What are Common Sciatica Pain Causes 2023 Updated

Sciatica Pain CausesSciatica Pain Causes

Sciatica Pain Causes

The thought of giving birth to a baby is very exciting in itself. Undoubtedly, the mother becomes crazy with excitement and the emotions get strong that time. Hormonal changes are experienced along with some sort of pain and thus the situation is very crucial. Undoubtedly, the birth of the offspring is felt deeply, and balancing the physical change in the body becomes a responsibility. Ensuring the health of both mother and the child tops the priority level at that time. 

Therefore, the Signature Hospital Gurgaon is one of India’s top hospitals that deals with pregnancy and its sciatica pain amazingly. Here are the details that one definitely can’t afford to miss out. 

What is Pregnancy?

The time period in which the woman gives birth to single or multiple babies is known as pregnancy. At times, when a mother gets pregnant with two babies, then the babies are usually called twins. However, sexual intercourse results in pregnancy, if not done with any sort of protection. 

Generally, a woman’s womb is a place where the fetus develops and grows. The pregnancy lasts for about nine months and then the baby is born.

Main Symptoms of Pregnancy

In the past, older people just saw certain signs and understood whether the woman was pregnant or not. The same is prevalent in the 21st century as well. But, with the advancement of technology and the progressive nature of society, different ways have been introduced for the surety of pregnancy. These symptoms of pregnancy are as follows:

  • Noticing an absence of period

Well, everyone knows that, if a woman misses her period then everyone begins assuming that the woman is pregnant. Though, it might not be the case all the time. But, most medical conditions can compel the individual to face irregularity in their period and this can be troublesome. 

  • Vomiting

This is one of the most usual symptoms of pregnancy. The pregnant lady feels the urge to vomit quite often.

  • Urination becomes frequent

Urinating often is another symptom that can show that the woman is pregnant. As the flow of blood becomes good during pregnancy, the kidneys get too much liquid that finds their way into the bladder. 

  • Change in mood becomes common

As the hormonal change in the woman gets high, experiencing high mood swings is quite common at that time. Many  times the mother becomes emotional and other times she is excited. 

Sciatica Pain: What is that?

The phase of pregnancy where the mother undergoes severe pain in the back is called sciatica pain. Usually, this occurs as the weight of the baby is more on the front side. Even slight pain in the butt section, as well as lower back, is also faced at the time of the pain. Following that, the pain gets along from the lower back and can reach the height of the legs. 

All these occur as a result of the sciatic nerves that are considered the biggest nerve in the body. The excruciating pain happens as the sciatic nerve gets compressed during pregnancy times. However, on proceeding towards the later months of pregnancy, the sciatic pain just keeps on increasing. Often, the third trimester is the time when that pain becomes more active. 

In fact, the sciatic pain is just something very temporary and is seen during the pregnancy times only. Just after the mother gives birth to the child, this disappears completely. 

Common Symptoms of Sciatica Pain

Signature Hospital with its effective faculty has its say on sciatic pain. They have noticed certain symptoms that come up with sciatic pain. So, the symptoms of the pain can be summed up as follows:

  • Sciatic pain can be understood if the pain reaches the leg section.
  • Feeling of weakness in the leg and the lower back portion of the body can be considered as a top symptom.
  • Having a sensation of needle-like feeling happening over the legs.
  • Sciatic pain can increase if the pregnant woman spends more time sitting as well as lying down.
  • The person with this sort of pain is unable to stand and walk at a stretch.

Although there are many symptoms by which this pain can be understood, it must be noticed that just 1% of pregnant ladies go through this sort of pain. Even sciatic pain is controllable and the right treatment can cure this too. 

What are the causes of sciatic pain?

The lumbar spine issue is the prime cause of sciatic pain. At times, certain deficiencies in bone-like osteoarthritis as well as spinal stenosis can be attributed as its cause too. As this kind of problem gives extra pressure over the sciatic nerve, the pain begins automatically. Muscle tissues, as well as unbalanced joints, compel the person to face this difficult pain.

Moreover, the mother carrying the baby in the womb feels utmost pressure in the front side and this harms the hip joints causing sciatic pain. Lastly, as the mother’s uterus is the place for the baby, so on changing the baby’s position the sciatic nerve gets initiated leading to horrible pain and discomfort.

Best Treatments for Sciatic Pain

India’s top doctors and healthcare experts have given certain self-care therapies as well as medicinal treatments for the pregnant woman that can help during sciatica. Let’s have a glimpse over that.

  • Stretching can help a lot – Slight stretching of the back, as well as muscles of the abdomen, can be truly beneficial during the pregnancy time. This can give much relief from sciatic nerve pain.
  • Massage – To get comfort during pregnancy, a good massage is highly suggested by the medical experts. This can reduce the inflammation that is experienced due to the sciatic nerve. Massaging can be very comforting as well.
  • Advanced Treatment Options – If you are someone, who trusts medical treatments more than steroid injections can be your thing. However, sciatica will be solved just after the baby is born and that is not the case, consultation with the doctor becomes more prominent.
  • Good Exercises can be beneficial – Walking for a short time as well as swimming safely during pregnancy can be a healthy practice. This further can relax the sciatic nerve and give you protection from the pain.

The best way to keep you away from sciatic pain is care about yourself. Managing a proper diet and change in lifestyle can help a lot in this regard.

Know Your Helping Hand

If you are looking out to treat your patient in the best hospital and as per your budget then contact with Credihealth can be an advantage. All the doctors and faculty are at their disposal and this might be good for you too.

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