What Can Cause Lower Back Pain in a Woman 2023 Updated

What Can Cause Lower Back Pain in a WomanWhat Can Cause Lower Back Pain in a Woman

What Can Cause Lower Back Pain in a Woman

What Can Cause Lower Back Pain in a Woman. Back Pain can be much trouble as these just increase with time. Well, the lower back pain doesn’t imply that a person is suffering from any specific disease. It is just the consequence of having a slight change in one person’s lifestyle. Even though pain in the back can be too hurting at times, the victim mustn’t worry as there is no probability of any disease associated with it. The Fortis Hiranandani Hospital gives all the causes of lower back pain in women and also states the way that can help them.  So, this article is written purposely to let you know about the amazing treatment that you can get by connecting with the doctors of this multi-specialty hospital and resolving your tensions.

Back pain And Women

Did you ever wonder why women become victims of lower back pain? If not, then it can be said that certain kinds of lower back pain only bother women while another sort of back pain isn’t that gender-specific. While the causes are just related to women, let us take a quick look at them.

The conditions under which the lower back pain occurs in women are as follows:

  • Endometriosis – This is a rare condition that happens due to the growth of endometrial tissue outside the uterus. Most importantly, the increase of this tissue in the ovaries, fallopian tube as well as urinary tract can be too dangerous and cause unwanted problems all around. These problems may range from severe cramps in periods and pain in the pelvic region.
  • Premenstrual dysmorphic disorder – Here, the women face deep trouble almost daily in their life. However, this passes on to the women through genes and affects the behavior of the concerned women.
  • Dysmenorrhea – Excruciating pain at the time of period can be termed as Dysmenorrhea. Though women try their level best to manage the same, the difficulty varies from woman to woman. Regular smoking women and those having a family history of this disease catch up very fast with its effects.
  • Pregnant Women And Back pain – Well, this is one of the most common reasons for women having lower back pain. Usually, the time slots between the fifth well as seventh months concerning pregnancy can lead to lower back pain in mothers. The pain begins from the waist and can juggle to the legs too.
  • Strain in the muscles – Muscle strain is something that everyone is aware of, be it old or young. Therefore, untold pain in your back can be the result of lifting something unusually heavy or awkward waist movement. Adding to that, certain exercises can strain the muscles and leave you in pain.

Although these are the prominent contributors to lower back pain in women the top Multi speciality Hospital in Mumbai has the perfect solution for all the lovely women around. 

Top 5 Home Remedies For Your Rescue

Isn’t it strange that the folks of the 21st century are still into home remedies? Undoubtedly, even after seeking an expertise view, home is the only place that can offer you service that no one can. So, here you will be acquainted with the top 5 home remedies that can be your companion at the time of back pain. These are as follows:

  • Exercising helps

If you are looking out for any physiotherapist for curing your back pain, then they will always have a say on the importance of exercising. Further, this can make your back muscles strong and will help you to carry out yourself with ease. 

  • Ice Pack goes well

Usually, bruises and stretch marks are common to affect women as they relentlessly work for 24 hours. That is the reason placing a cube of ice over the back part can be very relieving for them. Adding to this, applying the same immediately and continuing it for straight two days can just create magic to the pain. 

  • Never miss out on the heating pad

Guess what can be your companion during back pain? It is the heating pad. This further will help in normalizing the blood circulation and the pain can subside in no time.

  • Nothing more impactful than a cozy pillow

Generally, elders initiate us to place a cozy pillow while sleeping. This can go well if placed with the knees as well as the back. You can just bid goodbye to the lower back pain this way.

  • Don’t hesitate to have a warm bath

Many of you might avoid baths when suffering from back pain. But the reality is, having a warm bath can help get away from the stiffness and likewise normalize your pain in the muscles. 

These five remedies can be an amazing healer whenever you are facing issues with your back. However, care should be taken to apply these remedies in the best way possible. 

Best Treatment of Lower Back Pain in Mumbai

Fortis Hiranandani Hospital based out in Navi Mumbai has an experienced faculty of doctors equipped with all modern techniques to cure women having back pain. Even, the team of doctors has a network of well maintained Counsellors and guides that can be made available to you in no time. 

So, without wasting any time let’s peep into the treatment for lower back pain. 

  • Medications for relaxing the back pain can be recommended by your doctor, if the situation demands.
  • Physical therapies like massage as well as exercising can be of great help.
  • If the matter gets worse, then Ultrasound as well as X-ray is the solution.
  • Complementary therapies can work wonders if you try out Acupuncture as well as Chiropractic Care.

You must always be aware and immediately see a doctor if the back pain is followed by numbness or uncontrollable pain. However, things mustn’t be taken much lightly always

What you can go for:

If you are looking out for any specific doctor to treat your lower back pain, then going through the website of Credihealth can be the best option. Here, the wide range of specialists can help you choose from the best all the time. 

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