What Could be the Complications during childbirth?

What Could be the Complications during childbirth?What Could be the Complications during childbirth?

What Could be the Complications during childbirth?

The labor and birth process is straightforward but many times there are chances of complications. These complications may arise during any part of the labor process. According to researchers, specialized help is required if the pregnancy lasts more than 42 weeks. These changes take place if the mother is older or has got previous cesarean delivery. Pediatrician In Bangalore provides consistent ethical healthcare services that are bound to quality and compassion. The hospital undertakes pediatric care, neonatology care, and gynecological services with other emergencies.

Herein, we have focused primarily on the complications being caused at the time of labor:

  1. Failure to progress

Failure to progress is meant to prolonged labor that lasts more than the expected period. There are 8 percent of people who get affected by prolonged labor worldwide during the time they give birth to their child. It can happen because of various reasons. According to the research, it has been shown that pregnancy lasts more than 20 hours if it is the first delivery. Complications during the time of first delivery also make the mother available for prolonged delivery for more than 14 hours. It can be tiring to have prolonged delivery but it doesn’t lead to any complications. Interventions may be needed at the time of delivery in such cases.

  1. Fetal distress

This is remarked by the changes in the activity of the fetus. Under this condition, the fetus does not appear to be well. Fetal distress can be the result of inaccurate treatments or may lead to inaccurate treatments. It is linked with an abnormal heart rate of the fetus, problems with the muscle tone, low level of amniotic fluid, causes of any underlying disease like insufficient oxygen level, pregnancy-induced hypertension in the mother, maternal anemia, etc. Such conditions are more likely to occur if the pregnancy lasts more than 42 weeks. In such cases, C-section surgery during the delivery procedure becomes necessary. Strategies that help in combating or knowing the fetus development are:

  • Increasing maternal hydration
  • Change in the position of the mother
  • Maintaining oxygen level for the mother
  • Amnioinfusion where fluid is inserted into the amniotic cavity to reduce pressure on the umbilical cord
  1. Perinatal asphyxia

This is an underlying complication that is related to sustaining breathing at the time of birth. It can happen during or immediately at the time of birth. The complication is marked by the inadequate supply of oxygen. It can involve a complex range of issues. It can further lead to 

  • hypoxemia, or low oxygen levels
  • high levels of carbon dioxide
  • acidosis, or too much acid in the blood
  • Cardiovascular problems in certain cases
  • Low heart rate or low pH level
  • Low APGAR score that lasts more than 5 minutes

Treatment for this complication involves providing oxygen to the mother. It can result in cesarean delivery of the child. After the delivery, mechanical breathing problems may also take place.

  1. Shoulder dystocia

Under this condition, the baby is delivered vaginally through the side of the head. The shoulders of the baby remain inside the womb of the mother. It is more likely to happen with the mother who has not given birth before. This type of complication is responsible for cesarean delivery. Your health provider may apply special technologies and use maneuvers to release the shoulders. These may include:

  • Changing the position of the mother
  • Turning the baby’s position or shoulders manually

The complications are treatable and temporary. But this complication often comes with the following problems:

  • The complication may create the cause of fetal brachial plexus injury, a kind of injury that affects the nerve system. It impacts shoulders, arms, and hands that usually heals with time.
  • A fetal fracture also heals with time without causing any problem
  • hypoxic-ischemic brain injury that is a sign of low-oxygen supply to the brain. It can be life-threatening or can lead to brain damage.
  1. Rapid labor

If we sum up the procedures together, there are three stages of labor that typically last for 6 to 18 hours. But, sometimes, it lasts for 3-5 hours. It is known as rapid labor. This can happen in the following conditions,

  • If the baby is smaller than average
  • If the birth canal is compliant
  • If the uterus contracts efficiently and strongly
  • If there is a history of rapid delivery with the mother

Can such complications be fatal?

It is not always necessary that a complication takes place. However, if it is taking place, most of the effects of such complications get hidden with time. It can be life-threatening to some extent where there is a lack of healthcare. It has been figured out there are 700 chances of such complications every year. The main causes of such complications are:

  • Unsafe termination
  • Bleeding
  • Infection
  • High blood pressure
  • Pregnancy complication that results in worsening with time

Taking appropriate healthcare precautions can manage these complications. It is vital for every couple who is going through pregnancy to take advice from the doctor and get instructed at the time of pregnancy. 

Where to seek help for pregnancy complications?

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