What is Difference Between Kidney Pain vs Back Pain 2023 Updated

Kidney Pain vs Back PainKidney Pain vs Back Pain

Kidney Pain vs Back Pain

Kidney Pain vs Back Pain. People often get confused whether it is back pain or kidney pain that is creating discomfort for them. Because, kidneys are located towards the back and underneath the ribcage, it sometimes becomes difficult to understand. The symptoms associated with the pain can help to know the source of pain. Moreover, the location, type, and severity of pain can determine whether the pain is from the back or kidneys. You can consider looking for a Nephrologist to gain knowledge regarding the source of pain. A Nephrologist may help you understand whether the pain is associated with the back or kidney. He/she will provide you immediate treatment. Seeking a nephrologist can help you understand the type of pain and the exact treatment.

How to track kidney pain?

Kidney pain is caused due to infection in the kidney. It may also occur due to the presence of stones that are difficult to throw out through excreta. If pain is associated with your kidney, it will have the following features:

  • Location of pain

Kidney pain is felt in the flank area- the area that is on either side of the spine, on the bottom of the rib cage, and between your ribcage and hip. Usually, it occurs on one side of the body but can also spread to both sides.

  • Type of pain

Kidney pain is sharp, especially when you are having stones in your kidney. It can create a small sensation of pain if you have infections. There will be a constant pain in this case. It doesn’t get worse with time. If you are dealing with kidney stones, your stomach area may hurt because of the movement of the stones.

  • Radiation of the pain

When the pain is high, it may spread to other parts including the inner thigh and lower abdomen. The radiation of pain may become constant.

  • The severity of the pain

Kidney pain can be classified based on its severity or mildness. Kidney pain becomes serious when there is any kind of infection in the kidney.

  • How does it get better or worse?

Kidney pain may go by itself. But, nothing makes the pain better than adopting a treatment. It doesn’t change with the movement.

  • Accompanying symptoms

If you are having any underlying symptoms of kidney pain, kidney stone, or kidney infection, it is high time to look for a Nephrologist in Delhi. Moreover, you may have the following symptoms (accompanied) in case you are suffering from kidney pain:

  • fever and chills
  • nausea and vomiting
  • Dark Urine
  • Urgency to urinate
  • Feeling pain while urinating
  • Infection in bladder
  • Blood in the urine (in case you are caught by infection)
  • Coming out of small stones or gravels with your urine

How to track back pain?

Back pain is more common than kidney pain. It is generally caused by any kind of problem in muscles, bones, or nerves in the back. Back pain may have the following features:

  • Location of Pain

Back pain can occur anywhere in the back. It is most of the time located in the lower back or one of your buttocks.

  • Type of pain

Back pain is muscular pain that is like a dull ache. If you have got nerve injury or irritation in the back, it may create a burning sensation. The pain can travel down to your buttock through your legs and even feet. It may affect the muscles of one or both feet. However, nerve pain usually affects one side of the legs. In case you are not sure about the source of your pain, you can consult a Nephrologist in Delhi. he/she may help you understand your medical condition better.

  • Radiation of the pain

If it is nerve pain, it may spread to the lower legs. But, if it is muscular pain, it may remain there in the back.

  • The severity of the pain

 Back pain can be severe or chronic based on how long it persists. Acute pain lasts days to a week, whole subacute pain lasts six weeks or three weeks and chronic pain lasts longer than three months.

  • How does it get better or worse?

Back pain may get worse with movement. If you sit or stand in a particular motion, the persistent pain will not go by itself. It may take time to go away with the changes in position. Seeking help from a Nephrologist in Delhi may help you get a complete diet plan and lifestyle that may further support a healthy lifestyle.

  • Accompanying symptoms

Other symptoms that may come with back pain are:

  • the painful spot may look swollen with the tender feeling to touch
  • a muscle spasm in the painful area
  • Feeling of weakness in both the legs if the pain is due to nerve problems

One of the major symptoms of kidney pain is having kidney stones. It may appear like simple back pain. Moreover, if it is your back pain, consuming painkillers may not help you. Try to understand the symptoms of your pain. There are some other symptoms mentioned here that can help you identify the type of pain, that:

  1. on one side of your lower back (back pain)
  2. that comes and goes in waves, increases with intensity and create the sensation of waking up from bed (kidney pain)
  3. goes away when you go to bed and change position (back pain)
  4. Severe pain (back pain may range from mild to severe whereas kidney pain is both severe and sharp that become worse with change in position)
  5. Blood in the urine (kidney stones can cause blood in urine)
  6. Urge to urinate (it is often observed in the case of kidney stones)
  7. Fever and chills along with severe back pain

Differentiating points between kidney pain and back pain

  1. If you are experiencing pain in your shoulders, along with back pain; then it is surely not kidney stones.
  2. Kidney pain can create a sensation of movement but when you move, it becomes severe. With backache, it is constant that stays for minutes to hours.
  3. Kidney pain starts high-up and moves near to the kidneys, near the abdomen, while going in the downward direction. This is because the movement of stones creates such a sensation.
  4. If it is a backache, changing position while lying down may alleviate the pain. With kidney pain, it will not disappear while changing position. Kidney pain is always severe. Kidney pain doesn’t get settled even for a few minutes. Kidney stones are often accompanied by blood in the urine that can also appear pink, red, or brown.
  5. Infection in kidney can make you feel the urge of going to the washroom even if nothing is coming out. Kidney pain can be accompanied by vomiting and nausea.


Consulting a doctor at any age is not such a big issue. You can look for a Nephrologist in Delhi, if you are feeling pain with fever and chills. Seek immediate help from any physician and get yourself treated. Your doctor will help you evaluate the type or source of pain. If the pain occurs with sensations spreading to other body parts, immediately consult a Nephrologist in Delhi.

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