How much does a kidney transplant cost in India 2023 Updated

How much does a kidney transplant cost in IndiaHow much does a kidney transplant cost in India

How much does a kidney transplant cost in India

Kidney transplant costs in India differ on various grounds. However, when diagnosed with kidney failure, many patients tend to panic. It is not only the cost of the surgery that scares us but also the post-treatment. Therefore, here in this article, we will see the cost and expenses parameters.  Make sure not to miss the points discussed further because you will get a clear idea regarding the cost, treatment procedure, and step-by-step guide. 

On what parameter the kidney transplant cost depends?

Though various factors decide the expenses, here are a few points that you might know:

The surgeon’s expertise: 

Though the surgeons are highly experienced, many procedures require surgical expertise. For example, in the case of a transplanted kidney, the surgeon has to operate on the abdominal cavity using a particular tool. The patient may also be required to undergo specific surgeries simultaneously.

Admission Cost:

Though the surgery is free, there are other costs involved. The hospital charges for admitting the patient and other personal expenses, if any. Therefore, the hospital charges a premium, so patients are charged extra money.

Medical Check-ups:

The patient is prepared to take risks, but still, the patient should make medical checkups. The doctor has to make sure that the patient is healthy and fit for the surgery.

Diagnostic Tests: A patient’s health should be maintained during the transplantation. Therefore, many tests are required. These are usually carried out to check for various serious conditions.

Different Types of Surgeries of Kidney Transplant

The various types of surgeries that are performed for a kidney transplant are:

  • Laparoscopic Kidney Transplant: As the name suggests, this is the surgery done using a laparoscope.
  • Open Kidney Transplant: As the name suggests, this is a surgery in which an incision is made in the abdomen to remove the kidney. This surgery is not used much now due to its more risks and chances of side effects.

After gaining a clear picture of the procedure and cost, you can look for an expert doctor. There are many such doctors and clinics in India that offer quality services. For example, top cancer hospitals in India can help you with a kidney transplant.

How can I get an estimation of the Kidney Transplant in India?

The different hospitals have different expenses for the transplant. Some have upgraded technology and additional medical equipment. In addition to this, few hospitals in India have highly qualified teams of experts. If you are looking for a complete estimation of the kidney transplant, you can book an appointment at Credihealth. 

You can get an online consultation with the best urologist in India through Credihealth. Besides, you can get an estimation of the pre-treatment plant. Further to this, the medical experts can also guide the treatment procedure step by step. 

Is Kidney Transplant in India Expensive?

Yes, Kidney transplant cost in India differs and is expensive. Therefore, if you are planning to get the surgery done in your country, make sure to compare the prices of various hospitals. Moreover, do not forget to check the quality of services as well.

However, India is the place for you if you look for an advanced kidney transplant surgery in a hospital approved by the WHO. Therefore, before you decide to get the surgery done abroad, make sure that your medical records are updated and maintained by the doctors in your country.

Does health insurance cover the cost of kidney transplants in India?

Many insurance companies offer health insurance plans covering kidney transplants and other medical treatments. However, you should check with your insurer beforehand to know whether the treatment and procedures are covered or not.

However, some hospitals offer a discount if you show proof of having an insurance plan. Further to this, it is advised that you should look for good insurance plans that include coverage of hospitalization and other expenses incurred during surgery or post-treatment.

Expenses that you might need to consider during the Kidney Transplant

The points mentioned above were the major expenses. However, there are a few more costs that you should remember:

Living expenses: You cannot leave for months without any income. Therefore, it is advised to maintain the same lifestyle and pay your bills as per your requirements. 

Transportation Expenses: If you reside far away from the hospital and surgeon’s clinic, you may have to spend money on transportation.

Hospital expenses: The hospital may charge various medical bills depending on the treatment needed. Therefore, it is advised to ensure that the government approves the hospital.

Medical and transportation insurance: Most patients are reluctant to get medical insurance, even though a clinic’s advertisement offers them free of cost. As you will get an idea of your expenses after getting an estimate, booking an insurance policy at the earliest is also advisable.

Medical visa: If you are not a citizen of India, you must apply for a medical visa. It will take time, and therefore it is advised to apply at least two months before the surgery.

Travel expenses: If your hospital is far away from your city or hometown, traveling will be essential for post-treatment checkups and other treatments. Therefore, it is suggested that you should choose your hospital wisely.

Does the cost affect the international patient?

The cost is an essential part of kidney transplants and other treatments. However, it is also assumed that the cost affects all international patients.

According to various studies conducted in India, kidney transplant treatment does not affect international patients. Most of them prefer to go for surgery in their country as they trust Indian nurses and doctors. Further to this, several countries provide government grants for surgeries and other medical treatments done abroad.

International Patients and Kidney Transplant: Why are they not affected?

  • As mentioned earlier, kidney transplant does not affect international patients. However, there could be other reasons why they do not complain.
  • For example, if the patient is suffering from a chronic or a severe illness or has a serious condition like diabetes, he is advised to get treatment abroad.
  • It is extremely difficult to get suitable medical facilities in India in these cases. Most patients prefer to go abroad for better treatment. In addition to this, they are eager to save money as well.
  • In such cases, the cost of the treatment is not a factor that affects the patient. Some cases show that foreign patients spend more than Indian patients on medical treatments.
  • The experts suggest that if you are looking for an affordable solution for a kidney transplant in India, you have to compare the prices and check the quality of services provided by different hospitals and clinics.

Kidney Transplant of Diabetic Patients

  • Aside from dialysis, there is another way to treat the disease. That is with a kidney transplant. Kidney transplantation can help patients get rid of the hassle of dialysis and increase their lifespan. However, a few people are scared of kidney transplant costs in India due to high expenses. But, it is not true.
  • However, there are various ways to reduce the cost of a kidney transplant in India. Let us have a look at some solutions.
  • Kidney transplant cost in India or Healthcare: Don’t get confused; kidney transplant cost in India is the same as that of other countries. The only difference is the reason why they are getting the transplant done. In India, they are getting it done to cure chronic kidney disease due to diabetes or hypertension. At the same time, folks in other countries want it done for the same reason, but other health conditions like diabetes and high blood pressure.


Kidney transplant cost in India is the same as that of other countries. So, what are you waiting for? Book your kidney transplant surgery in India today! Besides you can get a complete estimation of the surgery cost from the doctors at Credihealth.  As the choice for kidney transplantation has increased, so has the competition among doctors and hospitals. The best part about this price war is that it benefits you immensely because now you can get kidney transplants at budget prices.

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