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Biotech companies in Raipur

Top Biotech companies in Raipur, Biotech Jobs in Raipur

1.LifeCell International Pvt. Ltd Established in 2004, LifeCell is India’s first and largest stem cell… Read More

Biotech Companies In Delhi, Biotechnology Jobs in Delhi

At present, the Indian biotech industry holds about 2% of the global biotechnology industries. By… Read More

Biotech Companies In Mumbai, Biotechnology Jobs Mumbai

As the biotechnology sector is developing very fast in India, It has become a hot… Read More

Biotech Companies Bangalore, Biotechnology Jobs in Bangalore

In the world, India is among the main top 12 biotech destinations and 3rd in… Read More

Biotech Companies Kolkata, Biotechnology Jobs in Kolkata

Biotechnology is getting much more advanced and larger day by day. Let the people know… Read More

Biotech Companies Pune, Biotechnology Jobs in Pune

Mainly, biotechnology is the technology which uses biological systems & living organisms and parts of… Read More

Top Biotech companies Lucknow, Biotechnology Jobs lucknow

1.Rapture Biotech International Pvt. Ltd. Rapture Biotech International Private Limited is a multidimensional Biotech Skill… Read More

Biotech Companies In Mysore, Biotechnology Jobs In Mysore

1.Labland Biotech Labland Biotech, a Private Limited Company floated in the year 1994, is a… Read More

Biotech Companies Dehradun, Biotechnology Jobs Dehradun

Himalaya Drug Company ABOUT US : In the forests of Burma, a curious young man… Read More

Biotech companies Coimbatore, Biotechnology Jobs Coimbatore

1.Oriental Aquamarine Biotech India (P) Ltd Oriental Aquamarine Biotech (India) P Ltd offers a patented… Read More

Top Biotech Companies In Chennai, Biotech Jobs In Chennai

A large number of international biotech companies has also attracted by Indian biotech sector Since… Read More

Top Biotech Companies In Kochi, BioTechnology Jobs Kochi

1.Ubio Biotechnology  Ubio has developed innovative solutions in medical, veterinary and food diagnostics. We leverage… Read More