What are the Early Signs of Heart Failure 2023 Updated

What are the Early Signs of Heart FailureWhat are the Early Signs of Heart Failure

What are the Early Signs of Heart Failure

The prime reason behind most heart failure is when the muscles stop pumping the blood. When such a condition takes place, blood often backs up and lungs get filled up with the fluid. This is the main reason for shortness of breath when a stroke occurs. Certain heart conditions like narrowed arteries or high blood pressure leave the heart with weak muscles but pump the blood properly.

If you are facing any underlying heart disease, consult doctors – cardiologist in india. The staff or the doctors are experienced in treating the patients with care. It is equipped with AI technology and the latest tools to provide complete care to all patients. The staff attains a strong step in diagnosing the complex or heart-to-treat diseases.

Proper treatment is required for any heart condition. A well-planned treatment can help to live longer. With the change in the world, life is also changing- people are bringing change in their weight, exercise style, and diet. These changes can increase the symptoms of heart failure. One way to prevent heart failure is to control the cause of it. The causes of heart failure can be high blood pressure, diabetes, and obesity. However, we have brought you certain common signs of heart failure. These signs can help you understand your disease in a better way.

  1. Chest Discomfort

Chest discomfort can be the early sign of a blocked artery or heart attack. If you are a patient of heart attack and experiencing pain, tightness, or pressure in your chest, immediately consult a doctor. Some people explain this kind of discomfort as an elephant has suppressed their chest while some say that something has burdened their chest. The feeling lasts longer for a few minutes. It can happen when you are resting or doing some physical work. One needs to keep in mind that a heart attack can occur even without chest pain.

  1. Stomach Upset, Indigestion, and Nausea

There are different types of effects for a heart patient. Some experience vomiting while some face indigestion. Women are more likely to experience vomiting compared to men. There are chances of an upset stomach. It is obvious to say that an upset stomach has nothing to do with a heart attack. But a heart patient needs to be aware of such signs. So, if you are feeling a heart attack, let your doctor know these signs. Explain the symptoms you are experiencing and let the doctor attain you.

  1. Pain may spread to Arms

Another well-known symptom of heart attack is the feeling of pain in the arms. This happens when the pain radiates down the left side of the body. It first starts from the chambers of the heart and later moves to arms. There are chances that a patient may feel pain in the arms and then have a heart attack.

  1. Dizziness and a feeling of being lightheaded

A lot of things happen with a heart attack. A patient may lose balance and he/she may feel faint for a moment. It may happen because you may have not eaten properly or you have taken too much. But it is the sudden cause of heart failure. If you have chest discomfort, shortness of breath, and unsteadiness, consult your doctor for a quick diagnosis. There can be chances of fluctuating blood pressure. This is because the heart becomes weak and stops functioning properly.

  1. Throat or Jaw Pain

Jaw or throat pain occurs when a heart attack is about to take place. It is more likely to happen in cold, sinus problems, and muscular issues. But if you are having pain or pressure in the center of your chest, the pain may spread to other portions. It could be an early sign of a heart attack. If you feel such a condition with other major underlying medical issues, consult the doctor immediately.

  1. The feeling of exhaustion becomes normal to a heart patient

Sometimes, heart patient people do not feel abnormal while performing any heavy activity. They may feel normal while climbing stairs, carrying heavily loaded substances, climbing the wall, etc. But, there can be chances of weakness or fatigue. These are significant as such activities stimulate adrenaline. Such conditions create pain in body parts which seems normal. There can occur the chances of unexplained weakness and exhaustion. It may take a few days to become normal. And it happens more in women compared to men. It is one of the major symptoms of heart disease.

  1. Snoring

It is normal to snore while you sleep. But snoring unusual or with a louder sound that can create choking or gasping is the sign of sleep apnea. This happens when you stop breathing for a while. This occurs mostly in the night when you are in deep sleep. This can put extra pressure on the pumping of the heart. Under such a condition, your doctor may diagnose your sleep. They may require you to check your sleep through a CPAP machine. This machine indicates smooth breathing while sleeping.

  1. Sweating

Sweating is another common symptom of a heart attack. You may experience sweating in the cold child winters while eating or taking your breakfast, lunch, or dinner. In such a condition, avoid driving yourself. Take help and talk to your doctor.


Swollen legs, shortness of breath, fatigue, rapid heartbeat, etc are the common signs of heart failure. If you are facing any of these symptoms continuously, immediately consult your physician or specialist. It can be a high time when you should see a doctor. It is a multi-specialty hospital that is being called for its world-class amenities. It is one of the largest healthcare institutes in the industry. It comes with interventional treatments and services providing comprehensive care to all.

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