How to Stop Frequent Urination 2023 Updated

How to Stop Frequent UrinationHow to Stop Frequent Urination

How to Stop Frequent Urination

How to Stop Frequent Urination. Discharging the wastes in the form of liquid is quite normal for all homosapiens. Indeed, urinating at certain intervals is too common for all. But imagine, “What if you feel the urge of visiting the bathroom too often?” Sounds strange of course. Undoubtedly, tension will rise for the patient as well as the family members if such a situation occurs. The urge for immediate treatment becomes the need of the hour at that point in time. Through this article, the common masses can get aware of the specialized treatment that one can always go for to normalize urinating. 

Excessive Urination – It’s meaning 

At times, when the person feels that there is preHssure to urinate and its uncontrollable then, its referred to as excessive urination. However, this isn’t a normal condition. Also, the volume of urine is dependent on one’s age as well as gender. Here, the bladder becomes dysfunctional as it fails to store the urine for a long time. If someone urinates maximum times, then it is considered quite normal, but the thing continuing for too long is sure to mean some associated disease with it. 

Thus, urinating more is just the indicator that there is an additional disease in the body and the symptom is reflected in the form of urination. In certain cases, urination becomes more often only at the night time and this is named “nocturnal polyuria”. 

Want to Know the Causes of Excessive Urination? Here it is.

Well, are you curious to know about excessive urination? If so, then you will be shocked to know that urinating so much just proves that your kidney isn’t working well. So, the Nephrologists in Chennai have stated that the combination of fever and excessive urination indicates severe health issues and nothing else. It shows that the kidney is unable to function in a normal way. 

Moving on, the top Nephrologists have summed up certain crucial causes that contribute to the formation of the way much urination in the bladder. These causes are:

  • Pregnancy tops the list

Just after pregnancy, a woman might notice a slight change in her urinating pattern. This begins after some weeks of the pregnancy phase. However, this is the result of the force on the uterus place as well as the bladder which makes the kidney compelled to secrete more urine. 

  • Diabetes being the most common

You must be quite acquainted with the term diabetes, right? Yes, abnormal urination can be a sign that you are suffering from diabetes. This further is the symptom that Type 1 ,as well as Type 2 diabetes, is on the verge of attacking you. In this case, the body acts fast to let go of the glucose in the form of urine. 

  • Prostate gland issues are serious

When the patient has an oversized prostate, then this presses the urethra, ultimately creating a barrier for the urination to pass on. However, doing so an uneasy situation is faced by the bladder. Following that, the enlargement of the bladder starts ,and the urge generates to urinate now and then. 

  • Usage of diuretic Medicines

Diuretic medicines are those medicines that can work for patients having high blood pressure. So, the patients that take these medicines might notice abnormal urinating patterns. This is just because that time the kidney becomes active and creates an urge to urinate too much. 

  • Victims of stroke can Urinate more

If the victim finds himself attacked by stroke as well as other sorts of neurological problems, then he is assured of urinating much. As the bladder attaching the nerves malfunctions, the eagerness to urinate is created naturally. 

In addition to that, there are many causes of urinating abnormally. Some of the rarest cases can be bladder cancer as well as radiation therapy. Thus, it should be always remembered that urinating often is not a disease in itself, but it is a sign that the person is having some disease for sure. Mostly, it is associated with the imbalance or enlargement of the bladder. Therefore, urination should be monitored properly and the doctor’s attention must be seeked. 

How can you diagnose the disease associated with Frequent Urination?

As notified in the previous paragraphs, excessive urination is not considered a disease. But, it just makes the victim alert that his body is in trouble. So, when urine is creating a mess in your life along with fever as well as pain in the vagina or penis then a doctor’s visit becomes mandatory. 

Following that, the doctor treats you on certain grounds. These grounds are summarized as follows – 

  • First and foremost, the doctor will try to get a glimpse of all the symptoms that the victim is carrying alongside excessive urination.
  • The medical expert is sure to ask whether the victim takes other medicine or not. This is to assess if the medicine is the result of excessive urination or not.
  • Diagnosis of the disease will be marked by questions of drinking and smoking habits as well.
  • Most commonly, the doctor is sure to put forward the question of whether the patient’s urinating pattern changes day and night.
  • Lastly, the color of the urine is also taken into consideration by the doctor. It is because dark-colored liquid discharge isn’t a good indicator for the body.

Therefore, the doctor sees all the possibilities of certain diseases and at last notifies the patient to get a confirmation for some disease through the means of the blood test as well as diabetes checkup. At times, the medical expert might also direct the patient to go for Ultrasonography and some other neurological tests. 

Frequent Urination – Can this be Treated?

The Nephrologists in Chennai, having a connection with the best multispeciality hospitals in India give their views that there are treatments according to the extent of the disease. However, the treatments are as follows :

  • Bring a change in the diet

The A-class doctors suggest consuming food that won’t disturb the bladder in any form. Likewise, alcohol as well as spicy foods must be stopped at all costs. The doctors recommend the patient take those foods that are rich in fiber to avoid constipation. 

  • Help your bladder to become normal

It is in the expert’s opinion that bathroom use should be monitored for at least 12 weeks. By practicing this, the bladder automatically forms the habit of urinating normally.

  • Keep control over liquid intake

With years of expertise, the doctors have stated that liquid stuff must be taken in order to avoid constipation. However, drinking excess water during nighttime must be controlled at all costs. 

Lastly, there are many treatments recommended for patients who have the urge of urinating more often. These treatments can range from the intake of drugs to exercising daily. As known, “self-care is important”, so doing the best is just in the hand of the patients.

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