What Foods to Eat to Cure Fatty Liver 2023 Updated

What Foods to Eat to Cure Fatty LiverWhat Foods to Eat to Cure Fatty Liver

What Foods to Eat to Cure Fatty Liver

A healthy life only comes from a sustainable immune system and a balanced diet. Nutritionists are and health experts explain the importance of diet in life. Many people struggle with liver diseases. Liver disease is a chronic liver condition that affect Nutritionists many patients. In addition to this, the state leads to cirrhosis and cancer. As an individual, it is our responsibility to look after our health. Registered dietician and nutritionist at Global Hospital Chennai provides complete treatment for the same. 

Types of Fatty Liver Disease

The liver is the most crucial organ in the digestive system. It is located under your rib cage on the right side of the abdomen. However, it happens that the liver gets damaged due to genetic problems. Thus, types of liver disease are as follows: 

  • Simple fatty liver: The patient has little fat in the liver. However, you may not feel any inflammation in the liver. Simple fatty liver can damage the internal structure and lin.
  • Enlarged Liver: The enlarged liver causes severe discomfort in the liver. The patient feels internal swelling and problems in breathing.
  • Alcoholic cirrhosis: Thee alcoholic cirrhosis causes bleeding in your body, confusion, and an enlarged spleen. In some cases, the patient also encounters liver failure and leakage.
  • Alcoholic hepatitis: It is a swelling in the internal structure of the liver. The patient with alcoholic hepatitis encounters fever, nausea, vomiting, and belly pain.
  • Nonalcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH): NASH is a severe condition found in patients with liver failure. It causes internal bleeding and inflammation.

Thus the nutritionist and dietitian at Global Hospital Chennai will offer treatment for all the conditions related to fatty liver. 

Seven food suggestions to cure Fatty Liver 

During the consultation with the nutritionist, you will be given a complete diet program. Food that can cure fatty liver diseases is as follows:

  1. Garlic to enhance immunity

The nutritionist highly recommends garlic in the diet as it burns fat in people. Garlic has ingredients that help in burning the fatty tissues present in the body. Therefore, it also helps in reducing body weight. In addition to this, garlic has special elements which help in lowering cholesterol. Consumption of raw garlic is also helpful; however, it may taste bitter. 

  1. Sunflower seeds and oil

Every individual has a habit of eating oily food. However, oily food can bring more cholesterol. High cholesterol means higher chances of developing liver diseases. Thus, sunflower oil has a low rate of causing liver disease. It is contented with high minerals and vitamins. Besides, sunflower seeds in the diet help to improve the immune system. The roots of sunflowers have an increased range of Vitamin E. 

  1. Oatmeal which has high fiber

The nutritionist also recommends food which high fibers. Besides oatmeal, whole-grain is a fiber-rich food that increases the immune system. The fiber in the diet is effective in improving your health. It also helps in reducing the presence of fat in the body. In addition, oatmeal can reduce inflammation and burning sensation in the body. Patients with diabetes are suggested to add oatmeal to their diet. 

  1. Fish to increase protein

Proteins are important to build sustainable health. Dietitians also suggest adding fish to the diet program. Consumption of fish once a week is highly beneficial. It has rich in vitamin C. In addition, the fish are high in omega-3 fatty acids and help in reducing liver fat. Patients with low immunity are suggested to add fish to their diet. Fish such as salmon, sardines, tuna, and trout helps in reducing the fat content. Besides, the fat which is present in the fish is beneficial for the immune system.

  1. Green vegetables such as Spinach

There is no doubt that green vegetables are always beneficial for improving the immune system. Spinach is one of the green vegetables which has nitrate and polyphenols. Eating Spinach in a salad or as a cooked vegetable adds more benefits for the heath. Besides, green vegetables protect your liver by reducing fat presence. It is a high source of protein. 

  1. Cruciferous Vegetable

Vegetables such as cauliflower, cabbage, Brussel sprouts, radishes, and collard greens. The cruciferous vegetables contribute to the well-being of your liver. In addition to this, it has a high compound of sulforaphane, which helps rebuild your cellular level. Furthermore, cruciferous vegetables contain fiber, minerals, and rich vitamins, which help improve the liver’s health. Therefore, patient with diabetes is suggested to add cruciferous vegetables. 

  1. Whole grains and beans

Whole grains contain anti-inflammatory compounds which improve the health of your liver. It is like brown rice and has a high fiber content. The beans help in reducing blood sugar and insulin resistance. The nutritionist recommends whole grains and beans to improve immunity power. In addition, it benefits in combating UV damage and neurological disorders. The whole grains have betaine, pectin, and betalains which are beneficial for health.

Fatty liver disease can bring many complications to health. The nutritionist and dietician suggest adding more raw carrots, beets, avocados, garlic, and onions. Lemon water, cruciferous vegetables, oatmeal, and onions are highly beneficial for improving your immune system. You can add the following ingredients to the diet to lower the risk of fatty liver. It is essential to follow a proper diet and more nutrition. 

How to get a proper diet plan from a dietitian?

A balanced diet helps in reducing the risk of liver diseases. Nutritionists and Dieticians at Global Hospital Chennai offer a proper treatment plan and a balanced diet program. However, the practitioner at the hospital is a healthcare partner with Credihealth. You can call on +91 8010-994-994 and book a video consultation with the health expert.

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