Is Normal Delivery Possible with cord Around Neck 2023 Updated

Is Normal Delivery Possible with cord Around NeckIs Normal Delivery Possible with cord Around Neck

Is Normal Delivery Possible with cord Around Neck

An umbilical cord acts as a lifeline for a baby that connects to the mother’s womb. It runs through the baby’s abdomen to the placenta. Besides, an umbilical cord provides oxygen, blood, and nutrients. What if the same lifeline becomes a life-threatening element? It happens that the umbilical cord gets wrapped around the neck of the baby. Further, it may create complications during the delivery. Good prenatal and delivery care is needed. 

Gynecologists at PRK Hospital states have handled such deliveries and pregnancy cases. According to them, normal delivery is possible. However, it depends on multiple factors.

Cord Around the Neck- How does it happen?

The umbilical cord may create a loop around the neck. As we know, the baby keeps moving in the womb. It happens that the umbilical cord gets stuck around the neck. However, the cord is itself very long, soft, and filled with a jelly-like substance. 

An umbilical cord contributes to delivering nutrients, minerals, and oxygen to the baby. The child is inside the womb. Therefore, it gets almost impossible to get the cord out of the neck without any surgery. The mobility of the fetus is one of the prime reasons for nuchal cords.

Is normal delivery possible with a nuchal cord?

  • Even if the umbilical cord is around the neck, normal delivery is still possible. Only 20% to 30% of pregnancy cases have a nuchal cord. Besides, it also depends on the type of cord around the neck. Type A nuchal cords are wrapped very loosely around the neck. It has a good chance to become unwrapped by doing some natural movement.
  • Besides, Type B Nuchal cords are wrapped more tightly around the baby’s neck. If you witness Type B nuchal, then it is a concerning element. However, you may need superior nurses and very skilled gynecologists.
  • Furthermore, the cord around the neck can disrupt the flow of oxygenated blood towards the baby. In some cases, the nuchal cord leads to seizures, intellectual disability, and cerebral palsy.

What happens during the delivery?

Before every normal delivery, the doctors run an X-ray and sonography. So, if the nuchal cord has been observed, then the doctor proceeds for intensive care. The doctors try to check how many loops of the cords are around the neck. 

Generally, the cord is loose and can be slipped over the baby’s head. Therefore, it becomes easy for the Gynecologist to process the delivery. Besides, during the delivery, the doctor will cut the umbilical cord around the baby’s shoulders. 

It reduces the risk of suffocation and strangling around the neck. If the cord is loose and quickly slipped over the head, then expected delivery is possible. You can also expect a cesarean during the delivery in critical cases. However, it is a scarce thing to happen. 

What is the risk factor?

  • If the cord gets stuck around the neck, then the blood flow decreases due to contraction.
  • Low blood flow means abnormal heart rhythm and low pulse rate.
  • It can also create heart failure if the heart cannot get enough oxygen and blood flow.
  • The nuchal cord can also strangle the baby’s neck. Hence, creating suffocation for the child,
  • Due to the case, there is a chance of stillbirth.
  • The blood vessels get compressed, and it reduces the oxygen flow to the baby.
  • Due to less oxygen supply, the heart’s valve fails to function correctly.

Why choose PRK Hospital?

PRK Hospital has a team of doctors who are more profound to deal with such cases. The nuchal cord can be very dangerous during the delivery; it causes many complications. Thus, gynecologists are highly skilled and well trained to perform challenging cases. Besides, the superior nurses provide their best medical assistance.  The hospital has upgraded technology and medical equipment. Besides, the hospital offers routine monitoring during the pregnancy period. 

The nurses are trained to handle vaginal delivery. Even in the case of cesarean, the team of professional experts is well trained.  Besides prenatal care, the hospital also offers post-natal and neonatal care for both the mother and the child. Hence,

PRK Hospital is well equipped with doctors and technology and provides an intensive care unit. A nuchal cord is detected during the routine check-up. Therefore, it is natural for mothers to be anxious regarding the nuchal cord. Besides, most babies have a nuchal cord, just a single loop. A single loop does not bring that much of the risk factor. However, if the nuchal cord is more than a single loop, it might create complications.

It is difficult to know if the baby has been stuck with an umbilical cord around the neck. It is only revealed during the routine check-up. Therefore, it is essential to take a routine check-up for detecting any problem before the labor. The check-up helps to find the cause and serves the Gynecologist to treat the uninvited complications.

How to book an appointment with Gynecologist?

It is essential to remember that a nuchal cord is common, and it happens rarely. It is beneficial to take a routine check-up during the pregnancy period. PRK Hospital has a dedicated branch of gynecology. Hence, you can book an appointment with the doctor through Credihealth. Call on +91 8010-994-994, and book an online consultation with the top Gynecologist at the hospital.

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