Can Obesity be a Symptom of Heart Attack 2023 Updated

Can Obesity be a Symptom of Heart AttackCan Obesity be a Symptom of Heart Attack

Can Obesity be a Symptom of Heart Attack

We know that being overweight can lead to unusual situations. One of such can be attached to a heart attack. Generally, obesity increases blood pressure and a heart attack occurs abruptly. Following that, Fortis la Femme Greater Kailash treats the cause. The cardiac surgeons here are well trained and experienced. Further, obesity is managed by them quite professionally. These doctors also recommend exercising regularly.

Therefore, this article will stress-reducing obesity. In doing so, the probability of heart attack can be reduced. Apart from that, one’s physical look can also be improved. Although, it is not about looks, health can’t be ignored. 

Why does obesity cause heart attacks?

Well, being overweight is the ‘solo player’ of boosting heart attack. Are you feeling tense? If so, then it is not exceptional. One has to know that obesity is very dangerous. Further, extra pounds can be injurious to the heart’s muscles. 

However, obesity concerning heart attack can be severe. Its main causes are as follows:

  1. Obese people tend to require extra blood flow. This is for the transmission of nutrients in the body. Further, oxygen supply also demands more blood. In doing so, the pressure created by the body tends to increase blood pressure.
  2. One’s blood pressure becomes the exact reason for having a heart attack. Mainly, cardiac issues are co-related with blood pressure. The victim’s blood pressure can be dominant for having such issues.

Therefore, obesity is a big threat to a heart attack. Other risk factors concerning the heart can also occur due to obesity. One’s lifespan can be reduced due to excess weight. The entire cardiovascular system can take a toll. Thus, the functional disparity can be easily caused at any moment. 

Effect of Obesity on Heart

A victim may be a crazy foodie. But, is he aware of the repercussions of getting overweight? If not, then his life span is getting short automatically. Obesity can lead to many other problems. Following that, these issues can lead to a heart attack.  So, the major effects of a heart attack include multiple factors. Heart problems can be due to the following reasons:

  1. The obesity concerning heart attack might be due to hypertension. Now, obesity gives a boost to this issue. In doing so, it indirectly cuts down the life expectancy rate. People usually remain extra tense due to workloads or associated things. Following that, blood pressure risks and does the damage.
  2. An abnormal rise in cholesterol level can be due to excess weight. Following this, an individual can trouble his heart. The excess lipoprotein isn’t good for your heart. Furthermore, one must monitor cholesterol levels to ensure a healthy heart.
  3. The cardiologists of Fortis la Femme, Greater Kailash blame type 2 diabetes for cardiovascular diseases. One can raise blood sugar levels abnormally. Following that, the negative impacts on the heart can’t be avoided. In addition to that, blood vessels can be disrupted largely in this process.
  4. Most of the time, sleep disorders can occur due to excess weight. In such cases, blood pressure rises. As a result, one has to go through heart problems. Following that, cholesterol levels can take a toll too.

Therefore, obesity can be much disastrous. One’s extra pounds can be a reason for his death. So, India’s top cardiologist stresses weight reduction. Skipping fatty foods can contribute to this. Honestly, no medications can make you light-weighted. So, sticking to exercises can be the only option.

Other Symptoms Concerning Heart Attack

Heart attack isn’t limited to obesity. There can be other symptoms of having a heart attack as well. Following that, the symptom might include:

  • Shortness of breath

A person can have breathing issues due to insufficient oxygen supply. Following that, oxygen doesn’t reach the heart adequately. Here, blood flow to the heart isn’t appropriate. So, ultimately one can have the risk of severe cardiovascular diseases.

  • Tiredness

As the heart takes pressure in pumping blood, tiredness follows. In doing so, tiredness comes automatically. One can get easily tired with normal activities. So, monitoring such effects for the doctor’s help can be great. A cardiologist’s attention becomes a must then.

  • Chest pain

The pain in the chest is a prime symptom of a heart attack. The victim can have such symptoms and ignore them. Although, it can subside without medications ignorance isn’t the option. Following that, India’s famous cardiologist can rescue you.

  • Nausea followed by cold sweats

Doctors say t blood pressure rise involves cold sweats. Following that, vomiting tendency comes up. One shouldn’t ignore nausea at any cost. This is the primary symptom of heart attack and a cardiologist has its treatment. Therefore, a doctor’s visit is a must. 

Therefore, obesity concerning heart attack also has its relevance. One can remain aware of such symptoms to eliminate risks. Further, stepping to a good lifestyle can help as well. A person can focus on excess weight. Thus, eradicating the prime risks isn’t that difficult. 

How can you reduce weight?

You might look good in your chubby looks. But, your body isn’t enjoying the situation. One has to de determined in losing weight. Otherwise, obesity concerning heart attack will become prominent. 

So, one can reduce weight in the following ways:

  1. Cutting down greasy foods can be beneficial. One must avoid oily kinds of stuff for a few months to lose weight.
  2. Daily exercises can be a booster of weight reduction. A victim can control weight by yoga. In addition to that, dedicating 15 to 20 minutes to exercising can be better.
  3. One can stick to short walks. Having walks daily can make you slim automatically. Mainly, morning walks are beneficial to the body.
  4. Dietary changes can be worth it. A victim of excess weight must shift to green tea. Its antioxidant properties can control weight properly.
  5. The person mustn’t spend his leisure time sitting. He can carry out daily activities smoothly for weight reduction.

Credihealth is beneficial regarding all medical help. A person can browse its website for all kinds of medical assistance. This might range from booking hospitals to appointments.

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