oral medicine specialist.

Depending on the cause of the ulcers, multidisciplinary care with a gastroenterologist, immunologist/allergologist, hematologist, rheumatologist, and the dermatologist may be required.

Because of the presence of specific chemicals in your saliva, sores in your mouth tend to heal fast. On the other hand, mouth sores may be unpleasant and humiliating, and they can indicate serious health concerns in some situations. If you have a mouth sore that does not heal on its own within a week or two, you should contact a mouth ulcer doctor or dentist, who can diagnose and treat your mouth sore while also assisting you in pain reduction. You can find the best mouth ulcer specialist on Credihealth and book an appointment with the doctor depending on your choices.

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