Is Back Pain a Symptom of Pregnancy 2023 Updated

Is Back Pain a Symptom of PregnancyIs Back Pain a Symptom of Pregnancy

Is Back Pain a Symptom of Pregnancy

Planning for a child or already expecting in the coming period. Pregnancy brings many happy surprises for the couple. However, there is a two-week wait between ovulation and positive pregnancy. The pregnancy test also sometimes does not show the exact result. So, it happens that women tend to experience pregnancy symptoms such as nausea, fatigue, and sore breasts. Besides, Fortis Malar Hospital Chennai provides a complete checkup for pregnancy treatment.

However, back pain is also one of the symptoms of pregnancy. Yet, many times it is patient that back pain has occurred due to some other condition. For example, back pain is also associated with thyroid, breast cancer, and ovarian cyst. There is no doubt that early pregnancy symptoms are discomforting. Besides, back pain is one of the symptoms of pregnancy. Moreover, the fetus in the womb proliferates in the first few months. Thus, it is natural for women to feel pain during the initial stage.

What are the reasons for the back pain?

There might be many reasons for the backache in the early stage. The growing fetus, growing breasts, bending spine are some of the correlated symptoms. However, in the early signs, there is no physical stress on the mother’s health. 

In the first 2 to 3 weeks of pregnancy, back pain might not be a symptom. The reason is fetus grows faster after 3 to 4 weeks of pregnancy. Thus, it is hard to predict that back pain is a symptom of early pregnancy.

During early pregnancy, back pain can occur due to health conditions. Conditions include poor health, low stamina, and hormonal changes. Thus, women witness pain in the pelvic girdle.

How to confirm the pregnancy?

The doctors at  Fortis Malar Hospital Chennai will provide the best medical advice during pregnancy. A urine test helps to diagnose the pregnancy, and it generally takes 10-15 minutes. It is a straightforward and unique way to confirm pregnancy. Besides, a complete checkup will help to ensure the pregnancy. 

It can also happen that the pregnancy is mistaken due to menopause. However, a blood and urine test will confirm the symptoms. The doctor will suggest providing your urine sample for accurate results. Thus, you can expect that you will have to collect your urine in the container.  Few drops of collected samples are sufficient to detect the pregnancy. Therefore, women can also take a pregnancy test at home with the help of a kit. 

What are the causes of back pain?

Back pain or discomfort is natural during pregnancy. You might be experiencing the same pain during your pregnancy. Causes of back pain include:

  • Hormonal changes- Hormones during pregnancy are always on a roller coaster ride. They are highly released during pregnancy. Such hormones allow ligaments to soften. Besides, the joints become looser. This loosening of ligaments causes back pain.
  • Stress- it is very natural to feel anxious or stressed during pregnancy. The stress hormone is generated in the weak areas of the body. Besides, stress hormones affect your mental health.
  • Posture- Many times it happens that poor posture causes triggering back pain. In addition, excessive standing and bending over can escalate the pain. Furthermore, sitting in the same position for a long time can cause back pain.

Why choose Fortis Malar Hospital Chennai?

 Fortis Malar Hospital Chennai is known for the treatment they provide. The hospital has a dedicated department of gynecology. In addition, they offer complete medical checkups for confirming the pregnancy. Furthermore, the hospital provides treatment for back pain even if the condition is not associated with pregnancy. 

Once the pregnancy is confirmed, the doctors provide their best medical assistance. In addition, prenatal care is provided for the mothers. In prenatal care, you can expect complete examination, diagnostic tests, and follow-up routine checkups. 

Furthermore, the hospital has an intensive care unit for the mother and the child. A complete prenatal and post-natal care for the mother. Expectant mothers are given full medical attention during the treatment. 

Some women experience pain in their lower back just after a few days of conception. 

Women don’t discover the pain in the first trimester. Thus, back pain in the early stage cannot confirm the pregnancy. According to the doctors at  Fortis Hopsital, good posture is critical for minimizing back pain. In addition, a healthy lifestyle and active life reduce such symptoms. 

Performing moderate exercise strengthens back muscles and eases back pain. It is advised to apply heat or cold massaging to the sore areas. 

What to do when you experience back pain?

As we know, back pain can be caused by many conditions. Besides, it is not only related to pregnancy. In case you doubt pregnancy, 

Fortis Maler Hospital Chennai provides complete checkups. It helps to diagnose health conditions. The doctors at the hospital are available at Credihealth. For additional medical facilities, you can call on +91 8010-994-994 and contact our medical representative.

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