What type of headache indicates a Brain Tumor?

What type of headache indicates a Brain Tumor?What type of headache indicates a Brain Tumor?

What type of headache indicates a Brain Tumor?

Escaping the luggage of pressure is almost a zero possibility in this 21st century. The world has turned into a vicious cycle of deadlines and competitions, resulting in enormous force in the mind leading to headaches. Adding to that, the statistics of the World Health Organization have recorded that people of 18 to 65 years of age are more prone to headaches than the younger ones. Though the reasons behind the same differ from one individual to another, the main cause isn’t much aloof. 

A severe headache might be frightening. If you’re unfortunate enough to suffer from terrible headaches, it’s difficult not to think the worst. If the pain persists or returns, you need to consult a neurologist at Columbia Asia hospital Hebbal for early diagnosis.

Can Brain Tumor come up with a headache?

The occasional headaches indicate that you have a serious ailment like a brain tumor. But sources confirm that almost 50 percent of patients under the red zone of brain tumors suffer from headaches to some extent. In other words, complaining of headaches is very common if someone is suffering from a brain tumor. To be very specific, the headache of a tumor is way too different than that of a migraine. Let us deep drive into the special type of headache-causing brain tumors and make ourselves aware.

When can a headache lead to a brain tumor?

Generally, day-to-day headache is pretty normal, but sometimes it is not light as we assume it to be. There are certain characteristics of headaches by which we can understand whether it is something related to a brain tumor or not. Here they are:

  1. If headaches coincide with vomiting for a very long time, then it is a matter of concern and shouldn’t be ignored at any cost. The victim should immediately visit a doctor for a checkup and sort out the issue.
  2. When vomiting leads to pain and gets worse in the daytime, it should be taken very seriously.
  3. One should be aware that vomiting coming up with coughing isn’t a very good sign and can be a sign of a brain tumor.
  4. The most important phase of understanding that the patient is in danger if he/she continues vomiting for more than 2 to 3 days.
  5. Lastly, the pattern of vomiting worsening over time is a sure indicator of a brain tumor, and the patient should immediately rush to a doctor.

However, we can often find people suffering from similar conditions and having a headache. But that is not a sure indicator of a brain tumor. So, immediately consulting a doctor as soon as possible is the best way of getting assured. Columbia Asia hospital Hebbal provides advanced treatment for a brain tumor and other neurological disorders. 

Headaches and other associated diseases –

As far as known, headaches are too common for adults, but there are many types of headaches, and all of them signify different diseases. So, let us check out some diseases that come alongside headaches. These are:

  • Cluster Headaches
  • Migraine and
  • Headaches due to tension

Therefore, there is nothing to get panicky in this situation, and dealing with patience can sort out half of the problem. 

Brain Tumours – Can headaches be blamed?

Just the uttering of the term “brain tumor” can give a severe shock to the patient as well as their relatives. Several attempts have been made to trace down the major causes of brain tumors, and ultimately success is received in the same. Following that, a tumor develops only when unwanted or unhealthy cells replace the healthy ones in some part of the brain. But, headache isn’t the only factor that is to be blamed as tumors develop without any known symptoms, and many times people remain unaware until the condition worsens. 

In addition to that, researchers have also traced that genes are quite responsible for the formation of cancer cells, and that is inherited right at the time of birth. It is just that the cells enlarge, and slowly and gradually, the realization takes place. On a different note, it is also possible to make certain genetic changes in the body by means of tobacco consumption. As the tumor develops in the skull, an excruciating pain begins in the skull, resulting in headaches, which can go up to a coma. 

Should a headache be the reason for a doctor’s visit?

No, not at all times. Headaches are different, and one must understand the appropriate time of taking experts’ recommendations. Simultaneously, an increase in the cycle of headaches and worsening of pain is a sure indicator of something fishy and needs a doctor immediately. 

Lastly, the patient and their close acquaintance on noticing such symptoms, can advise the victim to go for a checkup. As said, “the sooner, the better.”

Notify your doctor immediately if your headache worsens or worsens when you cough, sneeze or bend. These provoked headaches are primarily caused by brain tumors and need particular imaging procedures such as an MRI or CT scan. These tests will also determine whether a brain tumor is the source of the headache. Brain tumors cause not all headaches. However, it does not harm you when explored with a precise diagnosis of the underlying reason for this intense headache. Following a proper diagnosis, a doctor can proceed with the right treatment strategy.

How to get help if diagnosed with a brain tumor – Credihealth is an online healthcare platform that provides you with all necessary information about a hospital, such as its location, facility, opening hours, treatments, and services. Credihealth also has a list of doctors at Columbia Asia hospital Hebbal. The site contains further information on diagnostic testing, home care services, scheduling an appointment online, ordering medications online, and much more. To get a callback, contact @8010-994-994 or email support@credihealth.com.

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