How Long Does Facial Plastic Surgery Last 2023 Updated

How Long Does Facial Plastic Surgery LastHow Long Does Facial Plastic Surgery Last

How Long Does Facial Plastic Surgery Last

Plastic surgery is a serious commitment. If it removes the face line, on one hand, it also involves surgical risks on the other hand. It may create discomfort and may hinder your favorite activities, taking away your time and hard work. Because everyone hopes for permanent results, let us tell you it doesn’t last forever. It is not true that the effects of facial plastic surgery are permanent. It may provide you with long-lasting results but doesn’t necessarily mean staying forever. To have the best consultation for any plastic surgery and to know about the types of surgeries involved, you can get in touch with metro hospital preet vihar. The hospital will provide you with comprehensive treatment for all types of surgeries and procedures. They opt to use the latest technologies that help to provide classic and everlasting results.

  • The effects of facial plastic surgery are long-lasting but not permanent

Most men and women opt for facial plastic surgery. They sometimes look for non-surgical procedures. Whatever it is, there is no correct time to think of getting a perfect surgery for yourself. Surgeries help you sustain anti-aging techniques. Anti-aging is the subgroup of facial plastic surgical treatment. Wrinkles, volume loss, correcting face lines, skin laxity are some of the inevitable signs of anti-aging treatments. The treatment may also involve facelift, eyelid and brows lift surgery. These procedures help to slow down the natural aging process but don’t stop it completely.

  • Facelift Surgery

This type of surgery targets wrinkles, volume loss, and skin laxity. It corrects the position of the cheek concerning the jawlines. The procedure helps to tighten and secure the underlying facial tissues. The skin or the tissues that may have dropped due to age are corrected with this technique. It also trims the extra and unneeded skin from the region of the cheeks. It results in the lifting of the face skin especially from the cheek area. It helps patients to look younger and stop the natural aging of the skin. However,

facial plastic surgery procedures may also fade with time. This is because natural things are made to decompose with time.

  • Eyelid Surgery

This is also called Blepharoplasty. This surgery targets the area around the eyes. It helps to trim the excess or wrinkled skin around the eyes. The surgery addresses the fat pockets on the upper and lower eyelids. Facial plastic surgery procedures help to maintain the youth and destroy the aging effects. The procedure not only helps to affect the natural aging process but also helps to remove lines, wrinkles, and the fat pockets of the muscles stored near the eyelids.

  • Brow Lift Surgery

It is part of the forehead lift. It helps to enhance the area around the eyes or above the eyes. A brow lift surgery helps to lift the area of the brows while dropping the heavy muscle gathered near the eyebrows. The procedure also helps to reduce the depth of creases. With age, the tissues and cells of the skin start decaying. Brow lift surgery contributes to different patches in the skin. The rest of the work is made by the sun rays that further damage the parts.

Facial plastic surgery including facelift and brow lift are the procedures that help to smooth these areas and remove the clatter tissues. However, these processes can not stop the natural aging process of the skin and the tissues inside it.

  • Expectations

While these surgeries are not permanent, you can expect good signs of symptoms. Facial plastic surgery treatments like otoplasty, chin implants, and rhinoplasty provide you with long life improvements. This is because these particular areas alter the facial structure and they don’t appear to change with time. For example, once the outline of the face or muscles of the face is carved into an oval shape, it sustains the shape for a long time and the face starts appearing in that shape only. Similarly, the chin, nose, and ears create a look of the face that tends to stay for a long time.

Are these procedures temporary?

In the case of facial plastic surgery, you may revise the surgical procedures for the nose, chin, and ear, if it is necessary. However, the need for repetition and revision is rare. Sometimes, patients do not heal with the post-surgical effects. Patients may encounter certain outcomes that are less anticipated. Revision procedures may give you unexpected results that may interfere with the last performed surgical procedure. Though revision surgery can repair the previous surgical procedure, it will leave you with some unsatisfactory results. In conclusion, you can say that the natural aging effects can alter the surgery. However, if you try to alter it or revise it again, it may interfere with previously made surgery.

How can you maintain your results?

To attain the longevity of facial plastic surgery, you may opt for a quality procedure. But, it is not always guaranteed to have a forever treatment. To lengthen the results you may opt for preventing the aging signs of skin that may quickly interfere with your plastic surgery treatment. This can be done by using these simple steps:

  • Apply sunscreen every day. Wear a broad-spectrum SPF 30 sunscreen.
  • Avoid going out in peak hours, i.e, between 10 am and 4 pm.
  • Do not go for unhealthy routines like smoking and drinking too much.
  • Keep your skin hydrated. You can apply lotions, moisturizers and drink water.
  • Maintain your health by having a balanced diet.
  • Follow the surgical procedures with non-surgical treatments. For example, you can go for skin peel, laser resurfacing, etc.


The changes brought by facial plastic surgery are permanent but the fact is that the body will continue to age with time. So, the effects of the surgery fade with time. For example, if someone is having facelift surgery at the age of 50, he may look 40 but not younger than that. If someone is having face surgical treatment at the age of 90, he is not going to look like a 40-year-old guy. He/she might look like a 60-65-year-old person. This is meant to say that the effects of aging also hinder surgical procedures.

Also, if you do not have weight-maintaining measurements, you may add fat to your body again. It can further affect the treated area. To know more about the post-surgical effects and the treatment related to facial plastic surgery, you can connect with the doctors


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