How to Choose a Senior Citizen Plan in India?

How to Choose a Senior Citizen Plan in IndiaHow to Choose a Senior Citizen Plan in India

How to Choose a Senior Citizen Plan in India

With the ever-rising cost of healthcare and the massive increase in lifestyle-oriented diseases; hospitalisation seems inevitable. Moreover, the weakening of an immune system and the chance of getting the disease as you age increase. It can be worse for senior citizens. Thus, senior citizens need the best healthcare insurance for comfort and healthcare facilities. 

But finding the right healthcare insurance policy can be challenging, and you may need clarification about choosing one. This article will guide you about what you should remember while selecting the best health insurance for senior citizens. 

Ways to Choose a Seniors Citizen Health Plan in India

Several healthcare companies provide insurance plans for senior citizens, each with pros and cons. So, it is essential to consider various insurance plans to understand the type of coverage and the premium account. But should you only consider the premium and the coverage without considering any other factor?

The answer is No. There are several other things you should keep in mind. Here is a list of factors you should consider while buying yourself the best health insurance for senior citizens

1. Renewal Age

Some healthcare insurance policies only permit renewal until 80 years of age, beyond which the policy becomes nonrenewable. You must choose a plan that meets your needs because the maximum age limit for renewal differs between insurers. The ideal senior citizen health plans are the ones that permit enrolment even at 80 years of age. Choose a policy that offers coverage enrolment at any age and provides healthcare benefits that last for a prolonged period.

2. Maximum Coverage

The likelihood of medical occurrence rises with advancing age, and it t is crucial to ensure that your senior citizen’s insurance policy covers a broad range of ailments, especially severe conditions. Furthermore, you must carefully read the terms of service on exclusions, particularly those of pre-existing chronic illnesses and diseases that the insurance does not include.

It is essential to watch for inherited medical disorders like diabetes and high blood pressure. The best healthcare insurance for senior citizens provides the highest disease coverage with the fewest exclusions.

3. Lump Sum Insurance

The expense of medical care for elderly patients is significantly higher. So, you must seek a higher insured value to reduce the cost gap. You should also compare the insured costs against the premium amount to analyse which policy best suits your requirements.

You should not consider a cheaper plan just to save money on premiums. In the long run, it can burn a hole in your pocket. Moreover, with the escalating healthcare expense in India, it would be wise to have a large margin.

4. Broad and Nearby Network Hospitals

The best health insurance for senior citizens should cover various hospitals, notably the top ones in their neighbourhoods. It is incredibly beneficial when you require an unexpected hospitalisation or immediate medical treatment. Hence, you must choose a medical insurance policy that offers a comprehensive network of hospitals with expertise in numerous services.

5. Wellness Benefits

Anyone can benefit from wellness, whether young or old. Your healthcare insurance policy must provide wellness benefits. By purchasing a health plan with wellness benefits, you can protect yourself from the unanticipated threat of hospitalisation and improve your lifestyle. Therefore, you must opt for a plan with yearly annual health checkups, well-defined wellness programmes, and teleconsultations.

6. Exclusions

Knowing what your policy covers and excludes is crucial to know the expenses you must pay from your pocket. You must compare the various mediclaim policy based on your needs and the total coverage. Healthcare insurance policies do not cover some diseases or infections, referred to as “Exclusions.” For instance, hereditary ailments, such as heart conditions or body part deformities, can be considered as exclusion by some policies. Numerous health plans also do not cover dental costs or plastic procedures. Hence, before you buy health insurance, you should be aware of the coverage exclusions in your policy.

Because of the many ageing processes that their bodies go through as they age, senior citizens need the best healthcare facilities possible. Several insurance companies in India offer healthcare services and perks to guarantee senior residents receive the best medical care. Niva Bupa Health Insurance sympathises with your concerns and offers the best health insurance plans for family and senior citizens. You must choose a healthcare insurance policy that covers a range of illnesses with the fewest restrictions. 

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